In Detail: KingQuad ATV With Rugged Package

December 2019 Feature

A little while ago we shared the news about Suzuki Motor of America’s introduction of its new KingQuad with Rugged Package models to its 2020 ATV lineup.

Here are some more details on the package and ATV from the engine to the transmission to the chassis and more.

Available on select 2020 KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering SE+500AXi Power Steering SE+750AXi Power Steering, and 500AXi Power Steering models, the Rugged Package includes newly designed front and rear bumpers and a front LED light bar that is durable and bright enough to light up any outdoor adventure.

The ATVs are available in a wide range of trim levels, body colors, wheel types and price points so there is a KingQuad for every rider and chore. Every KingQuad is proudly assembled in the USA, delivering proven Suzuki reliability, hard-working features, and powerful performance for when you’re on the job or at play. With more than three decades of proven leadership, Suzuki ATVs have evolved from the First on 4 Wheels to the finest on four wheels. The 2020 lineup of KingQuad ATVs once again prove that “Nothing is Built Like a KingQuad.”

The KingQuad with Rugged Package includes new wrinkle finish front and rear bumpers that maximize protection while enhancing style and functionality. The bumpers’ aggressive look and well-tested design helps the KingQuad tackle the toughest tasks thrown its way and the light bar ensures the ride continues long after the sun has gone down.

The front bumper has an integrated mount that places the Rugged Package’s new waterproof 10-inch LED Light Bar at the best angle and height to illuminate the trail with 2,700 lumens of brilliant light.

The KingQuad with Rugged Package option is available in August for the 2020 KingQuad 500AXi/750AXi Power Steering SE+ models in Matte Bronze with cast-aluminum wheels, and in October for the 2020 KingQuad 500AXi/750AXi Power Steering models with black steel wheels plus red, green, and white bodywork.

The Rugged Package parts are Genuine Suzuki Accessories that fit all 2019-2020 KingQuad 750AXi/500AXi models and are available from a Suzuki Motorcycle & ATV dealer.


2020 KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering SE+ with Rugged Package

The KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering SE+ with Rugged Package is not just a new ATV, it's a KingQuad ATV. Suzuki, the inventor of the 4-wheel ATV, has created the world's best sports-utility quad with bold styling plus more capability and reliability than ever before. The legacy of the iconic KingQuad remains fresh and exciting, and is ready for you to join its history. Each model is easy to ride on any terrain with the capabilities that only a KingQuad possesses.

Key Features

  • Bold, angular styling and a relaxed riding position with low-effort electronic power steering
  • Matte bronze bodywork, cast aluminum wheels with machined spoke and rim edges
  • Generous towing capacity, fully independent suspension and easy to ride on any terrain
  • Torque-rich, EFI-fed engine, and Quadmatic transmission with effective engine braking
  • Fender- and handlebar-mounted headlights, LED tail light plus full LCD instrument panel
  • Rugged Package bumpers provide protection and hold the bright, auxiliary LED light bar

Engine Features

  • The powerful, 722cc, DOHC, single-eylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine is tuned to deliver stout low- to mid-range torque as well as impressive peak power.
  • The engine's high-capacity oil pump delivers a strong flow of cooling oil to the piston oil jet system to help increase engine durability.
  • The cylinder and head are canted forward for a low center of gravity, resulting in reduced engine height and lower seat height. High-mount air intake avoids water and debris.
  • The four-valve cylinder head has large 36mm intake valves and straight ports for superb cylinder charging efficiency. A sportbike-derived chain-and-gear camshaft drive system creates a compact cylinder head.
  • A lightweight aluminum cylinder uses SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) coating for excellent heat transfer and ring sealing, resulting in superb combustion chamber efficiency.
  • The engine also features dual balancer shafts for smooth operation.
  • Advanced Suzuki Fuel Injection provides superb throttle response and fuel efficiency while delivering power consistently across the full rev-range. It also improves engine starting in all conditions.
  • Advanced Suzuki Fuel Injection provides superb throttle response and fuel efficiency while delivering power consistently across the full rev-range. It also improves engine starting in all conditions.
  • The KingQuad easily achieves U.S. emissions compliance, including California models that conform to the state's stringent evaporative emissions standard (eligible for green sticker registration).
  • High-capacity aluminum radiator with large diameter, thermostatically-controlled cooling fan provides stable engine operating temperature.

Transmission Features

  • The Quadmatic CVT-type automatic transmission provides versatility and convenience with a fender-mounted gate-type shifter for high/low range selection. Its advanced engine braking system minimizes free-wheeling with the throttle off and helps control the vehicle during steep descents.
  • Carefully selected CVT spring and weight calibration provides smooth and strong acceleration from stops and matches the engine's performance to the chassis' high towing capacity.
  • The CVT tuning provides controlled engine braking to boost rider confidence and comfort during downhill riding.
  • A compact torque-sensing limited-slip differential offers potent traction plus light steering. A differential-lock system provides serious 4WD traction.
  • Handlebar-mounted push-button controls permit easy selection between 2WD, 4WD and differential­-lock 4WD. An override button on the left handlebar can be used to override the normal speed limiter when getting out of mud.

Chassis Features

  • Coated with a special matte finish, the bold, angular bodywork features high-clearance fenders that offer great protection for the rider from flying debris. The body panels were designed to simplify maintenance needs, such as oil level checks and fuel and air filter service.
  • To increase rider comfort, make the ATV easier to ride on any terrain and increase towing capacity, the KingQuad’s frame has thick-wall frame tubes and reinforced brackets in key areas.
  • The base steering characteristics are tuned to an “under-steer” condition for low effort and tighter turning in tight conditions. This permits higher, more comfortable handlebars to he used.
  • The KingQuad's advanced electric power steering system is higher capacity than the prior generation's for significantly reduced steering effort that also damps vibration and jolts to the rider.
  • Independent double A-arm front suspension (6.7 inches of wheel travel) includes large diameter, gas-charged shock absorbers with five-way spring preload adjustment.
  • A large diameter rear stabilizer bar with compliant bushings helps control body movement while reducing shocks to the rider.
  • The dual hydraulic front disc brakes combine high-friction brake pad material, fluid lines and a lever ratio to provide optimal braking performance.
  • The sealed, multi-plate rear brake system's foot brake lever ratio provides great rider control. The rear brake’s clutch-type design means high durability, reduced unsprung weight, and low maintenance.
  • Suzuki’s plush T-shaped seat delivers rider mobility during spirited or difficult terrain riding.
  • Polyethylene skid plates provide protection with minimal resistance over rocks and rough terrain. Durable plastic guards protect the front and rear half shafts.
  • Lightweight cast aluminum wheels are powdercoated black with machined spoke and rim edges.
  • The Rugged Package front and rear bumpers are constructed of large diameter steel tubing that’s been precision cut and welded into strong, angular shapes.
  • Coated with a durable, black wrinkle finish powdercoating that matches the KingQuad’s steel racks, the bumpers add style and utility.

Utility/Convenience Features

  • The 35-watt handlebar-mounted headlight illuminates the trail in the direction you are steering the ATV. Dual 35-watt headlights (with high and low settings) are part of the KingQuad’s distinctive bodywork.
  • Mounted to the rugged front bumper, the Rugged Package auxiliary LED light bar is set at the ideal height and angle to illuminate the trail with 2,700 lumens of brilliant light. The rider can easily control the light bar using a handlebar mounted switch.
  • Bright, low-draw LED taillights help make the ATV visible in dark conditions while conserving power.
  • The receiver-type trailer hitch mount makes it easy to select the type of equipment you want to move with the KingQuad’s generous towing capacity (up to 1,322 lbs.).
  • Winch-ready mounts and wire conduit make winch installation simple.
  • The multi-function instrument panel has improved appearance and visibility and provides service reminders based on running time or mileage. The instrumentation includes LCD readouts for speedometer, odometer, twin trip meter, hour meter, clock, fuel level, driving range and drive mode. There are LED indicators for high, low, neutral, reverse, 2WD/4WD and differential-locked 4WD and LED cautions for fuel injection and engine temperature.
  • High-output, three-phase charging system feeds an 18-amp maintenance-free battery for abundant power for easy starting and accessory use. A sealed 12V accessory outlet is standard.
  • The large 4.6-gallong (17.5L) fuel tank is positioned for a low center of gravity. It includes a vacuum-operated petcock and a ratchet-style filler cap (which prevents overtightening so it can be easily unscrewed for refilling).
  • A large 4.0-liter storage compartment is centrally located at the rear of the ATV adjacent to the 4.0-liter left-side compartment to provide generous cargo capacity. The 2.8-liter water-resistant front storage compartment includes an easy access screw-on cap.
  • The rugged steel-tube cargo racks have a wrinkle paint finish for durability and scratch resistance.
  • Full floorboards with integrated raised footpegs provide protection.

Additional Features

  • A variety of Suzuki Genuine Accessories are available, including winches, windshield, front and rear bumpers, a new quick-release snow plow, aluminum skid pans, utility box and more.
  • 12-month limited warranty

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