Mattracks Introduces New zXT Series

Track conversions offering enhanced clearance for UTVs

March 2020 New Products

Mattracks continues to push the envelope with its introduction of the new zXT series.

This patented track system is designed for the newer UTVs that offer more space for the occupants, but much less for a track conversion. With forward floorboards for more legroom and ease of entry and exit, these UTVs result in clearance issues for standard track conversions on the front axles.

Mattracks already offers a system for recreational use in its EZ series that offers more clearance to the fenders by utilizing a reverse idler, but it consists of a solid rail with no suspension. The EZ series also is not designed nor recommended for commercial use.

Enter the zXT series. This revolutionary design not only offers more clearance than the EZ series through the use of a reverse idler as well, but it also incorporates Mattracks’ patented Shape Changing Suspension (SCS) found in its XT and M3 LiteFoot series. The reverse idler allows additional clearance to the fender while also providing a longer sprocket engagement which is recommended for higher output engines. In addition, the design keeps the track centered under the axle resulting in superior load transfer, driving characteristic and easier steering.

Mattracks vice president Dan Laux said, “This is really a game changer in the track market, merging our popular economy model in the EZ series with our tough and commercial tested XT series. Really is the best of both worlds.”

Mattracks, located in Karlstad MN, is an international company that designs, builds and markets wheel to rubber track conversions for almost any multi-axle vehicle.

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