What's the cheapest way to make my RZR suspension handle better?

February 2015 Ask Nate

What's the cheapest way to make my RZR suspension handle better? 

This is a pretty easy question for me to answer but it really depends on the machine you have. Generally speaking on all RZR models, springs are the least expensive way to improve your ride quality and handling. There are lots of options for springs but the key is to find a kit that is tuned for your model and type of terrain. The major reason this is the case is factory springs are generally tuned poorly and are very low quality so they loose their spring action much faster. Also they are not usually tuned for all the accessories that we add to these vehicles. On some models like the RZR 800s the shocks are not serviceable so a replacement shock option is a very big improvement, which gives you better springs at the same time. For example we build a replacement IFP (Internal Floating Piston) mono tube shock that is night and day better than the factory non serviceable Junkers. On this model springs can help but you are still stuck with the stock shocks that are very poor quality. Ether way look to the aftermarket they generally have the most reasonable priced bang for your buck.

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