Product Install: EMP Hard Coated Windshield

Published in the October 2018 Issue October 2018 New Products Steve Janes

Sometimes when the weather is a little brisk, or even when you’re just tired of getting beaten down with the wind in your face, it’s nice to have a windshield to protect you. This is why we installed an Extreme Metal Products Hard Coated Windshield on our Polaris Ace Sportsman 570.

Made from .188-inch hard coated MR-10 Lexan, this windshield is strong and clear to provide excellent protection and clarity. It is lightweight and can be easily removed once the weather gets warm and you actually want the breeze blowing through the cab.

The installation is simple and requires a minimum amount of tools or ability. It’s just a matter of removing the protective paper, installing the rubber edge trim and attaching the rubber mountain straps (a total of four bolts). It takes about 15 minutes … and what is actually the most difficult part is peeling an edge of the protective paper so you can remove it.


  1. Peel back the protective coating along both sides of the bottom edge of the windshield. You will only need to peel the paper back about 1-2 inches, just enough room to install the rubber edge trim.
  2. Install the rubber edge trim. Be sure to center it on the windshield and work from the middle out until it is secure along the complete bottom edge.
  3. Bolt the rubber straps to the windshield (but don’t tighten yet).
  4. Wrap the rubber straps around the roll cage.
  5. Tighten the bolts once everything is in its proper position.

Trail Tested

EMP’s full windshield not only offers clear visibility on the trail, but it keeps the wind off you, which comes in handy, especially on colder days.

The beauty of the Polaris Ace is that even with a windshield, your view of nature is still unobstructed. You just don’t have the wind beating you down. The windshield is clear so there is no interference with your view. In fact, from the photos you can see it doesn’t distort the view in any way.

It does collect a little dust, just like any windshield. But the dust collected would be the same dust hitting you in the face. So it’s a good place to collect it.

We originally were looking to add the half windshield. But after riding with the full one, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

The EMP Full Hard Coated Windshield retails for $139.99.

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