ARGO Rover Delivers Next-Generation Robotic Performance, Capability

New ARGO Xtreme Terrain Robotic Rover vehicle features customizable platform, Vanguard Commercial Lithium Ion battery power

October 2019 Feature

New Hamburg, ON - ARGO announces the all-new, pioneering Rover, the next generation amphibious UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) from the world leader in Xtreme Terrain Vehicles.

Rover combines ARGO’s proven 8x8 platform with an all-new battery-powered and battery management system from Briggs & Stratton to deliver the ultimate unmanned robotic vehicle solution for real-world applications in mining, security, agriculture, fire and rescue, energy and more.

“The ARGO Rover represents the culmination of what we’ve learned from more than 50 years of advanced mobility research and development,” Brad Darling, ARGO president, said. “ARGO has been the world leader in amphibious vehicles since 1967. We developed our first remote-controlled vehicle in 1992, with multiple platforms and innovations since that time, including our pioneering JUNO, Artemis Rover and other lunar vehicles built in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency.”

The foundation of the ARGO Rover is a versatile XTR mobility platform featuring 8x8 wheeled traction with 25-inch tires on AirLock rims, true zero turning radius handling, ultra-low center of gravity and fully amphibious capability. The customizable XTR platform easily adapts to any technology or cargo system for rapid deployment in targeted applications. Its large clear payload deck, high-load capacity and high-traction drivetrain make it easily configurable for any mission-specific payload device or system.

An all-new Vanguard Commercial Lithium Ion Battery and Battery Management System and battery charger from Briggs & Stratton—a world leader in power application technology—powers the Rover. The Vanguard battery pack is the only fully integrated and complete battery solution on the market that delivers superior power, range and performance in the Rover.

The ARGO Rover can be controlled via remote teleoperation, line-of-sight RF or a “follow-me” system, with user-friendly program editing for autonomous missions. It boasts fully swimmable systems and sealed chassis that eliminates water obstacles for extreme mobility.

“We built the ARGO Rover to highlight our engineering and manufacturing expertise, and to deliver custom solutions for a wide range of uses,” Darling said. “It’s proof that the next generation of unmanned vehicles is available now.”

Learn more about ARGO XTR vehicles at

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