Sully Gets The IBEXX Touch

June 2019 Feature

We saw the name “Sully” on the side of IBEXX’s project RZR but didn’t make any connection to the character of the same name from Monsters Inc, the Pixar movie first released in 2001.

Once Alex Klassen, co-owner of IBEXX (, the clutching specialists headquartered in American Falls, ID, pointed out the connection, it was a bit of an ah ha moment. The wrap/color scheme by Fokus Graphics and Klassen “fade” on the rims certainly lends itself to being Sully-like.

So is Sully, IBEXX’s newest project side-by-side, a monster of a vehicle? That might be a stretch (mostly because there have been very few performance mods but lots of aesthetic changes that make it really stand out) but we were pretty impressed after seeing it in action in the high desert near American Falls.

We’re going to detail all the added features on Sully in the August issue of Dirt Toys Magazine but in the meantime here are a handful of some of our favorite shots of Sully.

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