3 Ways To Extend Your Off-Road Vehicle’s Life

November 2019 Powersport News XPS Lubricants

We know you like to play hard, get dirty and get ‘er done. That’s why XPS lubricants and care products are engineered—down to the molecule—to meet the toughest demands in maximizing your off-road vehicle’s life.

Whether you just drove off the showroom floor or drove past the next maintenance interval on your odometer, paying attention to these three important areas of your ride will extend vehicle life and let you experience more adventures and thrills than you can imagine.

Feed Your Fuel System

We don’t need to get into the specifics of why fuel delivery is essential to getting the most out of your off-road vehicle. Quite simply, without it, there are no rides to remember. Taking proper care of your fuel system from day one is one of the best—and easiest—things you can do to maximize performance, and keep your engine running at its peak for many years.

Today’s ethanol-blended fuels are in abundant supply but can do plenty of harm to your vehicle’s engine and fuel system. Thankfully, XPS has an engineered solution proven to protect and extend the life of some of your vehicle’s most critical components. Whether you’re running carburetors or a modern EFI engine, periodically adding XPS Fuel Treatments to your fuel tank can keep parts like carburetor jets and fuel injectors clear of harmful deposits and soft metal parts free of corrosion. XPS Fuel Stabilizer will also maintain fuel integrity during off-season storage.

Don’t Skimp On Oil Changes

Putting off regular oil changes is one of the best ways to shorten the life of your engine. Don’t forget your engine’s oil really has two jobs. Not only does it keep vital moving parts lubricated for performance and longevity, but it also cleans and traps harmful deposits carrying them to the oil filter and keeps them away from your engine’s critical components.

Over time, like the bag on a vacuum cleaner, that filter gets full of contaminants and needs to be changed. That’s why there are periodic oil change intervals set by your off-road vehicle’s manufacturer. It’s also why XPS engine oils are expertly formulated with high-quality base stocks, additives and detergents for today’s high-performance off-road engines and the extreme environments they run in. Tested and proven in the most extreme conditions, XPS engine oils deliver maximum protection for your vehicle on every ride.

Exterior Everyday Off-Road Care

Most of your off-road vehicle exterior surfaces are designed to protect it against the elements. No matter how you use your off-road vehicle, it’s subjected to environments filled with contaminants just waiting to wear on your ride. From mud and dust, to spills, stains and whatever you just stepped in, XPS offers everyday care products that are fast, easy-to-use and keep your vehicle’s first line of defense looking and working its best.

With proprietary cleaning formulas, XPS care products are engineered to break down mud, dust, dirt and more and remove them from vehicle surfaces while maintaining the integrity of your off-road vehicle’s finishes. Its quick detailer and black plastic restorer even add another layer of protection to those surfaces to keep them looking and performing like the day you brought it home.

Must haves to keep your vehicle clean:

Mud and Dust Off-Road Wash

Gloss Enhancing Quick Detailer

All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

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