AZOP Racers Take Over Prescott Valley For Massive Memorial Day Weekend Grand Prix

Biggest race of the year brings nearly 400 off-road vehicles to the center of Prescott Valley

June 2019 Racing Miller Truby

Off-road racing—like most forms of motorsports—is intended to be a spectacle, with talented drivers coaxing incredible machines through often unthinkable terrain. On paper it should be just as much fun for those watching as it is for those competing.

Unfortunately the nature of these contests means that most off-road races are seen in tiny glimpses from spectator areas near the pits, or wherever the race course comes in close contact with public roads. With tracks that are often massive and remote, the bulk of most off-road racing action takes place outside the view of everyone except the racers themselves, the support crews and a few lucky media members.

But not so with Round 5 of AZOP’s Rowley White RV Series in Prescott Valley on the long Memorial Day weekend.

With a race course built each year from scratch in an empty field near the center of town, the event—which was presented this year by Summit Jeep and Dragonfire Racing—provides excellent viewing opportunities for anyone and everyone. Mere steps from commercial shopping districts and city buildings and bounded by major roads and intersections, the action drew in both avid fans of the sport as well as curious onlookers.

As has been the case for the last several years, the race promoters worked with the town of Prescott to advertise the event and sought out a long list of sponsors who provided cash payouts for more than half of the race classes, which in turn drew a huge turnout of competitors.

The 3-mile course put together in the week prior to the race by AZOP took advantage of the flat terrain by providing a variety of different corner shapes and styles punctuated by different sized tabletops, kickers and an endurocross style tire-jump section. The layout was simple enough that the novice classes could negotiate it safely, but provided ample opportunities for the Pro and Expert classes to get creative in how they approached the different sections. As a result the racing was competitive and close all weekend, with very few blowout wins and several races coming down to the last few corners.

Saturday UTV Results

Pro: 1) No. 903 Kody Winiecki 2) No. 126 Jacob Spitz 3) No. 974 Tyler Calia

Unlimited Turbo: 1) No. 904 Chase De Sousa Dias 2) No. 4829 Kyle Allen 3) No. 039 Jason Garritson

1000cc Non-Turbo: 1) No. 901 Clayton Winiecki 2) No. 917 Will Munns 3) No. 902 Evan Striplin

900cc: 1) No. 521 Brandon Spitz

850cc: 1) No. 411 Todd Waling 2) No. 621 Joseph Senn

700cc: 1) No. 1176 Robert Brizzee

570cc: 1) No. 97 Jesse Owens 2) No. 37 Hailey Hein 3) No. 1901 Ellie Koester

250cc: 1.) No. 17 Vincent Riccitelli 2) No. 87 Mark Queen

170cc: 1.) No. 147 Braden Krah 2) No. 192 Ryland Stowell 3) No. 115 Liam Salas Fisher

Sunday UTV Results

Pro: 1) No. 903 Kody Winiecki 2) No. 126 Jacob Spitz 3) No. 143 Bradley Morris

Unlimited Turbo: 1) No. 904 Chase De Sousa Dias 2) No. 718 Chance Haugen 3) NO. 777 Chelsea Haugen

1000cc Non-Turbo: 1) No. 917 Will Munns 2) No. 902 Evan Striplin 3) No. 11 Logan Jespersen

900cc: 1.) No. 521 Brandon Spitz

850cc: 1.) No. 97 Jessie Owens 2) No. 621 Joseph Senn

700cc: 1.) No. 21 Riley Hein

570cc: 1) No. 37 Hailey Hein 2) No. 97 Jesse Owens 3) No. 57 TJ Siewers

250cc: 1.) No. 17 Vincent Riccitelli 2) No. 87 Mark Queen

170cc: 1.) No. 192 Ryland Stowell 2) No. 147 Braden Krah 3) No. 66 Stevie McLaws

As always AZOP thanks all of the sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers and spectators for making this another successful and fun weekend of racing. For full race results, videos, and photos or to find out about upcoming events go to


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