Product Test: Rogue Powerscreen

October 2017 Reviews


It’s nice to feel the cool breeze of fresh mountain air as you ride your side-by-side in the great outdoors. But often you are faced with a conundrum: a windshield blocks the fresh air from blowing through your hair while no windshield can sometimes let too much cold air, bugs or anything else that can be annoying hit you in the face.

The editors of Dirt Toys Magazine have come across a great solution to solve this challenge—the Rogue Innovations Powerscreen.

Where windshields can scratch and constantly require cleaning, the Powerscreen consists of a see-thru mesh material that protects you from bugs hitting you in the face. It defuses the wind without restricting it … sort of like taking the edge off. It also defuses some of the dust. The mesh allows a clear vision while reducing glare from direct sunlight.

The Powerscreen was very straightforward in the installation process. You simply zip the sides of the screen to the upright frame of the roll cage and then Velcro it to the top rail and hood of your side-by-side. It took us about 15 minutes to figure things out and apply the Velcro to the hood.

Rogue Innovations did a great job in producing a quality product that fits snug and secure. And the screen can easily be removed at any time. If you’re hauling your side-by-side on an open trailer, we suggest removing the Powerscreen. It can withstand the high speed and wind … but the Velcro has a tendency to pull away from the hood.

The Powerscreen retails for $299, depending on models.

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1)      Clean off any area where you may be applying Velcro. (1059)

2)      Start zipper on top of roll cage upright frame. (1512)

3)      Position passenger grip bar in the slot provided. (1514)

4)      Zip down entire length of upright frame. This may be unzipped for re-positioning … but it allows you to stretch the fabric to make attaching the screen a little easier. (1520)

5)      Start zipper on passenger grip bar and zip it up. (1516)

6)      Do the same for both sides. (1530)

7)      Position Velcro on the hood and attach Velcro. It’s best to let the Velcro cure for about 24 hours before you actually attach the Powerscreen to it. (1521, 1523)

8)      Attach the straps that hold the Powerscreen to the top of the roll cage. (1526,


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