Can-Am X3 V-MAP

January 2018 New Products

Evolution Powersports (EVP), a leader in the powersports industry for software tuning, exhaust systems, intake systems, clutching and turbo systems has introduced an industry first V-MAP multi-map ECU tuning for the 2018 Maverick X3.

The system is also available for a 2017 X3 fitted with the 2018 fuel pump.

EVP V-MAP technology allows customers to switch between pump gas and race gas tunes using the OEM Eco Mode and Sport Mode switch. When Eco Mode is selected, the engine produces approximately the same power as EVP’s Stage 1 (190 hp) tune whereas when the Sport Mode is selected, the power is 215 hp on 95+ octane fuel. This allows the ultimate in flexibility for those who want the benefits of a high-octane tune when 95 octane fuel is available, with the ability to safely run in Eco Mode with better-than-stock performance when only 91 octane fuel is available. Additionally, tunes can be switched between Eco and Sport without stopping and can be used as a “push to pass” mode. 

To successfully achieve a multi-map function with the OEM Can-Am/Bosch ME17.8.5, careful disassembly of the ECU code was required. This painstaking task required more than 1000 combined hours of coding, testing, tuning and field testing to accomplish this unique ECU function. By using the OEM Eco mode to limit power, EVP can successfully reduce the engine TQ and boost to achieve a real dual mode ECU.

Current V-Map Multi-Map Applications:

  • 2018 Maverick X3 Stage 3R (200 hp Sport – 91 octane - > 172 hp Eco – 91 octane)
  • 2018 Maverick X3 Stage 4RWi (215 hp Sport – 95 octane - > 190 hp Eco – 91 octane)
  • 18 Maverick X3 Stage 6 Big Turbo (250 hp Sport – 110 octane - > 195 hp Eco – 93 Octane)

*Also available for 2017 X3s with the 2018 Fuel Pump


  • New Rocker Switch “Pump Gas/Race Gas”
  • Upgraded Software Calibration


  • Stock Turbo Applications: $200 upgrade
  • Big Turbo Applications: $250 upgrade

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