DRR Stealth Electric ATV Is Silent, Environmentally Friendly, Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

March 2019 Powersport News

Brunswick, OH - Imagine a person lost in the woods but rescuers are unable to hear that person's cries for help over the noise of search vehicles. That is exactly what DRR USA pictured while developing the Stealth Electric ATV.

"I was watching a news clip about the search for a lost child; the vehicles were so loud. With UTVs and ATVs and trucks—I thought—can anyone even hear a cry for help? There has to be a better way to do this," Kim DeCuzzi, one of the project creators, said.

The Stealth Electric ATV by DRR USA is a silent all-terrain vehicle that releases no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It's comparable to a 600cc utility four-wheeler.

"When the case ended, we called the police department involved to get their perspective. It encouraged us to further develop our preliminary designs," Lou DeCuzzi the designer of the Stealth Electric ATV, said.

As the demand for sustainable, energy efficient vehicles rise, DRR USA intends to be at the powersports forefront.

"We leveraged ideas from the auto industry to make an adult electric ATV capable of competing with gas-powered ATVs," Lou DeCuzzi said. "The prototype was hand assembled in Brunswick, OH, with the help of businesses right next door in our industrial park. It is such a great feeling to have those relationships right here in our city."

The result is an all-terrain vehicle capable of traveling up to 35 miles at maximum speed uphill on a single battery pack. Its environmentally-friendly design not only cuts down on noise and carbon pollution but reduces the number of materials used in unit production.

Although the Stealth Electric ATV was created to help search and rescue personnel, it was designed to be comfortable for any rider. Requiring no shifting, the dual A-arm suspension eliminates bump steer, allowing for a comfortable, smoother ride. Additional features include a full digital dashboard, 12 inches of ground clearance, four disc brakes, and fully enclosed floorboards.

"As a small business, we focus on performance and innovations." Lou DeCuzzi said. "The reaction from our local law enforcement and fire rescue has been incredible and encouraging."

Over the next few years, DRR USA intends to expand unit production of the Stealth Electric ATV with even more innovations and improvements in the ATV’s future.

The DRR Stealth Electric ATV is now available on Kickstarter.

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