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Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013 Reviews

How many of you wish there was a better option to camping without having to use your everyday basic tent (un- less you are using an RV)? Well, there is another option. We had the privilege of riding with Devin Migliori and Ben Hardman from Mig Trailers and went camping in style.

The Mig Trailer is a portable trailer that unfolds into a tent, kind of like a small pop-up tent trailer. Mig Trailers, located in Logan, UT, was founded in 2006. Migliori and Hardman are both outdoor enthusiasts who ride ATVs and side-by-sides and love to hunt and fish.

The two built their trailer in order to improve and extend the quality of camping for outdoor enthusiasts.

The camper we stayed in was Mig’s fourth generation model. Mig offers three basic models: single axel, double axel and a big wheel kit. There are also many accessories you can add to make your camping experience even more en- joyable. These accessories include heat- ers, lighting, radio, table, sink and water, awning and even wraps for the outside. The single axel model starts at $4,995.

The Mig Trailer is highway legal and DOT compliant. We towed our trailer with a RZR 570, but any tow-rated ve- hicle can tow these. The axle clearance is 12 inches with the GVW rated at 1,200 lbs., and Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW) 660 lbs. Mig trailers are 50-inch trail-compliant and come with two rails on top for rack attachments. The tongue is removable from the trailer, which is an added bonus as that is a theft deterrent.

Closed, the trailer is 120x50x39 inches with 80x48x12 inches (30 Ft. 3) of inside storage space. Unfolded, the trailer is 154x82x105 inches (82.5 inches inside). There is a queen size bed on one side, an open floor space in the middle and a full-size bed on the other. The tent will comfortably sleep four people.

What We Liked

Everything. We loved the storage capacity that the trailer offers. We were able to fit clothes bags, sleeping bags, food, cooking supplies and camping chairs for five people in just two trailers. To get to the camp site we had to tow the trailer through some pretty techni- cal terrain; over rocks, hills and tight switchback corners. The trailer went over everything with no issues.

Once we arrived at the camp site we leveled out the trailer. There are four legs that come down from each corner. You can use a leveling stick for this, but we outdoor folk found a jug of water to do the job just fine. After we leveled the trailer, we unloaded all of our gear and unfolded the tent. The total setup time was less than eight minutes.

Sleeping in the Mig Trailer was great.

The majority of us used some kind of padding under our sleeping bags for extra support. One of us didn’t use anything and it was still a comfortable sleep. Beat sleeping on the ground in a tent any day.

What We Didn’t Like

Not much.

How To Get A Hold Of A Mig Trailer

Contact Mig Trailers (435) 994-0464 or www.migtrailers.com.

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