Quadboss Waterproof Duffle

Portable bag for versatile use

September 2017 Reviews Steve Janes

            Every off-road vehicle user should have a “go to” storage system where you can keep your emergency supplies such as medical kits, flat-repair kits, extra tools and parts, and perhaps some overnight items in case your “fun” goes into overtime.

            We found the Quadboss Waterproof Duffle to be the perfect contain for those  things we hope to never use but still want to have handy in case we need them.

            The Quadboss duffle is a flexible storage container that works in practically any ORV or ATV application. Since we’re always testing different side-by-sides and ATVs, we like the fact that our emergency gear can easily be moved to whatever vehicle we’re taking.

            Another nice feature about the bag is that it can be compacted or expanded, depending on what necessities we choose to bring. Its 16-inch-by-30-inch-by-19-inch design offers 150 liters of available space. When not strapped down on the vehicle, it can be easily carried with both hand and shoulder straps.

            We’ve found the design and material of the bag is great to keep the contents clean and dry. Quadboss offers two sizes of bags in either black or olive green. The Large retails for $64.99 and the XL retails for $74.99. For more information contact www.quadboss.com.


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