Why does my RZR 900 kick the back end up in the air over a jump?

February 2015 Ask Nate

Why does my RZR 900 kick the back end up in the air over a jump?

This is a tough because in some cases there is no way to keep the rear end of the car down. For example if your jumping a SXS and the jump you hit is shorted than the total distance of your wheel base it will almost always kick the back of the car up because as you come off the jump your front tires drop out and your rear end is already going up the base of the jump. The dropping out of the front-end exaggerates the kick in the rear. There is no real fix for this.

            Now if the jump is long and drawn out and more of a correctly built or chosen jump for a SXS and your car is simply not flying flat you have a shock tuning problem. And don’t be fooled its not just the rear shocks that are your problem. Correct spring and valveing in the front shocks affects the rear function quite a bit. For the RZR 900 we do two things.

Option one is to completely replace the shocks with our EXIT X2 series shocks that have both compression and rebound adjustment. Giving you pretty infinite adjustment for any conditions. This of course the most expensive option.

Option two is to re-valve your existing shocks and install a spring kit at the same time. The valveing is tuned for the given spring rate and improves jumping takeoff and landing to improve the over all performance. This combination makes the car fly flatter by having correct compression damping and rebound damping for the given spring rate. This will reduce the tendency for the car to kick when jumping. 

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