First Ride: Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track Kit

March 2019 Feature Web Exclusive

We’ve seen it. We’ve written about it. But until today, we hadn’t experienced Can-Am’s new Apache Backcountry and Apache Backcountry LT track kits.

It was so worth the wait.

Riding in remote Quebec near Saint-Urbain, we drove several Apache Backcountry track kit-equipped Can-Ams, from two different Maverick X3 models to a Maverick Sport to an Outlander ATV.

And lest anyone think this was a simple trail ride in the countryside, we’re here to tell you it was backcountry riding deep powder with no trails in sight.

The track kits—designed especially for Can-Am vehicles—were impressive as they helped propel the vehicles through the powder, up and down hills and across a lake. They take Can-Am’s off-road dirt vehicles to a new arena of play opportunities and make these vehicles a year-round option in the snowbelt.

Here are a few details:

Apache Backcountry Track System

Designed to support ATVs and lightweight SSVs while delivering better control.

  • All Can-Am ATVs
  • Maverick Trail
  • Maverick Sport

Apache Backcountry Lt Track System

Designed to support the heavier loads of SSVs while delivering better traction and an unmatched flotation level.

  • Defender
  • Maverick X3

Track Patterns

2-inch lug and 3-inch pitch to increase floatation and traction in various snow conditions.


Aluminum slider system reduces rolling resistance and increases the contact patch.


Customize your kit to your riding conditions with additional idler wheels, Vespel sliders and ice scratchers.

DPS Module

Enhance your track experience with a unique Can-Am Dynamic Power Steering module. By configuring multiple settings such as power steering response and speedometer with the track ratio, your vehicle’s speedometer and odometer will stay true and in sync.

Frame Anti-Rotation Arm

The Backcountry system was designed for one purpose: to increase the contact patch. Composed of a steel upper section that supports lower aluminum sliders, the snowmobile-like geometry offers unmatched weight distribution on snow.

Adjustable pre-loaded spring and multiple rubber dampers keep tracks securely in place and ensure your machine’s performance. Can-Am’s unique system has been improved for better performance and control.

Sprocket Tensioner

The Backcountry and Backcountry LT use an external drive sprocket for slip-free power

transfer. Developed exclusively for Can-Am vehicles, it uses a 3-inch pitch for optimized performance in deep snow. The Backcountry and Backcountry LT use an easy to operate snowmobile type tensioner.

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