Weego 44 Jump Starter

Don't get left with a dead battery

Published in the October 2018 Issue October 2018 New Products

The Weego 44 is one of those products you buy in the hopes that you will never need it—something you can just tuck into your tool kit and forget about it for months at a time. But when you do need it, your first thought is: “How long has it been since I checked to see if there was a charge?”

Don’t worry, the Weego can sit a long time while still maintaining a full charge that you will need to start your vehicle.

This past spring the editors of Dirt Toys Magazine decided to give the Weego 44 a test. We threw it in our tool box and just waited for an opportunity to try it out. We waited and waited … to the point where we forgot we had it.

But then this summer one of the side-by-sides wouldn’t start. The key had been left on from the night before and the battery was dead. That’s when we remembered we still had the Weego in the tool box.

Now the question: Was there enough juice to turn the dead battery over? Answer: More than enough.

The Weego 44 is rated at 2100 peak amps and 400 true cranking amps—it can jumpstart cars, trucks, boats and even those UTVs or ATVs that sometimes sit idle throughout the winter. It features Smarty Clamps that have tapered heads to fit into the tight spaces.

It can be used as a portable charger for things like your cell phones, laptops, etc. It also has a flashlight with three settings—on, slow flashing and fast flashing.

So before you find yourself in the dark or without spark, you may want to throw the Weego 44 into your tool box and forget about it. And hopefully it will represent the best purchase you’ll never need.

Price: $149.99.

For more information visit www.myweego.com.

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