Yamaha Is Moving Its USA Headquarters Out Of California

November 2018 Powersport News Jensen Beeler, Asphalt & News

On Wednesday, we told you about Yamaha’s struggling sales in the US market for its large displacement machines, with several bikes from several categories showing lackluster results over the last 12 months. We told this story first, because it frames a series of future stories about Yamaha Motor USA, and today is a continuation of that narrative.

As such, Asphalt & Rubber has learned that Yamaha plans to move its corporate headquarters out of Cypress, California – the epicenter of the motorcycle industry – and relocate to the other side of the country, setting up shop just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. The primary driver for this move? Costs.

It should be an obvious statement that California is an expensive place to operate a business. The state isn’t known as being a tax haven for corporations, the property values are high, which means buildings are expensive, and the standard of living for Los Angeles is one of the highest in America, which means that employees have to be paid a premium as well.

For the rest of the story go here: https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/yamaha-moving-headquarters-georgia/


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