Welcome Back Penny And Rascal: Interactive Adventure Trail Website To Debut At NOHVCC Annual Conference

September 2019 Powersport News

Penny and Rascal are names that will be familiar to long-time members of the NOHVCC family—and soon they will be back.

They are, of course, the stars of NOHVCC’s Adventure Trail. They have been featured on the NOHVCC website, in coloring and activity books, and on full-size posters. Soon they will appear in an interactive Adventure Trail website. Those who attend the NOHVCC Conference in Reno are in for a treat. Robert Van Nood, the artist behind Penny, Rascal and Adventure Trail, will formally debut the new site and will walk conference participants through all the new and expanded features.

Adventure Trail was created to communicate NOHVCC’s safe and responsible ethic to young kids, including the need to wear appropriate safety gear, stay on designated trails, be considerate of the environment and other messages. Some of the artwork on the posters and in the activity books is designed to portray responsible OHV recreation in a way that kids and adults will find humorous.

The remainder of the artwork takes a light-hearted look at the very serious consequences of inappropriate OHV use at a level relatable to kids.

The new site will expand on the messages found on the posters and will have a few surprises for young and not-so-young visitors to the website. If you can’t make it to Reno, keep an eye on this space as the Adventure Trail Interactive website will go live soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the existing activity books and posters here.

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