HJC i 50 Helmet

February 2019 New Products

HJC’s new off-road helmet was designed with the purpose of creating ease and comfort for the rider, so that his or her focus can remain on the obstacles ahead.

Subtle adjustments to the shell design can drastically improve visibility, ventilation, comfort and convenience, which are crucial factors for every rider. The i 50 is DOT and ECE certified, achieving an extremely light weight while maintaining superior shock absorption. In addition to shell design, the i 50 features SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), HJC’s impact distribution technology.

Repositioned, Optimized View

Repositioned, optimized view for downward visibility in off-road riding.

Dual-Position Goggle Band Fitment

Dual-position goggle band fitment for rider comfort and preference.

Extended Visor, Chin Bar Design

Extended visor design blocks sunlight and protects riders from debris, keeping dirt off effectively. Extended chin bar creates more space for comfort and breathing.

Changeable Mouth Vent

Tool-less, changeable mouth vent for easy cleaning.

Flexible Visor

Flexible visor allows the material to bend instead of break.

Superior Ventilation

Superior ventilation keeps riders cool and comfortable with nine intake and four exhaust vents.


The newest feature is SLID (Sliding Layer Impact Distribution), HJC’s impact distribution technology, which can help to reduce rotational acceleration in an accident.

For more information visit www.hjchelmets.com.

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