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Can-Am introduces three new models for 2021

March 2021 Feature

About a decade ago Can-Am introduced its Commander side-by-side into a very competitive market. But the Commander was up to the challenge since it was a solid, well-balanced vehicle and soon became one of the more popular side-by-sides in North America.

About 10 years (and more than 100,000 vehicles later), the Commander is still keeping a loyal diehard following and is being released for 2021 in three different models, both two- and four-seaters—Commander DPS 1000R, Commander XT 1000R and Commander XT-P 1000R. The Commander has been successful as a great work vehicle with just enough amenities to allow you to knock off for the weekend and take it away from the job site and up to the mountains.

The recreational utility market has become very popular in recent years. Consumers are eager to grab their gear and get away from civilization—this past year is a prime example of the importance of fleeing the city and finding solitude in the great outdoors.

With a proven 1000R Rotax engine, the 2021 Can-Am Commander offers some unique changes while maintaining the Commander “DNA” for past successful models. Although designed for work, it is attractive and offers enough creature comforts to make it enjoyable to drive. It is trouble free and dependable.

Can-Am engineers took a lot of effort to keep the cockpit noise down. An acoustic panel behind the seat muffles the sound of the engine so driver and passenger can converse without yelling at each other. And rather than launching the two-seat models now and following up in six months with the four-seat versions, Can-Am has made both versions ready now in the Max trim.

For 2021, the Commander drivetrain feature a quick response CVT and a suspension worthy of the sport segment class. The Commander is a rugged taskmaster. It features work-oriented functionality. It has plenty of storage locations, plus a cargo box, so you can haul your tools and gear securely. It comes with a strong tailgate allowing you to extend your load beyond the cargo box. It features a fully protected bottom with full skid plate. An extra wide mud guards helps keep passenger and driver a little cleaner when the work (or play) gets a little dirty.

Can-Am also took the time to design comfort and ergonomics to the interior. The cockpit accommodates the driver and passenger nicely with safety features built in. Removable cushions and back rest make for easier cleaning. The half doors are rigid and strong and feature weather stripping for cleanliness and comfort. The design is simple so there are not a lot of moving parts.

 The Commander has superior fit and finish. It also comes with great lighting for clear nighttime visibility. The gauges are clear and easy to read. The LinQ accessories can be fitted to the vehicle, offering over 150 accessories to personalize your Commander (25 new accessories just developed for these new vehicles).

One popular feature of the Commander is its low cost of ownership (once you buy it you don’t need to re-invest in it via maintenance work or parts). There is a break-in period but no break-in maintenance. And the maintenance schedule is not complex—just things to look at and some fluids to change.

Available in both the two- and four-seat trims, the three new models come with a sturdy engine and transmission to work hard while its enhanced comfort features provide meaningful functionalities.

Although the chassis is designed for work, the suspension is designed for performance. You can work or ride with confidence. It has a 90.6 inch wheelbase and 12.5 inches of ground clearance. There is 13 inches of suspension travel. The new Commander models have a 2,000 pound towing capacity.

These new models come with Dynamic Power Steering and a Visco-Lok QE front differential. You can change the driving modes from economy to sport. It also has a DESS key with Start/Stop button. The Max is the four-seat trim.


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