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  • +2 Arm Kit

    +2 Arm Kit

    Zbroz Racing
    Zbroz Racing has released its RZR +2 Kit, which is going to be hot this year. It gives those with RZRs an option who don't want the added width of the S.

    It is +2 inches wider per side, giving a manageable width for trail use and especially woods racing type riders. This kit has been tested in the GNCC series with several teams and scored two wins and a couple additional podium finishes. The kit also utilizes stock shock lengths so those with upgraded spring set ups to their stock shocks can utilize this kit or purchase a stock replacement shock from a host of manufacturers.

    Of course Zbroz Racings' line of Exit UTV shocks can be built to suit any rider's needs.
    Built from high strength chromoly tubing, each kit includes both upper and lower front and rear A arms and tie rod extensions. The A-arm Kit is $1650.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • 72-Inch Quick-Attach Plow Kit

    72-Inch Quick-Attach Plow Kit

    Arctic Cat
    Simplify transitions to or from snow plowing with the new 72-inch Quick-Attach Plow Kit from Arctic Cat. The 72-inch two-way tapered blade features a 16-inch center height with 22-inch tall ends.

    Five easily-adjustable plow positions add extra versatility, while heavy-duty steel construction ensures optimal durability. Engineered exclusively for Prowler models, the plow easily attaches or detaches in less than 10 seconds. Snow deflectors and edge markers come standard for added plowing ease. Includes the blade, frame and mount. An accessory winch is required. The MSRP of the 72-inch Quick-Attach Plow Kit is $899.95 U.S.

    The 72-inch Quick-Attach Plow Kit and others are available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Arctic Cat ACX Synthetic Oil

    Arctic Cat ACX Synthetic Oil

    Arctic Cat
    The only oil engineered, tested and proven in Arctic Cat ATV and Prowler engines, the newly-reformulated ACX Synthetic Oil from Arctic Cat delivers maximum performance and protection in all conditions. Its premium synthetic base stocks provide improved cold-weather starting and optimum lubrication in the most extreme heat and cold, with 15 times greater sheer stability than standard oils for superior rust and corrosion protection.

    ACX contains no friction modifiers, so it lubricates the engine, transmission and wet clutch with maximum performance. ACX Synthetic Oil is available in quart or gallon containers and complete change kits with filter and funnel.

    The MSRP of the 2-quart ACX Oil Change Kit is $36.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Arctic Cat Electric Cargo Box Lift

    Arctic Cat Electric Cargo Box Lift

    Arctic Cat
    With the new Electric Cargo Box Lift from Arctic Cat, you can unload a Prowler's payload with a simple press of a button. An electric actuator attaches to the chassis and the front of the box and is wired to a console-mounted switch that can be activated when the ignition is turned on. It is ideal for dumping the maximum suggested payloads.

    The MSRP of the Electric Cargo Box Lift is $499.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Arctic Cat Krank Box

    Arctic Cat Krank Box

    Arctic Cat
    Add a soundtrack to your favorite rides with the new Krank Box sound system from Arctic Cat. Built with two 2x2.75-inch, 15-watt marine grade speakers and a 45-watt marinized amplifier, the Krank Box delivers crisp, clear sound with long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion.

    The audio auxiliary-in port accepts any Apple iPod or MP3 player, with secure rubber retaining bungees that offer full-access to player controls. The Krank Box is integrated to fit Cruiser models, as well as models equipped with the WindPro Windshield.

    The MSRP is $239.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Arctic Cat Windguard ATV Windshields

    Arctic Cat Windguard ATV Windshields

    Arctic Cat
    Protect yourself from the elements with a new Windguard Windshield from Arctic Cat. Made from polycarbonate with lightweight aluminum brackets, the Windguard Windshield features a dust management system whereby negative pressure behind the shield reduces dust from swirling in the rider's face.

    It also has a built-in beverage holder and is available in clear or with either black or red accents. It attaches to the handlebars in 10 seconds, with no tools necessary. It is available for most full-sized, 1996-newer Arctic Cat ATVs.

    The MSRP of the Windguard Windshield is $179.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • ATV WildBed

    ATV WildBed

    ATV WildBed
    Devoted ATV campers know the dilemma-getting a good nights sleep when on a camping trip is difficult in a stuffy tent or when setting up a tent is next to impossible because of rocky or uncleared terrain.

    Recognizing the challenges that campers face, Curt Mayhood invented a solution for campers who like to take their ATV camping in remote areas or even established campgrounds. Mayhood loves to camp out, under the stars and also liked to do that with his ATV. That's how ATV WildBed was born.

    More and more ATVers want to make their investment more versatile and camping and ATVing go hand-in-hand. Camping is a great family or group activity and also a cost effective way to spend a vacation. ATV WildBed fits right into the plan. It is designed to stack on the rack of most any ATV, UTV or even a golf cart and reassembles once the rider is at his camping destination without the use of any tools. It sets up in a matter of minutes and can be unhooked even faster for daytime rides.

    The WildBed retails for $295 for the base unit with options available for separate purchase.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Baja Light Bar From Arctic Cat

    Baja Light Bar From Arctic Cat

    Arctic Cat
    Designed to work with the accessory 12-LED Light Kit, the new Baja Light Bar from Arctic Cat adds style and protection to any Prowler. The Light Bar attaches to stock models as well as those equipped with an LCX Cab kit. It delivers high style while guarding the high-intensity, full-sealed 5-watt LED lights with high-impact lenses in the optional 12-LED Light Kit.

    The Baja Light Bar MSRP is $129.95 U.S./$149.95 Canada. The 12-LED Light Kit MSRP $399.95 U.S./$464.95 Canada.

    The Baja Light Bar and LED Kit are available this fall at most Arctic Cat dealerships and online at
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Baja Roof Rack

    Baja Roof Rack

    Blingstar Products
    Blingstar has a long list of products that will fit nicely on the new Polaris RZR 4 XP, including the Baja Roof Rack.

    Features of the Baja Roof Rack include:

    • Custom billet mounting brackets with laser cut logo

    • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum

    • Carries gas cans, camping gear, tires and more

    • Universal platform to allow most light bar applications

    • Built-in whip mount

    • Built-in tie down hoops

    • No rattling

    • Low enough to fit in most toy haulers

    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Baja Roof Rack With Full Shade Cover

    Baja Roof Rack With Full Shade Cover

    The Blingstar Roof Rack is great for the weekend enthusiast or for the hardcore Baja racer. Features of the rack include custom billet mounting brackets with laser cut logo, 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, the ability to carry gas cans, camping gear, tires and more, a universal platform to allow most light bar applications, built-in whip mount and built-in tie down hoops.

    Blingstar also claims there will be no rattling with this rack and it's low enough to fit in most toy haulers. It fits the Polaris RZR, RZRS, RZR XPand retails for $784.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Blingstar Gladiator Bumpers

    Blingstar Gladiator Bumpers

    Blingstar Products
    Blingstar Gladiator Bumpers are now in stock and ready to ship for the Can-Am Commander and the entire RZR series.

    The Gladiator is made from 6061 aluminum with 1 3/8-inch tubing. This UTV bumper is light weight and features an interchangable face plate and a Blingstar riveted name plate. It is available in polished and textured black. The bumper retails for $289.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Blingstar SxS Camo Graphics Kit

    Blingstar SxS Camo Graphics Kit

    The Blingstar Camo Graphics Kit has been in high demand since it was revealed at the 2011 Indy Dealer Expo. This kit is crafted from the highest quality materials and is one of the least expensive kits on the market.

    Features include:
    - 18 mil thickness
    - UV protectant
    - Abrasion resistant material
    - 4 different color options include yellow, red, blue, black

    Available for the following models: Can Am Commander, Polaris RZR, RZR S, RZR XP

    The kits retail for $295.95 without door skin or $350.95 with door skins included (compatible with Blingstar doors only).
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Can-Am ATV Alpine Flex Plow

    Can-Am ATV Alpine Flex Plow

    BRP is introducing a new and innovative plow, the Alpine Flex Plow. Adding a plow to your ATV has always been handy, but now, with BRP's new plow system, is has never been easier to boost your vehicle's utility.

    The blade of the new Alpine Flex Plow is made of UHMW, the same material used on Ski-Doo skis, to withstand the roughest abuse. The massive amount of flex provided when needed, will protect the plow, the object, but most importantly, the driver. It also stops smoother upon impact with hard object. The rearward release action practically eliminates all jolts from being transferred to the driver or the vehicle, providing smooth and comfortable usage.

    Its suspension action follows the plowing surface and the end result is an exceptionally clean scrape. The unique elevated pivot offers several outstanding characteristics to make plowing even easier. It is much easier to reach the pivot handle and adjust plow angle. Its height also keeps snow accumulation to a minimum.

    With minimum alignment, the plow will self-install using the winch, with no extra wear and tear of the winch cable and the winch. No need to lift the plow for installation or bend on your knees anymore. The mechanism will also disengage in a snap.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Can-Am Commander +3-inch Long Travel Kit

    Can-Am Commander +3-inch Long Travel Kit

    Holz Racing Products
    You can dramatically upgrade handling and stability with the same Long Travel Suspension Kit used on the Holz Racing Commander. This kit is 3 inches wider per side for increased handling capability and re-sistance to rollovers.

    Wheel travel is increased to 11.5 inches and the wheel base is +4 inches longer.

    Kit features/includes the following:
    - 4130 tig welded construction with a durable powdercoat finish
    - Stainless steel extended brake lines
    - Heavy-duty heat treated extended axle shafts
    - CV boot clamps
    - Tie rod extensions
    - Detailed assembly instructions
    - Uses stock-length shocks
    * Uses stock ball joints, bearings, CV Joints and pivot bushings

    The kit-which fits the Commander 800/1000 Standard, X and XT-retails for $3,450.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Can-Am Commander Long Travel

    Can-Am Commander Long Travel

    HCR Racing
    HCR Racing has announced its Can-Am Commander long travel kit is only $4,599. It's the first production Commander long travel kit to come with King 2.0 reservoir shocks, 3-inch longer wheelbase and 16 plus inches of travel.

    HCR Racing's Commander Long Travel Kit includes:

    - First production kit with custom-tuned King 2.0 reservoir shocks
    - Summers Brother's Racing 4340 extension axles
    - Laser cut for precise fit and finish
    - CNC'd chromoly construction mounting points
    - Boxed A-arm design and hand tig welded for strength and appearance
    - OEM ball joints to maximize low speed steering and travel with less maintenance
    - Complete kit 100 percent proudly made in the U.S.A.
    - 100 percent bolt-on installation using factory mounting points
    - 6-inch wider per side for maximum travel and stability
    - 3-inch longer wheelbase for better high speed stability, hillclimbing and descents
    - Achieves 16 plus inches front wheel travel and 14 inches rear wheel travel for the ultimate ride quality and articulation

    HCR Racing custom tunes every shock package in-house to make sure the shock valving and spring rates are perfectly mated to the UTV it's designed for.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Can-Am Commander Pre-Runner Front Bumper

    Holz Racing Products
    The Holz Pre-Runner Front Bumper mounts directly to the frame. Minimalist design and quality craftsmanship makes for a very stout and lightweight front bumper. An aluminum skid plate is included. Options are available to accommodate a winch and fairlead.

    Features include:
    - Slim profile offers improved approach angle
    - Made of 4130 chromoly steel tubing
    - Durable black powdercoat finish
    - Bumper includes 3/16-inch heavy duty aluminum front skid plate
    - All necessary hardware and instructions included

    The bumper is designed for the Commander 800/1000 Std., X and XT and retails for $449.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Can-Am LinQ System

    Can-Am LinQ System

    With the new Can-Am LinQ System (pronounced "link"), adding accessories for maximum storage and convenience has never been easier. It provides the user with an easier, faster and secure way to instantly plug-in accessories such as modular bags, trunk box, front and rear rack extensions and gear grips.

    No need to spend hours to install accessories that would have to stay on near permanently anymore: the system is fast, dependable and secure. Plus, for permanent installation, all accessories can be locked onto the rack using a custom allen key to tighten and loosen the locking mechanism.

    The LinQ System is made of treated aluminum and charged nylon for maximum durability. All LinQ accessories were specially designed for the vehicle and the system is even built into the accessories, to secure a perfect fit and make them less bulky. The 2012 Outlander ATV rack has anchoring points that make it easy to fasten a whole line of LinQ accessories instantly. The holes on the anchoring points are bottomless to prevent water, residues, dirt and ice from accumulating. As a result, the anchoring points are never blocked and always ready for use.

    This new sturdy full-lock fastening LinQ System is featured on a complete line of accessories developed alongside the 2012 Outlander ATV for seamless integration.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Commander 1000 Clutch Kit

    Commander 1000 Clutch Kit

    Hi-Performance Engineering
    This new Dalton Industries clutch kit makes it possible to have one kit that suits a lot of different situations. Instead of having many different clutch kits for different tire sizes, terrain conditions or to help compensate for high elevation power losses, this kit covers a broad range of tuning challenges.

    You can tune for better belt grip and improved performance by using different combinations in the kit. A set of adjustable flyweight lever arms were built for this application. There is a "set-up guide" included to optimize the CVT calibration for most common situations and you can even have a choice of engagement rpm for your preferred riding situations. Having options and tuneability means you still have the correct kit if you change tires, do modifications, etc.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Commander Center For Can-Am Commander

    Commander Center For Can-Am Commander

    Extreme Metal Products
    Now, you can neatly add all of your accessories to your Can-Am Commander. This assembly comes complete with a fuse block, fuses, four illuminated rocker switches and a 10 gauge battery cable with terminals.

    Everything you need to neatly wire up your lights and radio, etc., is included. Simply install the assembly into your dash board and run the supplied battery cable to your battery. The unit mounts in your stock dash and features a brushed aluminum bracket and faceplate.

    The Commander Center retails for $134.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • CST Announces The Behemoth

    CST Announces The Behemoth

    CST Tires
    The tire that William Yokley rode to this year's GNCC UTV championship will soon be available to the public.

    The Behemoth's new pattern is ideal for covering rugged terrain and delivering the great traction that both Yokley and CST customers demand. The Behemoth's radial construction guarantees lower rolling resistance in hardpack conditions and provides confidence at high speeds on the trail and in deep mud, as well as confidence that you'll make it out of the backwoods. With an 8-ply rating, the Behemoth is also well-equipped to carry heavy loads and is extremely durable.

    Yokley, the winner of three of the season's six GNCC UTV races, praised the Behemoth after the event that clinched his title. "The Behemoth tires were excellent this weekend," he told CST. "The steering was excellent, and the tires were extremely predictable all the way around the track. Whether in the woods or at high speeds, the Behemoth tires were awesome all day long."
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • CST Offers New SxS/UTV Sizes For Clincher

    CST Offers New SxS/UTV Sizes For Clincher

    CST Tires
    CST has announced the availability of six additional sizes for the Clincher, the flagship tire in the CST utility ATV lineup.

    The Clincher's aggressive tread pattern and its radial construction have already proven to deliver a thrilling, yet plush ride for ATV riders and the following new sizes will allow UTV and side by side riders the same performance benefits:

    Front: 26x9.00R12; 27x9.00R12; 26x9.00R14

    Rear: 26x11.00R12; 27x11.00R12; 26x11.00R14

    An interlocking "C" tread design with more widely spaced shoulder lugs means that the Clincher excels on hardpack and intermediate terrain, but is more than adequate for looser terrain as well. Riders can expect smooth, predictable performance as the Clincher's radial construction absorbs jarring feedback from rocks, roots, braking bumps and other obstacles on the trail. The new Clincher rears have maximum load capacities of more than 1,000 lbs., making the Clincher suitable for even the heaviest side by sides.

    Riders can purchase the Clincher from their favorite local powersports dealer or online retailer.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Ramp Ramp
    Discount is offering the UTV-12019-2, the solution for loading and unloading your ATV, UTV, golf cart or garden tractor. Made of lightweight but heavy duty aluminum, the UTV-12019-2 ramp is only 84 lbs. per pair with a 2,500 lb load capacity and has bi-fold capability for easy carrying and storage.

    The attaching lip on both ends of the ramp ensure an effortless loading process while the offset hinges, directional design, serrated rungs, side rails and included straps offer the ultimate in safety. To protect from bottoming out your vehicle, the ramp is manufactured with an offset design for the smoothest load possible. Also includes one-year warranty.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Door Block Off Plate

    Door Block Off Plate

    Blingstar Products
    The Door Block Off Plate is for the off road enthusiast who plans on playing in wet terrain. Just bolt the plate on and then go tear up those muddy trails once again.

    When the conditions are dry, just simply unbolt the plate and utilize the site window for increased visibility on rock crawling and hillclimbs.

    • Made from 3 Mil expanded PVC

    • Custom mold designed to contour the door lines

    MSRP: $34.95
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Duo Rear Luggage

    Duo Rear Luggage

    The duo rear luggage seat from QuadBoss features dual lockable storage compartments and a soft foam cushion. Mounts with either quick release or permanent systems.

    The padded area is not for passenger use or for a rider while the ATV is moving. Ideal for rider to rest on trails.

    The luggage seat's dimensions are: 36 inches wide by 16 inches high by 18 inches deep.

    The seat retails for $329.99.
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • EPI Severe Duty Belt

    EPI Severe Duty Belt

    EPI is the recognized leader in the CVT drive belt business with its exclusive line of Severe Duty belts. Now available for the 2011 Polaris RZR XP 900, all of EPI's Severe Duty Belts are constructed using the highest quality materials and the latest technology. The result of this testing and development is the EPI Severe Duty belt, which outperforms any other belt you can buy. Developed and tested alongside EPI's Clutch Kits, the Severe Duty belts are a great way to upgrade the performance and reliability of your CVT system.

    EPI Severe Duty belts are available at your dealer or at

    The MSRP for the EPI Severe Duty Belt is $124.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Extra-Wide, Heavy-Duty Ramps

    Extra-Wide, Heavy-Duty Ramps
    Discount is now offering the extra wide BW-9417-HD-2, the solution for loading and unloading your ATV, UTV, side-by-side, golf cart, gator, garden tractor and any other 4- or 6-wheel equipment up to 3000 lbs.
    Made of lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum and powdercoated black, the BW-9417-HD-2 ramp is only 43 lbs. each with heavy duty hinges allowing for dual fold capability. Included attaching lips and safety straps ensure an effortless loading process and the ultimate in safety. To protect from bottoming out, the ramp is manufactured with an arched design for the smoothest load possible. It also includes a one-year warranty.
    These ramps retail for $309.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • EZTracks From Mattracks

    EZTracks From Mattracks

    Mattracks introduces its newest series in its already diverse track lineup, EZtracks. After years of development that included testing all around the globe, Mattracks has engineered this new series to be affordable and at the same time innovative and new.
    The EZtracks system, with its unique shape due to its patented "Boa Con-Track-tion" System, has the advantage of allowing an increased footprint that is centrally located under the vehicle's axles to provide equal ground pressure over the entire system all while keeping the tracks within the confines of the vehicle's overall length and providing unbelievable clearance for fenders and body parts.
    In addition, the design provides greater sprocket engagement that far exceeds any other system in the industry. The EZtrack system also allows for the use of multiple sprocket sizes and combinations to facilitate any vehicle size and drive train utilizing Mattracks Sprositive design. It's ease of steering, efficiency and unequalled smooth ride is accomplished by its carefully engineered wheel arrangement, track tread design and by using Mattracks tried-and-true patented rubber torsion anti torque system to make full utilization of the vehicle's own suspension.
    EZtracks will be available in both ATV and UTV systems. The UTV model, EZ-UR has an MSRP of only $3795.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Fly Racing Three.4 Helmet

    Fly Racing Three.4 Helmet

    Fly Racing
    The all-new Three.4 helmet (pronounced: "Three-Point-Four") is nothing short of an exotic moto creation. Fluid lines and stylish graphics compliment Snell M2010 safety. The Three.4 is a helmet that represents next-level comfort and style at an "I-can't-believe-it" price.

    Helmet features:

    • Snell M2010, DOT Approved For USA - Other standards include: ECE and AS (Australian). Meets or exceeds the toughest safety standards on the market today

    • Poly-Alloy Shell Construction - Allows for excellent strength while remaining light weight

    • Multi-Port Air Induction Cooling System - Twelve intake and six exhaust vents create massive airflow to keep your head cool even on the hottest days

    • Flow Through EPS And Comfort Liner Air System - EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and comfort liner channels align to maximize airflow

    • Quick Release Washable Comfort Liner And Cheek Pads - Easy to remove and clean with our "Quick Snap" system

    • Molded Rubber Trim With Removable Nose Guard - With its smooth lines the integrated nose guard assists in keeping roost and other debris away from your nose

    • Lightweight Aluminum And Stainless Steel Hardware - Helmet hardware is constructed using super-strong, lightweight machined aluminum screws and stainless steel D-rings and rivets for superior strength and years of worry free use

    Colors: Flat Black/Charcoal, White/Black, Red/Black, White/Blue, Green/Lime, Purple/Pink or Wild.

    Sizes: Adult XS-2X

    2 Shells and 2 Styros sizes: XS - MD, LG - XXL

    Price: $159.95
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Fog Thief

    Fog Thief

    Montie Design
    Montie Design is helping to introduce a new product to the cold weather motorsports marketplace to solve an irritating and dangerous aspect of snowmobiling. Fog Thief is a new invention produced and distributed by Montie Design that keeps a snowmobile helmet's face shield from fogging up and interfering with the wearer's vision.

    John Younts, creator of Fog Thief, points out that the combination of temperatures and wind chill in the teens as well as riders getting a workout creates the perfect storm for a visor that fogs over or even freezes.

    The only non-spray solution of its kind, the Fog Thief is a soft, comfortable mouthpiece that channels the user's breath outside his helmet, keeping the warm, moist air out. Made from an advanced polymer, the Fog Thief remains flexible even under extreme conditions of minus 50 degrees F and is compatible with all helmets.

    The Fog Thief can also be used by motorcyclists and off-roaders.

    The product is made in the USA and retails for $34.95.

    For more information on Montie Design, visit
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • Fuel Safe's All new Discriminator Vent Valve

    Fuel Safe's All new Discriminator Vent Valve

    Fuel Safe
    Unlike standard vent valves that may allow fuel to surge out the vent, Fuel Safe's new -8 AN (1/2 inch) in-tank discriminator valve keeps fuel in the fuel cell while allowing the tank to breathe.

    Upside down or right side up, this vent valve keeps the fuel in the tank. It mounts as a bulkhead fitting in the fill plate. The vent valve retails for $97.80.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Gear Rail By Kolpin

    Gear Rail By Kolpin

    This stationary rail system is specially designed for the Can-Am Commander. It is made with heavy duty 7-gauge extruded anodized black aluminum to be lightweight and extremely durable.

    Mounted to the roll bar behind the driver and passenger's seat, the Gear Rail is perfect to plug-in any Can-Am accessories by Kolpin such as the Gear Grips, the Gun Boot, the Fuel Pack and the Universal Saw Press using the appropriate brackets. Any of these accessories require tool-less installation.

    The Gear Rail was thought out to optimize room on your vehicle and give you easy but secure access to your gear. The Gear Rail includes one Gear Rail Mount and all parts needed to install.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Gladiator Front Bumper

    Gladiator Front Bumper

    Blingstar Products
    One of Blingstar's newest products for the new Polaris RZR 4 XP is a front bumper.

    Features of Blingstar Products' new Gladiator Front Bumper include:

    • The Gladiator is made from 6061 aluminum with 1 3/8-inch tubing

    • This UTV bumper is lightweight, supports a wench and features an interchangeable face plate and Blingstar riveted name plate

    • Available in polished, textured black

    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Gladiator Rear Bumper

    Gladiator Rear Bumper

    Blingstar Products
    One of Blingstar's newest products for the new Polaris RZR 4 XP is a rear bumper.

    Features of Blingstar's new Gladiator Rear Bumper include:

    • The Gladiator is made from 6061 aluminum with 1 3/8-inch tubing.

    • This UTV bumper is light weight and helps protect against rear-end collisions.

    • Available in polished, textured black.

    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • GoPro


    KW Machine Works
    KW Machine Works' original mount is fantastic and works great for specific size tubing. The company has had many requests for a universal version that works well for odd sizes and powdercoat build up.

    KW Machine Works has designed a new mount with this in mind. Using the supplied worm clamp and the 6061-T6 aluminum components, you are sure to get a great fit and solid and secure mounting of your camera. It comes complete to fit a GoPro camera, but will hold other brands as well. Adjusts to fit 1- to 2-inch and anywhere in between.

    It has been successfully used and tested in the Mint 400, Baja 500 and now on to NASCAR. The mount retails for $69.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Grab Handle

    Grab Handle

    ZBroz Racing
    Zbroz Racing offers a grab handle that comes with wrist restraints for the Polaris RZR, RZR S and RZR 4. It is much more comfortable and allows people to put whatever grip they want. It just comes with the standard black grip shown.

    Retailing for $79.95, the grab handle is a very good choice for people riding with children or teenagers who are prone to putting a hand out in a rollover.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Hard Parts Aluminum Racing Roof

    Hard Parts Aluminum Racing Roof

    Yoshimura's aluminum racing roof provides protection from the sun and environment that can take their toll on even the best of riders. This roof provides maximum protection from the sun, keeping in-car temperatures more pleasant for driver and passenger. Aluminum is light yet sturdy enough for the harshest conditions. The roof is available for the Polaris RZR XP 900 model years 2011-2013 as well as for the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000i.

    The MSRP for the aluminum racing roof is $399.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Holz Racing Products RZR XP 900 Skid Plate

    Holz Racing Products RZR XP 900 Skid Plate

    Holz Racing Products
    New from Holz Racing Products is the RZR XP 900 Skid Plate. Priced aggressively at $279.95, this new Skid Plate is formed by a proprietary process allowing a perfect fit to the XP's undercarriage. The kit replaces the stock skid plate with super-durable UHMW, a polymer that outwears carbon steel 10-1. The kit mounts directly to the frame using original hole locations and stock hardware.
    The HRP Skid Plate Kit features:
    - Recessed holes to help protect hardware from damage.
    - Nearly seamless overlap between the front and rear half of the skid plate.
    - 2-piece design made from .25-inch UHMW sheet and accommodates factory mount locations.
    - Formed corners fit the profile of the XP under carriage, helping eliminate damage caused by catching the leading edge of the skid plate on obstacles.
    The RZR XP Skid Plate Kit retails for $279.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Hood Racks Expand Carrying Capacity

    Hood Racks Expand Carrying Capacity

    Seizmik Utility Vehicles
    All Seizmik hood racks feature flip forward design for easy access under the hood, all steel construction and a quick, easy installation with no drilling necessary. Seizmik hood racks allow riders to secure their gear easily.

    The racks accept a wide variety of accessories to hold guns and gear by using multiple mounting points. Placing your equipment in a hood rack allows you to dump your bed without unloading or rearranging equipment.

    Seizmik hood racks add 30 percent more cargo space by carrying equipment efficiently. Now available for midsize and full size Polaris Rangers, Yamaha Rhinos and Kubota RTVs.

    The suggested retail price is Rangers and Rhinos: $249.99; RTVs: $349.99
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • John Deere RSX 850i Harness Bar

    John Deere RSX 850i Harness Bar

    PRP has designed this harness bar to fit the John Deere RSX 850i. It can be used with PRP's aftermarket suspension seat or John Deere's stock seat setup. No modifications are necessary for installation and this system bolts together in minutes.

    The John Deere harness bar retails for $199.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Junior Jet 150 Portable Air Compressor

    Junior Jet 150 Portable Air Compressor

    The Maradyne Junior Jet 150 portable air compressor is designed to supply 150 psi of air to vehicle tires, bikes, inflatables and more.

    Ideal for use roadside, in the garage, at the track or on camping and off-road equipment, the Junior Jet 150 features a low noise, high airflow design to quickly deliver air through a 27-inch high pressure air hose that is equipped with a quick-release thumb twist valve connector. It has an average fill rate of 7 lbs. a minute on a 16-inch automotive tire.

    Maradyne's Junior Jet 150 has a built-in air pressure gauge rated at 0-150 psi and a flashlight, which adds safety and ease of use at night. Its heavy duty, gearless direct drive motor and oil-less design make it a maintenance-free accessory.

    The Junior Jet 150 comes with two plastic inflatable nozzles, one ball needle and rugged nylon carry case.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Kawasaki Front/Rear Cargo Box

    Kawasaki Front/Rear Cargo Box

    Available for Kawasaki's Brute Force 750 4x4i/650 4x4i are cargo boxes for the front and rear racks.

    The cargo boxes are made of high strength Polyethylene material with UV stabilizers to fight against fading and come with a rubber-sealed lid to keep out dust and water. There are two lockable latches and the boxes can be bolted solidly in place.

    The dimensions of the front cargo box are 34Lx18Wx7H inches. The rear cargo box is 40Lx19Wx12H.

    The front cargo box retails for $183.95 while the rear cargo box retails for $224.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Kawasaki Teryx4 Seat Covers

    Kawasaki Teryx4 Seat Covers

    These durable, heavy gauge vinyl seat covers add comfort, function and style to your ride. Foam bolsters sewn into the sides of the base cover help to keep you planted while riding in rough terrain.

    The covers are black with carbon embossed silver sides and contrasting black piping.

    Each kit is sold as one seat base and one seat back cover and retails at $169.95. Easy installation requires no tools.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Kawasaki Youth Gear

    Kawasaki Youth Gear

    Kawasaki has excellent gifts for the kids, including new t-shirts, beanie and mitten sets, hats, onesies and activity books.
    The boys Youth Jump T-shirt and Face This Cap (MSRP $16.95) are two cool new styles for all the mini dirt shredders out there.
    For the future shredders, the VROOM! Onesie (MSRP: $17.95), Infant Plushy Beanie and Mitten set (MSRP: $16.95) and Toddler Cuddle Bug Beanie and Mittens (MSRP: $19.95) are great for any boy or girl between 6 months and 4 years.
    To top it off, the Kawasaki Activity/Sticker book (MSRP: $4.95) features four pages of stickers and two pages of activities.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • LED Work and Off-Road Light Series

    LED Work and Off-Road Light Series

    Super Bright LEDs
    Durable forward projecting heavy duty LED work lights. Variety of light bars, spot, and flood lights. Rated for operation in the harshest of environments. Adjustable mounting for easy installation.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Levi Lavallee Edition Flex-Tec Handguards

    Levi Lavallee Edition Flex-Tec Handguards

    Rox Speed FX
    Levi LaVellee and Rox Speed FX have teamed up to release the all new Levi LaVallee Edition Flex-Tec Handguards. Designed by Levi himself, these are the guards that Tem LaVellee is running on their snocross sleds. Custom details include a #d Rubberized "LL" logo set on a white background with white stitching throughout. Like the standard line of Rox Flex-Tec guards, these are built using the same tough but flexible backbone that allows them to twist and flex in the event of a rollover. If you are looking to trick-out your sled this year pck up a set of these today! Made in the USA. Available at and the LaVallee Merchandise Trailer (at all ISOC events) or by visiting

    Item #FT-HG-LL

    Rox Speed FX: Designing and manufacturing innovative solutions for riders of all kinds since 1999. All Rox Bar Risers and Handguards are proudly made in the USA.

    Phone: 218.326.1794
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • M23 Battle Industry's First 18-inch Wheel

    M23 Battle Industry's First 18-inch Wheel

    MSA Wheels
    MSA Wheels has always been known to push a few envelopes in wheel design, paint colors and finishes, but it dropped a bomb recently, releasing the first 18-inch wheel specifically engineered for UTVs.

    The M23 Battle was designed from the ground up to deliver high styling and performance, while shaving off pounds as a lightweight 18-inch option. The M23 Battle comes in a flat black paint finish featuring 12 gloss black window rivets and a counter sunk "MSA" in one of the four lightweight spokes. The M23 Battle is available in the following sizes and offsets with fitments for all makes and models of ATVs and UTVs:

    12x7 +15mm (4+3) 14x7 +10mm (4+3)

    14x7 +30mm (5+2) 14x10 +0mm (5+5)

    18x7 +10mm (4+3)

    Details are still being revealed, however at this point it looks like a February, 2014 availability date for the 18x7 inch M23 Battle and the company plans to release a 32x10x18 tire option to match.

    Each M23 Battle wheel comes stock with a bolt-in flat black cap with chrome star and is backed by a full lifetime structural warranty. You bend it, break it or crack it, MSA Wheels replaces it.
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro

    Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro

    The Mojo Battstation Tough Dual Pro is designed to keep your smart device charged and connected at all times. The weather resistant, portable charger is impact resilient and compact for easy carrying. The BattStation Tough Dual Pro is impact and splash resistant and can easily charge two devices at one time with its dual USB openings. The charger includes a torch light for when extra light is needed and can be attached to any backpack with a carabiner. It features an automatic power-off function when connected devices are totally charger, and it available in three different power levels: 7200mAh, 8400mAh or 1200mAh.
    Added on Feb 03, 2014
  • Moonwalker Trailers

    Moonwalker Trailers

    It was the winter of 1992-93 when Orion began its first year of production of rescue sleds. Eighteen years later and the company is still manufacturing rescue sleds based on the design of the original rescue sled. Many improvements have been made to its sleds, along with the addition of many options and other off road products for rescue, recreation and utility.

    All Orion rescue sleds and trailers feature a patented fully independent Diamond Link suspension. This suspension system compliments the suspensions of all snowmobiles and four wheelers manufactured today.

    With the introduction of the Moonwalker series sled, Orion now produces a much more affordable sled exclusively for freight and other cargo. The Moonwalker series sled features a unique suspension that functions as an independent suspension while in motion but is ridged when the sled is standing still.

    This is accomplished by its unique skis and mounting pivot points without springs and shocks absorbers.

    The Moonwalker series features a large 4- x 8-foot deck, stake pockets with removable sides, removal tongue, and UHMW plastic skis. The Moonwalker collapses down to a height of less than 6 inches by simply removing two bolts. Knocked down flat, the Moonwalker can be easily hauled on a loaded snowmobile trailer under a snowmobile lengthwise or under the tracks of two snowmobiles crosswise. This feature also allows for storage using up little space.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Mystik JT-4 Sythetic 4-Cycle ATV Oil

    Mystik JT-4 Sythetic 4-Cycle ATV Oil

    Mystik Lubricants
    Mystk's JT-4 Synthetic 4-Cycle All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Motor Oil features premium synthetic base oils combined with a specific synthetic additive system to provide superior protection for high performance four-cycle ATV and Utility Vehicle (UTV) engines. The balance of synthetic components enhances fuel economy, improves cold temperature performance and high temperature thermal and oxidation stability as well as minimizing volatility.

    Recommended for use in all gasoline powered four-cycle Arctic Cat, Bombardier, Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha and other original equipment manufacturers' ATVs and UTVs, Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 4-Cycle ATV Oil provides:

    • Improved equipment productivity and reliability

    • Full rust, corrosion and wear protection and ensured engine cleanliness

    With its advanced formula, Mystik JT-4 Synthetic 4-Cycle ATV Motor Oil, available in SAE 0W-40 and SAE 10W-40 grades, far exceeds gasoline powered ATV and UTV engine requirements for API SL, JASO MA and NMMA FC-W quality oil. SAE 0W-40 grade is recommended for frequent low temperature uses.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • New Cobra ProTEK ATV Windshield

    New Cobra ProTEK ATV Windshield

    The new Cobra ProTEK ATV Windshield features an edgy design that matches the styling of today's ATVs. The addition of ribs and contours give the shield added strength and a great appearance.

    The ProTEK features a universal mounting system available in standard or Rapid Release. Unique to the Cobra brand, you do not have to remove your shield to trailer your ATV as long as it faces forward. The ProTEK shield comes with black graphics and is available with or without a headlight cutout.

    The new Rapid Release mount kit offers almost instant removal of any PowerMadd Cobra ATV Windshield. The Rapid Release mount offers all the benefits of the fixed mount plus a quick release function. Loosen the jam nut and pull the pin-it's that easy.

    The ATV windshield, with headlight cut out (standard mount) retails for $120. With no headlight cut out (standard mount), the windshield is $120. For the windshield with headlight cut out and Rapid Release mount, the retail price is $140. With no headlight cut out and Rapid Release mount, the suggested retail is $140.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • New High Back Sport Seat

    New High Back Sport Seat

    Arctic Cat
    The new High-Back Sport Seat from Arctic Cat delivers comfortable, body-holding support for sport-seeking Prowler occupants. Built taller and plusher than stock seats, with an internal, high-strength carbon spring steel suspension system, the seat maximizes riding comfort.

    The mildew-treated, high-grade carbon-fiber black and silver vinyl is both supple and durable, with long-lasting double-stitched seams. They're sold in pairs and bolt directly to the chassis of all 2006-2012 Prowlers (except HDX models) in just minutes. The MSRP is $699.95 U.S./$809.95 Canada.

    The High-Back Sport Seat is available this fall at most Arctic Cat dealerships and online at
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • New RZR Suicide Doors With Latch System

    New RZR Suicide Doors With Latch System

    Blingstar's New Suicide Doors fit the RZR S and XP models. They are the hottest product on the market and they are in stock. The doors follow the lines of the stock plastic for a perfect contoured fit. Blingstar uses a 6061 aircraft grade, lightweight aluminum for a durable, rattle free and stable door.

    Features include:
     Anti-vibration rubber washers used throughout for a quiet, rattle-free door
     Laser cut door skins with lower sight window for more visibility
     Door skin options: brushed aluminum standard or textured black. Door graphics are also available

    The doors retail for $699.95 with polished door skin or $749.95 with black door skin.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • New Valor Neck Brace

    New Valor Neck Brace

    Fly Racing
    Fly Racing has introduced the all-new second generation Valor Neck Brace engineered by Leatt. The Valor combines state-of-the-art Leatt neck brace technology with Fly Racing's cutting edge graphic design styling.

    New features include:

    • New sculptured, split front for improved comfort and fit

    • New lower front section provides improved helmet clearance for looking down and to the sides

    • New one-piece, fracture engineered CoreFlex rear thoracic strut for improved comfort and fit

    • New on-board, 3-angle rear thoracic strut adjustment that requires no extra parts

    • New body-matched rear thoracic strut angles: Size S-M 5 degree, 10 degree or 15 degree; size L-X 0 degree, 5 degree or 10 degree.

    Other features and materials include:

    • Four-way adjustability for great comfort and fit

    • Engineered collarbone cutout to help keep your helmet and brace away from one of your most fragile bones.

    • Side-mounted paramedical designed hinges that opens easy both left and right

    • Height adjustable rear table to match different helmet clearance preferences and riding positions

    • Redesigned optional clear strap included

    • Removable clip-on padding for easy cleaning and maintenance

    • Replacement parts and accessories available

    • CE certified as personal protective Equipment 89/686/EEC

    The neck brace is available in Black/White, Red/Black, Blue/Black and Orange/Black and in sizes small, medium or large/X-large.

    The neck brace retails for $359.95 and will be available in December, 2012.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • NXG 14x6, 14x7 Beadlocked Wheels

    NXG 14x6, 14x7 Beadlocked Wheels

    OMF Performance
    The NXG1 beadlocked wheels by OMF Performance are designed to be the perfect addition to any UTV. OMF's design and engineering team set out to create a blend of lightweight and high strength in an American-made wheel and the NXG1 wheel delivers.

    A spun aluminum barrel is utilized to keep unsprung weight down (11.9 lb. wheel, 2.4 lb. beadlock) while increasing durability. We all know damage to the wheel lip is a common occurrence, so the NXG1s feature a heavy duty reinforcing ring on the back side of the wheel and a beadlock on the front side of the wheel.

    Both of these components are machined from 6061-T6 precision aluminum plate for usurpassed quality and impact resistance and that same material is used for the wheel center to handle heavy side loads. The wheel features a black powdercoated finish, a natural aluminum beadlock ring and black hardware to round out the package.

    These wheels are being introduced in 14x6 and 14x7 sizes with bolt patterns to fit the all of the popular UTVs. The 14x6 sizes features a 4-inch backspacing and the 14x7 has a 5.375-inch backspacing to keep the overall width as close to stock as possible. Wrap this wheel with a 28x10-14 tire for a great all-around wheel and tire package.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Outback Front Brushguard

    Outback Front Brushguard

    Extreme Metal Products
    Add style, function and protection to the front of your RZR. Extreme Metal Products has added light guards to its Extreme Front Bumper making an Outback Edition.

    You can mount up to a 3500-pound winch on the bumper, keeping it up high and out of the water and mud. Mounting brackets extend back to the frame by the firewall, unlike other bumpers that mount in front of the radiator.

    Features include:

    - Laser Cut and CNC formed to ensure a perfect fit

    - Powdercoated for superior protection (Texture black)

    - Mounts behind the radiator

    - Allows you to mount up to a 3500-pound winch up high

    - Installs in less than an hour

    - No drilling or cutting required

    - The side shrouds must be removed (see the picture)

    - "Outback Edition" with light guards

    - Made in the U.S.A.

    The Brushguard retails for $349.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • PathPro SS Cab System For Polaris Ranger 800 Cab

    PathPro SS Cab System For Polaris Ranger 800 Cab

    Curtis Industries
    Curtis Industries has a new addition to its line of cab systems for the Polaris Ranger. The new PathPro SS cab system for the Polaris Ranger 800 Crew UTV offers functionality, versatility and value.

    Because this vehicle is used in a multitude of applications, the new PathPro SS cab system's rugged design will withstand a host of obstacles. Its main feature is the interior, offering almost 100 percent panoramic visibility, allowing the driver easy access to see in all directions with limited view obstructions.

    Using quality 30oz clear, double-polished vinyl, the PathPro SS cab system seals snug around the entire vehicle, making the ride virtually air tight with minimal noise intrusion. Each cab features a steel roof with textured powered-coat paint and acoustic headliner that comes in two pieces, for easy shipping and assembly. The windshield is made from polycarbonate with quantum coating, allowing the ability for optional wiper usage and reduced marring.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Phoenix System BrakeStrip ID

    Phoenix System BrakeStrip ID

    Phoenix Systems
    Phoenix Systems introduces BrakeStrip ID, a visual brake system performance test that quickly identifies the Department of Transportation (DOT) type of brake fluid in your vehicle.

    Vehicle manufacturers design brake systems to use a specific type of fluid and BrakeStrip ID is designed to make sure your brake fluid meets the proper specification for your vehicle. BrakeStrip ID, which identifies DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 brake fluids and finds brake fluid that needs replacing.

    BrakeStrip ID is a Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) approved brake fluid test and features a three-year accuracy guarantee. It is available at leading automotive retailers and comes in a tube of 100 strips.

    MSRP: $67.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Pile Driver By QuadBoss 50-Inch Standard Blade

    Pile Driver By QuadBoss 50-Inch Standard Blade

    QuadBoss' newest addition to the Pile Driver line of snow plow blades is the 50-inch Standard Blade. This Standard blade brings a fixed wearbar design to the popular line of Pile Driver Plows. Constructed of heavy- duty 11 gauge steel, this blade features reinforced back braces for optimum blade strength and an aggressive blade angle of attack to provide excellent scraping results.
    Adjusting the angle of the blade is made easy with a comfortable quick release pin and five possible angle positions. The long lasting 3-inch reversible wearbar and the tough powdercoated black finish ensures you will be ready for many snow seasons to come.
    The Pile Driver Standard 50-inch blade is compatible with QuadBoss' straight push tubes and universal mounting kits for both ATVs and UTVs.
    The 50-inch Standard Black Blade retails for $199.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Polaris Ranger Bronze Alloy Parking Brake Pad Kit

    Polaris Ranger Bronze Alloy Parking Brake Pad Kit

    High Lifter Products
    High Lifter Products has released its all-new Bronze Alloy Parking Brake Pad Kit for Polaris Ranger models.
    Polaris Ranger parking brakes work great off the showroom floor and for awhile afterward-as long as you steer clear of deep mud and water. Through plenty of real-world riding, High Lifter's research and development team found that mud, sand/grit and even sand in muddy water can easily get trapped between the pads and rotors, eating away at the brake pads on its Ranger.
    The High Lifter Bronze Alloy Ranger Parking Brake Pads are designed to withstand mud and dirt that causes accelerated deterioration of stock brake pads and provide much longer service in mud.
    Stock parking brake pads are made from automotive grade brake materials that wear quickly when exposed to near constant contact with mud and dirt trapped between the brake pad and the rotor. The High Lifter Bronze Alloy Ranger Parking Brake Pads are made from machined aluminum bronze which does a much better job of tolerating the harsh elements such as mud, sand/grit and sandy water.
    The all-new Pro Bronze Alloy Parking Brake Pad Kit for Polaris Ranger models are available for $89.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Polaris Ranger RZR Side-by-Side Vehicle Doors

    Polaris Ranger RZR Side-by-Side Vehicle Doors

    Polaris Industries
    Polaris Industries announced Pure Polaris is offering accessory doors for all two-seat Ranger RZR vehicles. The doors are part of Pure Polaris' extensive and ever-expanding accessory offering for the hottest recreational side-by-side line.

    To provide Ranger RZR 570, 800, S 800 and XP 900 owners the best in comfort, quality and style, the new doors are designed with a lightweight aluminum skin and durable steel hinges. The doors offer superior ergonomics and increased protection from mud and debris.

    Compared to competitive doors that can take hours to install, the Pure Polaris doors take less than 45 minutes, with no cutting, drilling or welding of the chassis giving the rider more time on the trails.

    For a more complete look, the brushed aluminum finish complements Pure Polaris' aluminum accessories and the doors fit with all Pure Polaris products.

    The new doors retail for $599.99 and will be available soon at nationwide dealers and online.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

    Portable Outdoor Camp Oven

    Camp Chef
    Camp Chef, a company specializing in ways to cook outdoors, now has available a kitchen-style oven ideal for those who like to camp and cook outdoors. The Camp Chef Portable Outdoor Oven is constructed of durable stainless steel. The matchless ignition, glass door and insulated design makes baking in the outdoors easy and fun. The thermometer allows for easy temperature readings and heat control.

    Its compact design makes the oven easy to transport and store and this lightweight oven uses a 1 lb. propane bottle, making it the perfect on-the-go baking appliance.

    The Portable Outdoor Camp Oven measures 21x11x13 inches and holds a 9- x 13-inch pan, making it possible to bake rolls, cakes, pies, bread, cookies and pizza.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • PPE Turbo For Polaris Ranger Diesel

    PPE Turbo For Polaris Ranger Diesel

    Pacific Performance Engineering
    PPE has made the very first turbo kit for the Polaris 2011 Ranger Diesel. The kit comes with complete bolt on stainless steel tubes and all parts necessary to get you back in the dirt fast. The kit has been fully dyno tested so you can trust the performance of PPE's kit.

    Utilizing a Garrett GT1241 turbo PPE's kit gives the maximum boost of 10 psi with a 7-9 hp gain with or without a muffler.

    With the keep you retain the factory air box and muffler.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Pro Series Max Clearance Trailing Arms

    Pro Series Max Clearance Trailing Arms

    High Lifter Products
    High Lifter Products has released its all-new Pro Series Max Clearance Trailing Arms Trailing Arm Kit for Polaris RZR XP 900 models.
    High Lifter's research and development team recognized the need for additional ground clearance in the trailing arm area and began to design the Pro Series Max Clearance Trailing Arm Kit to please RZR drivers who love to rock climb and plow through super-deep ruts. The trailing arms were engineered so the main bar runs parallel to the frame, greatly increasing the approach angle in front of the rear tires and giving you 4.5 inches of added clearance, the most available from any aftermarket trailing arm kit.
    High Lifter eliminated the descent of the bar in front of the rear tires, reducing the drag and scraping that can be seen in some of the roughest and rockiest terrain.
    The easy bolt-on kit is crafted from 1.5 x .25-inch wall steel DOM tubing and features three-quarter-inch heim joints rated at 28,000 lbs., giving RZR drivers an agile edge in any environment. Best of all, High Lifter kept the driveline angles the same as stock so there's no added wear and tear on your RZR's components.
    The all-new Pro Series Max Clearance Trailing Arm Kits for the Polaris RZR XP 900 (2011-13) and Polaris RZR XP 900 4 (2012-13) come powdercoated in Polaris red or white. The kits are proudly made in the USA and are available for $899.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • PRP Soft Top

    PRP Soft Top

    PRP Seats
    PRP soft top roofs keep riders dry and out of the sun. The soft top cleans easily and installs using Velcro and clips instead of bolts and screws, making installation fast and easy.

    Custom colors are available for PRP's soft tops at no additional charge. They are available for the RZR and RZR 4 800 and 900 models, Jagged X Edition, Teryx 4, Wildcat and more.

    MSRP for PRP's soft top is $275.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • PS-4 Extreme Duty 4-Cycle Engine Oil

    PS-4 Extreme Duty 4-Cycle Engine Oil

    Polaris Industries
    Choosing the right oil is critical to keeping Polaris ATVs and Ranger/RZR side-by-sides running in peak condition. To better protect the engines in these vehicles, Polaris has expanded its 4-cycle oil line to include PS-4 Extreme Duty; oil engineered to provide maximum protection in hot weather conditions.

    Designed for ATV and Ranger/RZR customers who ride their machines in harsh conditions and hot temperatures, PS-4 Extreme Duty is a full-synthetic, newly-developed formulation to be used in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees F up to 120 degrees F. While it may seem an easier choice to turn to automotive oils for your ATV or Ranger/RZR, these oils are not designed to provide the protection Polaris engines demand. In addition, they don't provide the high rpm shear stability or the corrosion protection needed to keep internal parts working properly.

    Without any industry standards for ATV and side-by-side oils in place, Polaris sets its own standards. Thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of miles of severe field testing have proven PS-4 Extreme Duty provides the ultimate protection for Polaris customers in hot climates and extreme applications.

    • Ultimate hot weather performance

    • Increased corrosion & rust resistance

    • Extremely shear stable

    • Formulated specifically for Polaris 4-cycle engines

    To watch a video about the development of PS-4 Extreme Duty oil, follow this link:
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • PW3028 Pressure Washer

    PW3028 Pressure Washer

    Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.
    Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A.'s outdoor power equipment division has announced its new Yamaha PW3028 pressure washer, building on its trusted generator line to bring heavy-duty cleaning equipment to motorsports, outdoor, marine and recreational activities. The 3,000 PSI pressure washer has 2.8 gallons per minute of flow for cleaning requirements frequent users demand, combined with unique features such as a five-in-one nozzle tip, a fold-flat handle for storage and maintenance-free, non-pneumatic wheels to handle any terrain.

    The pressure washer is powered by a 192cc, four-stroke Yamaha engine and backed by a factory three-year warranty. The product will be available at Yamaha Outdoor Power Equipment dealers mid-April and will retail for $749.

    "We listened to our customers in the ATV, motorcycle, marine and construction markets who were asking for a reliable and strong pressure washer that served their everyday needs," said Dave Park, Yamaha outdoor power equipment product line manager. "The Yamaha PW3028 pressure washer combines the durability of a Yamaha engine and trusted CAT pump into a targeted tool for high demand jobs."

    The Yamaha PW3028 is designed for customers who use their pressure washers between 50 and 300 times a year. Common uses include cleaning boats, decks, docks and driveways, as well as for motorsports and construction equipment. The pressure washer comes 90 percent assembled and includes a bottle of engine oil and gas stabilizer so customers can easily and quickly start cleaning.

    Other product features include:

    • 5-in-1 nozzle, so you always have the right tip for the job with you.

    • Pivoting tip, convenient reach into wheel wells, under vehicles and more.

    • Durable, brass Triplex CAT pump.

    • Auto decompression for easy starting.

    • Fuel saving idle down feature.

    • Gasoline petcock to shut off the gas and run the carburetor dry, which helps prevent stale gas.

    • Easy oil drain and fill.

    • A small footprint and a fold-flat handle for easy storage.

    • Low pressure nozzle (800 PSI) for detail work around decals, paint and other sensitive items.

    • 30-foot braided steel high pressure hose.

    • Built-in detergent tank, great for maneuverability.

    Click here to view video of the PW3028 in action.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • QuadBoss Aluminum ATV Ramp

    QuadBoss Aluminum ATV Ramp

    This ATV-only ramp is rated for 1500 lbs. load capacity and is highly affordable. Great for small ATVs. The ramp measures 44 inches wide by 71 inches long.

    Made in USA with 6063T5 aluminum billet and .07-inch wall thickness. The ramp is robotically welded, lightweight and comes with vinyl-coated tips. The ramp includes security straps that are required when using this product. Includes 10-year manufacturer's warranty against defects.

    The ramp has an MSRP of $154.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Quadcross MX2 Tire

    Quadcross MX2 Tire

    ITP Tires
    ITP has introduced the all-new Quadcross MX2 front tire to its line of Quadcross ATV motocross tires. The new Quadcross MX2, features a revolutionary tread pattern and revamped construction and is one of the most advanced ATV motocross tire to date.
    The Quadcross MX2 is outfitted with a unique tread pattern designed to offer almost effortless steering control. The tire has a row of dimpled centerline lugs for forward traction, as well as twin rows of angled off-center lugs and strategically placed outer wall lugs for improved side bite. The carcass construction of the new Quadcross MX2 is infused with more natural rubber, producing a harder tire compound to improve cornering and straight-line traction. Engineered specifically for motocross tracks, this new front tire is designed to deliver more predictable handling and industry-leading side bite.
    Made in the USA, the ITP Quadcross MX2 front ATV motocross tire is currently available in one size (20 x 6-10) and has a two-ply rating. Two tread heights are available and will allow racers to outfit their ATVs with the best Quadcross MX2 tire for the track conditions. A standard tread depth (0.42 in.) is recommended for hard-pack to intermediate tracks and a taller lug height (0.56 in.) will offer optimal control for motocross tracks with intermediate to loose soil.
    The new ITP Quadcross MX2 tire debuted at the opening round of the AMA-sanctioned 2013 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship series held in Georgia in March. ITP-supported factory ATV motocross pro Josh Creamer rode the Quadcross MX2 tires to victory in the second Pro class moto that weekend.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Radiator Relocation Kit For Polaris Rangers

    Radiator Relocation Kit For Polaris Rangers

    High Lifter Products
    High Lifter Products has announced the newest product to help battle overheating caused by clogged radiators, the Radiator Relocation Kit for Polaris models.
    The stock location of Ranger radiators can easily clog and overheat from riding in muddy conditions. To tackle this problem, High Lifter's research and development team relocated the radiator to a higher position under the hood to prevent clogging from mud. Additionally, the team included a shroud between the hood and radiator to ensure that the radiator receives fresh air from the outside environment instead of re-circulated air from under the hood. The kit reuses the stock radiator and includes a custom scooped hood available in black or carbon-fiber color.
    The all-new Radiator Relocation Kit for Polaris Ranger models is available for Polaris Ranger 500/700/800/900 models at $339.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Rockstar/Blingstar Graphics

    Rockstar/Blingstar Graphics

    Blingstar has teamed up with Rockstar Energy and will be releasing a Rockstar/Blingstar line of UTV products. The first product to market is the Team Rockstar/Blingstar Graphics Kit.

    These graphics may look familiar, as they have been blasted all over the UTV racing scene. The Rockstar/Blingstar UTV race team, rock these graphics on all six of their race cars and are now available to purchase at your local dealership.

    Available models: Polaris RZR 800, XP900, RZR 4, RZR 4XP and Can-Am Commander. The wrap kits retail for $369.95 and the door graphics are sold separately for $69.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR 800 Spare Tire Mount

    RZR 800 Spare Tire Mount

    PRP Seats
    Forget cage extensions and hours of labor. Check out PRP's new spare tire mount for the Polaris RZR 800.

    The mount features a no-hassle install and no loss of bed room on your RZR. You can hit the trails in minutes with PRP's RZR 800 spare tire mount.

    The mount comes in custom colors upon request and retails for $199.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR Door Kits

    RZR Door Kits

    Koronis Parts
    Beard recently released its new door kit for Polaris' RZR models through powersports distributor partners.

    In contrast to the abundance of aluminum door options currently available, Beard's designers sought to produce a more automotive style side-by-side door.

    Given the tight accommodations of the RZR cockpit, the importance of being able to fully expose the door opening was a priority for the Beard design team. Beard's doors are designed to hinge on the existing frame pillar just behind the seats. The result is a door that opens the full width of the cab, allowing easier entry and exit as well as full access to the seat latches and fuel filler cap. To make things even more convenient, Beard RZR doors can be completely removed without tools in just seconds.

    Another key point of differentiation the Beard RZR door kit offers is in its construction. Rather than the typical sheet metal doors available, Speed has paired a rigid, welded steel frame with a stylish thermoformed polyethylene skin. This solution not only integrates better aesthetically with the vehicle, but the poly skin is lightweight and virtually indestructible.

    The RZR door kit from Beard is manufactured in the USA and is available your local powersports dealer through Parts Unlimited, Tucker Rocky and Western Powersports Inc. or online at

    MSRP $629.99
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR Rear Dust Stopper

    RZR Rear Dust Stopper

    Extreme Metal Products
    Protect your back from dust and rain with this soft cab back for the Polaris RZR. It attaches to your cage with hook and loop (like Velcro) and straps with buckles allowing you to easily remove it when not needed.

    It retails for $49.99.

    The 2009-10 RZR-S models have the rear cage on them so some slight modifications may have to be made for these years.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR Stainless Steel Full Exhaust

    RZR Stainless Steel Full Exhaust

    Two Brothers Racing
    Two Brothers Racing is now offering for the 2011 Polaris Ranger RZR XP 900 a Dual M7 V.A.L.E. Stainless Steel Full Exhaust System. Performance gains are seen and felt in every part of the powerband.

    Makes a killer horsepower increase and Two Brothers is sure that when you pull this exhaust system out of the box, install it on your UTV and feel the performance you will agree that it is The Absolute Top Level.

    Through extensive testing and racing developments Two Brothers has produced a winning combination of Top Level Performance on and off the race track with its new RZR Dual M-7 Exhaust System.

    The Twobros M-7 off-road stainless/aluminum exhaust systems always come complete with a USFS approved removable spark arrestor.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR Tranny Saver

    RZR Tranny Saver

    Extreme Metal Products
    Protect your RZR transmission from getting stuck in park. After putting your transmission in park simply move the spring loaded lever.

    Features of Extreme Metal Products' Tranny Saver include:

    • Laser cut

    • CNC formed

    • Bolts on in less than 10 minutes

    • Protects your transmission from getting stuck in park

    • Powdercoated black (it is only yellow for the picture, production units will be black)

    The Tranny Saver retails for $79.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • RZR XP 900 Rear 2-Inch Receiver/Tow Hook

    RZR XP 900 Rear 2-Inch Receiver/Tow Hook

    Extreme Metal Products
    Now you can add a 2-inch receiver and a tow hook to the rear of your Polaris RZR XP 900. It mounts to the rear with four (4) bolts and installs in minutes.

    The hitch is laser cut from 3/16- and one-quarter-inch thick steel and accepts a standard 2-inch square receiver.

    The unit is powdercoated black and is made in the U.S. If a trailer hitch is used, the max tongue weight is 60 lbs. and the max trailer weight is 600 lbs.

    It retails for $94.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Secure Storage Glove Box For Polaris RZR

    Secure Storage Glove Box For Polaris RZR

    Starting Line Products
    This attractive aluminum glove box from SLP offers well needed storage for the Polaris RZR, RZR-S, RZR-4 and RZR XP 900.

    It is built with a strong aluminum body and faceplate that utilizes a keyed lock for securing your valuables. The position that it is located in provides the passenger easy access to this storage, which is great for cell phones, cameras, small handguns, wallets, vehicle registration, etc.

    Also, it is weather resistant to protect your valuables. Available in polished aluminum or black texture.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • SEF Small Engine Fuel

    SEF Small Engine Fuel

    VP Racing Fuels
    Whether it's an emergency or Saturday yard work, tools should start when you need them. SEF Small Engine Fuel is engineered by the experts at VP Racing Fuels to combat the harmful effects of ethanol-plagued pump gas that's degrading fuel systems in chainsaws, string trimmers and other gas-powered tools.

    SEF prevents problems that stabilizers can't fix and remains stable for long periods in or out of the equipment. Three varieties are available, two of which are pre-mixed with oil for two cycle applications. SEF is for use in small engines only and may not be used in motor vehicles.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Side X Side Vertical Doors

    Side X Side Vertical Doors

    The hottest thing out right now in the side by side industry is Blingstar's Vertical Doors.

    Presently available for the Can-Am Commander, Blingstar is taking pre-orders on the RZR, RZR S and RZR XP, which will be available in mid-April.

    Highlights of the Vertical Doors are:
    · Doors follow lines of stock plastic for perfect contoured fit.
    · 6 inches wider than competitors by deleting stock side plastic 1/4 panel and fabbing its own custom aluminum 1/4 panels (for Commander 1000).
    · Aircraft grade 6061 aluminum for complete durability and stable doors.
    · Anti-vibration rubber washers used through out for a quiet and rattle-free door.
    · Laser-cut door skins with lower sight window for more visibility.
    · Door skin options: black or brushed aluminum (door graphics are also available).
    · Optional wireless remote operation and button dashboard control.

    The Vertical Doors retail for $1243.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Sno-Pro Front End Loader Plow Blades

    Sno-Pro Front End Loader Plow Blades

    Curtis Industries
    Curtis Industries has introduced a line of Sno-Pro front end loader plow blades which offer major advantages over bucket plowing. Designed for snow removal and general purpose use, Sno-Pro blades are ideal for pushing snow, aggregate materials, livestock feed and silage. Built tough for farmers, landscapers, ranchers, construction companies and homeowners these unique implements give an added versatility to your bucket loader.

    These blades feature a 30-degree hydraulic angle for efficient and productive plowing, four heavy-duty trip springs for added protection against blade damage from surface obstructions, easy-adjust depth shoes and highly visible guide markers fro easy location of blade edge/corners.

    Sno-Pro front end loader blades are made with heavy-duty 11 gauge powdercoated steel, an extended four-foot push frame for added durability and a high carbon steel reversible cutting edge. Blades are available in five- through eight-foot models and are recommended for tractors and skid steers up to 47 hp with quick-attach front mounting adapters.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Star Series Handguard Mirrors

    Star Series Handguard Mirrors

    Have you ever wanted to have the safety and peace of mind that mirrors can give you without having to modify or make your machine look goofy? PowerMadd's Star series handguard mirrors attach directly to the company's Star or TrailStar handguards with a few simple steps. The mirrors will even work with PowerMadd's optional snap-in extensions, hand wrap attachment kit, flare and race flare.

    The handguard mirror kit includes both fixed and folding mirror options.

    These mirrors also fit PowerMadd's Polaris snowmobile handguards that have a similar look and shape to the Star series.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Storage Canister For Brute Force ATVs

    Storage Canister For Brute Force ATVs

    Kawasaki has a small storage canister for its Brute Force ATVs, including the 750 4x4i (2005-11), 650 4x4i (2005-12) and 650 4x4 (2010-12). It comes in black.

    This easy-to-install storage canister attaches to the right rear of your ATV and comes with a screw-on lid that will help keep your small items protected from the elements. All parts and hardware are included.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Summit Solar Lantern

    Summit Solar Lantern

    Camp Chef
    Illuminate the campsite or charge a smart phone during a power outage with the new Summit Solar Lantern by Camp Chef. This outdoor accessory is easy to use and completely self-sustaining, making it a great product for recreation and emergency preparedness.

    The lantern has five 1.5V batteries that can be charged with the 2.2-watt dual array solar panel. Car and wall chargers are also included and can be stored inside the lantern when not in use.

    One full charge offers up to 10 hours of use with the lantern's eight LED lights that have a 100,000-hour life.

    Charging a smart phone, MP3 player or other handheld device is simple with the Summit Solar Lantern. Simply connect to the lantern's built-in USB port to charge a handheld device.

    The Summit Solar Lantern is durable and safe to use around children.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Super TZ Suspension Seat

    Super TZ Suspension Seat

    Beard Seats
    Originally designed to add comfort, containment and driver integration to Polaris' RZR, the Super TZ has proven to be Beard's most popular UTV seat.

    The newly improved Super TZ still features Beard's signature suspension and containment technology but redesigned mounts put it in a more effective position and make it compatible with other applications. Beard has focused more on ergonomics to try to make sure the driver is in the perfect position to enjoy his UTV.

    The Super TZ now sits lower in the cockpit and positions the operator in a more natural position to respond to the demands of off-road driving. It retains its containment to hold the driver in place and features oversized belt slots and premium vinyl materials with more aggressive styling to complement the lines of the latest performance machines. The Super TZ simply bolts in to Polaris RZRs and Arctic Cat Wildcats.

    The Super TZ seat retails for $429.99 and fits all 2008-13 Polaris RZR and 2012-13 Arctic Cat Wildcat models.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Superclamp Tie Down System

    Superclamp Tie Down System

    BowDriks Industries Ltd.
    From the makers of Superclamp products comes the revolutionary Superclamp ATV/UTV tie down system. No more struggling with various tangled tie downs or ratchet straps, crisscrossing from tie point to tie point, possibly damaging or scratching your ATV's outer body panels when securing your ride. With Superclamp's ATV/UTV tie down system, your ATV/UTV is secured in seconds. This tie down system secures your ride by the tires at all four corners, the way the pros do it in the automotive industry, and eliminates the need for risky, unreliable tie down straps.

    This system is easy to use, letting your ATV and its suspension float by clamping onto the tires and not compressing your suspension. Superclamp's system provides a stylish and impressive high-tech look while fully securing your investment. The front chocks are quickly removable and have highly visible adjustable tire restraint bars. The front chocks have only inside guides which let you easily align and place your ATV or UTV just right every time. With no guides to the outer side of the tire area, there is no loading interference and the smallest load footprint is achieved when placing your ATVs side by side.

    Stylish high-strength, high-tech injected aluminum rear clamping devices clamp on each rear tire, snuggly engaging and securing all four corners of your ATV/UTV. The rear clamping system easily slides onto a pre-installed deck bar and quickly slides against the rear tire. With one firm downward push of the pistol grip lockdown handle, you can be on your way in seconds. The Superclamps ATV/UTV tie down system has a safety lock key to ensure your lockdown handle does not open in transport and with your own padlock, your Superclamp ATV/UTV becomes a great theft deterrent.

    The Superclamp ATV/UTV tie down system is designed and made in North America. The Superclamp tie down system is the ultimate ATV/UTV tie down system specifically designed for ATVs and UTVs and is endorsed by leading truck deck and trailer manufacturers.

    To see the Superclamp ATV/UTV tie down system in action, click here.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Teryx Spare Tire Mount

    Teryx Spare Tire Mount

    The Spare Tire Mount from Kawasaki features durable tubular steel construction with a powdercoated finish and offers a secure mounting point for a spare tire on your Teryx.

    The Spare Tire Mount retails for $299.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Tool Kits Upgrade Without OEM Sticker Shock

    Tool Kits Upgrade Without OEM Sticker Shock

    CruzTools has released its Speedkit line of tool kits for all powersports vehicles. Previous generations of motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft included a basic tool kit, which riders became accustomed to and even depended on when needed. Due to continuing cost pressures, manufacturers have scaled back significantly on OEM tool kit quality and in some cases eliminated it altogether. It's also not uncommon for used vehicle purchasers to find the original tool kit missing and then shocked to learn OEM replacements cost from $60 to $120.

    Recognizing the need for an alternative to OEM tool kits, CruzTools has introduced its new Speedkit Compact Tool Kits, with three variants that cover virtually all makes and models of powersports vehicles. Designed to fit into most OEM tool cavities, all provide technician-grade tools and considerable capability. Included are wrenches, nut drivers, a two-in-one spark plug socket with lever, multi-bit screwdriver, star bits, hex wrenches, tire pressure gauge, and slip-joint pliers--all housed in a durable zip-up pouch.

    Three versions are available: the SKJAS for Japanese motorcycles and all makes of ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles and personal watercraft; SKEU for European motorcycles; and SKHD for Harley-Davidsons. Each retails for $32.95.

    Since every vehicle has a unique tool kit part number, retailers are reluctant to stock dozens of tool kits for prospective resale. With Speedkits, dealers can address the OEM tool kit aftermarket with just a few part numbers at attractive price points.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Trail Tech Expands Voyager Model Offering

    Trail Tech Expands Voyager Model Offering

    Trail Tech
    Trail Tech has added several ATV/side by side models for its Voyager Trail Rider GPS. The Trail Rider's GPS has a host of features, including speed, distance, compass, altitude, temperature and maps along with a 240x400 WQVGA LCD that is readable even when it's bright and sunny out. It's also backlit for operation when it's dark.

    Trail Tech boasts that the Trail Rider is not only crash resistant-making it ideal for off-roading-that it is accurate, even in the toughest terrain.

    The new model-specific kits include:
    · Polaris RZR/RZR S/RZR 4
    · Polaris RZR 170
    · KTM 300 XC 2011
    · KTM 350 XCF 2011
    · KTM 350 SXF 2011
    · KTM SMR 450/560
    · Yamaha WR 250X/250R
    · Yamaha Grizzly
    · Kawasaki Brute Force
    · Honda Ruckus
    · Suzuki DRZ400SM
    · Husqvarna TE 400-610 4STK
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • uService LEDs

    uService LEDs

    Baja Designs
    Baja Designs (BD) has always engineered and manufactured LED lighting systems with replaceable lenses and optics. Interestingly enough, almost all other LED bars are silicone sealed and not serviceable. If a BD lens is scratched or scored, you don't need to replace the entire light as you do with most imported products, nor do you need to send it back to the manufacturer as you would with other popular LED lights.

    BD's uService technology allows vehicle owners to simply unscrew the water- and dust-proof lens and seal to replace the damaged optics or lens. On top of that, the same uService technology means you can change the optics of your light. Considering BD also includes a limited lifetime warranty on all its lights, uService offers the ultimate in purchase protection.

    Baja Designs has also evolved its uService technology to permit customization. Replaceable lenses and optics allow you to customize your pattern on the fly for any application or make repairs quickly and easily. BD's uService products are uniquely O-ring sealed and carry an IP69K rating, meaning they are submersible up to 9 feet and pressure washer-safe up to 1,450 PSI.

    Catch the company's YouTube video demonstrating how to rebuild BD's disposable lights in minutes.

    Look for the uService icon on all applicable LED products from Baja Designs.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Wildcat Rear Receiver Hitch

    Wildcat Rear Receiver Hitch

    Extreme Metal Products
    Extreme Metal Products now has available a rear 2-inch receiver hitch for Arctic Cat's Wildcat.

    The hitch bolts to the rear of the Wildcat with five bolts in just minutes without any drilling or cutting. It accepts a standard 2-inch receiver style hitch. The hitch is laser cut and CNC formed from American steel and is made in Cleveland, OH.

    The hitch allows you to tow up to 800 lbs. and retails for $94.99.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Wildcat Rear Trunk Bag

    Wildcat Rear Trunk Bag

    Arctic Cat
    Keep your extra gear secured in the new Wildcat Rear Trunk Bag (MSRP $149.95 U.S./$174.95 Canada) from Arctic Cat. Built from lightweight aluminum tube framework and covered with durable canvas, the zipperless design allows simplified access to gear stored in the rear box of the new Wildcat.

    Opening or closing the bag is quick and simple thanks to a hinged design that's secured by cambuckles. It's one of the more than 50 new custom accessories for the all-new Arctic Cat Wildcat ROV, available in February at most Arctic Cat dealerships and through the Arctic Cat online store at
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Yamaha Plastic Glide Plate

    Yamaha Plastic Glide Plate

    Yamaha Motor
    This durable plastic skid plate provides a smooth, slick surface so the ATV can "glide" over trail obstacles. Constructed of heavy-duty, quarter-inch thick ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that provides protection to frame rails and engine chassis components. Plastic material is much lighter than traditional aluminum skid plates. Strategically placed holes allow for easy maintenance and efficient mud drainage.

    Fits all Grizzly 700/550 models and available in black. The plate retails for $229.95.
    Added on Feb 04, 2014
  • Yamalube Oil Change Kits

    Yamalube Oil Change Kits

    Yamaha Motor Canada
    Do-it-yourselfers rejoice: changing the oil in your Yamaha has become much simpler and quicker with Yamalube's new Oil Change Kits.

    Available at Yamaha dealers across Canada, these "all-in-one" kits include the specified OEM oil, oil filter and gasket for most Yamaha motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, outboards, watercraft and side by sides. Also included are generic oil change instructions, torque specifications and a pair of disposable nitrile gloves.

    "Oil is considered the `life blood' of a four-stroke (and two-stroke) engine, that's why it is so critical to change your oil properly and in a timely manner," Yamaha's motorcycle product manager, John Bayliss said. "With a Yamalube Oil Change Kit, you have everything required to complete the process as outlined in your owner's manual, while eliminating the guesswork of choosing appropriate oil and filter. There are no parts ordering, it's grab and go."
    Added on Feb 04, 2014

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