Discoverer AT3 Family Of Tires

November 2018 New Products

Discoverer AT34S

The new Cooper Discoverer AT34S all-terrain, all-season tires give you the power and flexibility to do more and help you to be equipped for safety on the road. For weekend road trips, workday hauling and everything in between, you’ll be covered, with tires that are made to last and to give you better control, grip and strength along the way.

You might be lugging a heavy load on the highway, or going off-road for a last-minute fishing trip—whatever you need, the upgraded features of the Discoverer AT34S tires provide consistently powerful performance. And wherever you’re headed, you’ll get more out of the ride with our Adaptive-Traction Technology, enabling better handling on any surface with maximum grip in all seasons. Smart tread channels help to improve traction no matter what wet weather you encounter, by funneling water away from the tire.

Even snow won’t stand in your way, since the Discoverer AT34S tires are severe weather-rated, stopping on average over 20 feet shorter on snow.* And, thanks to a pattern designed to force stones out of the tread, your tires are designed for durability. With the assurance of a best-in-class mileage warranty of up to 65,000 miles**, nothing will stop you from doing more of what drives you.

The Discoverer AT34S tires are made here in the USA, with a stable design that makes your drive reliably comfortable and quiet on the highway. At Cooper, the company supports your drive to do more.

*Stopping distance as compared to leading all-terrain tires, based on performance against top competitors from a leading consumer publication. Individual on-road results may vary.

**Based on the warranty length of all-terrain tires from a leading consumer publication. Warranty terms and conditions apply.

Discoverer AT3LT

The Cooper Discoverer AT3LT all-terrain, all-season tires support your drive for more. Designed to give you powerful handling in all-seasons with extreme durability for hauling, they’re the tires that give you just what you need to go nearly anywhere.

For all you put your truck through, Cooper Tires puts its all into the Discoverer AT3LT tires. The Durable-Tread Technology helps you stick to the road with extreme traction and control on- or off-road, in one tough set of tires. With a long wearing rubber compound that helps to prevent shredding, the tires have an improved ability to withstand damage that can come from the ongoing assault of dirt and gravel, as well as helping you to haul heavy loads with less wear. And the tread pattern spits out stones, stopping them from digging into your tires. At Cooper, the company is committed to giving you the ultimate performance.

These true all-season warriors also have channels in the tire crafted to conquer wet weather and snow, for powerful grip and responsive control, so your truck can do even more heavy lifting regardless of the weather. Cooper Tires gets that nothing should get in the way of you doing more—so it includes a best-in-class warranty of up to 60,000 miles* to keep you going.

Built here in the USA, the durable Discoverer AT3LT tires are also versatile enough to provide a smooth, comfortable ride on the highway. The company has revamped the Discoverer AT3LT tires with your nonstop ambition in mind—they do more at every level.

*Based on the warranty length of LT-denoted all-terrain tires from a leading consumer publication. Warranty terms and conditions apply.

Discoverer AT3XLT

The all-new, all terrain Cooper Discoverer AT3XLT tires are as powerful as your sense of adventure. They’re reliable in the toughest conditions, with resistance to shredding built right in, for performance that lasts. And with superior control in all seasons, there’s no limit to where they can take you.

Cooper Tires has designed these tires to give you strength that won’t quit—and that all starts with Durable-Tread Technology. The long wearing rubber compound of the tires equips them for endurance, while their tread pattern spits out rocks and debris on the roughest of roads. Biting edges built into the side of the tire help to give you fierce traction and grip when trekking through mud and loose soil. And channels in the tire evacuate water when rain hits, and trap snow for better winter traction, so you’re prepared for changing weather, no matter the season. Equipped with a best-in-class warranty of up to 60,000 miles, they’re the tires that will keep you exploring.*

When Cooper Tires upgraded the Discoverer AT3XLT tires, it kept your biggest musts in mind. That’s why they hold up on rough roads, are constructed to provide a stable ride when hauling and yet are adaptable enough to give you a quiet, comfortable ride on the highway. Made in the USA they’re more durable than ever. You’ll know you have tires you can trust—so you can have confidence when it counts.

*Based on the warranty length of LT-denoted all-terrain tires from a leading consumer publication. Warranty terms and conditions apply.

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