2019 Alterra MudPro 700 LTD

The full-factory mud machine

September 2018 Feature

Purpose-built with factory-proven features, the 2019 Alterra MudPro 700 LTD from Textron Off Road is equipped to perform its best in deep, muddy conditions where other machines aren’t equipped to ride.

Thanks to its trademark elevated air snorkel for the engine intake and clutch, the belt stays dry and cool through the deepest holes while the engine stays protected. And with specific EFI calibration for the snorkel system that’s bolstered with unique gearing and clutch calibration, the MudPro optimizes performance for those who ride in the deep stuff.

Additional mud-focused performance features include 14-inch aluminum true beadlock wheels, deep-tread 28-inch Maxxis Zilla tires, mud-specific suspension calibration, 3:1 gears and race-tested axles that are 17 percent stronger than the leading aftermarket units, plus an industry-leading 14 inches of ground clearance. Double A-arm front and rear suspensions boast 10 inches of bump swallowing travel.

MudPro is powered by the dependable 695cc engine designed and built by Textron Motors, with class-leading performance matched by the convenience of Electronic Fuel Injection and the consistency of liquid cooling. It powers the automatic CVT transmission featuring High, Low and Reverse. The EL4 electronic locking 2/4WD system incorporates a fully locking front differential.

The hardcore mud machine also features Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for steering assistance that begins at key-on and provides significantly reduced steering effort when in 4WD, especially when the differential lock is engaged.

The MudPro comes in Earth Blue and includes key features like heavy-duty front and rear bumpers, a 3,000-lb. winch, 2-inch rear receiver hitch and the front and rear SpeedRack system.

Key Features

  • 695cc Liquid-Cooled Single-Cylinder EFI Engine
  • 14-inch Aluminum Beadlock Wheels
  • 28-inch Maxxis Zilla Tires
  • Standard Snorkel Air Intake
  • Front and Rear Speedrack
  • Standard Electronic Power Steering
  • 14 inches Ground Clearance
  • 10-inch Front and Rear Suspension Travel
  • EL4 (Electronic Locking 4WD)

2019 Full Size Alterra Technology

Double A-Arm Suspensions

The double A-arm front and rear suspension package delivers premium comfort and control in a full range of terrain conditions via optimized geometry. All full-size Alterra models come with 10 inches of front and rear suspension travel and 11 inches of ground clearance (with the exception of MudPro, which has 14 inches ground clearance).

Optimized Rider Ergonomics

On 570 and 700 models, the Alterra chassis incorporates a multifaceted approach to improved rider ergonomics and enhanced handling. Its 52-inch wheelbase is two inches longer than comparable models for improved ride quality, yet with an overall length that’s more than 1 inch shorter. The engine has been mounted forward in the chassis, resulting in additional foot space in the foot wells as well as placing the feet approximately 2 inches closer together for additional comfort. The steering post is angled rearward 5 degrees for reduced steering effort.

Enclosed Rear Storage Box

Many Alterra models feature a 1.44-gallon rear storage box for carrying extra gear. The water resistant box is located underneath the rear fenders for quick and simple access.

Adjustable Shocks

Five-position preload adjustable shocks on the front and rear suspensions allow riders to fine-tune the ride and handling for conditions and loads.

700 Engine

Designed and manufactured by Textron Motors in St. Cloud, MN, the 695cc 4-stroke, 4-valve single-cylinder engine is a SOHC design. It’s liquid-cooled with a thermostatically controlled electric auxiliary fan for consistent performance in the most demanding conditions. It features closed-loop EFI system with catalyst exhaust for quick throttle response and maximum fuel economy. For 2019 the engine gets 15 new components and 40 new subcomponents, including a new camshaft, cylinder, crankshaft, balancer shafts as well as new CVT and magneto covers. The result: an engine that’s 1.7 inches narrower, 12.4 lbs. lighter, and with a 30 percent reduction in rotating mass. It delivers improved throttle response, quicker acceleration and an overall improvement in vehicle handling. (700 Base, EPS and XT solo models).

Underseat Airbox Location

Many Alterra models feature an airbox that’s located under the seat, offering the most convenient accessibility. It utilizes paper filters for quick, simple replacement without the need for oiling or washing.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Single-piston caliper hydraulic disc brakes deliver enhanced braking performance and control, effectively controlling all four wheels during deceleration. A left-hand lever operates both front and rear brakes, while a foot lever operates the rear brakes.

EL4 Electronic Locking 4WD

The EL4 system offers true on-the-fly electronically selectable 2- and 4-wheel-drive bolstered by a full-locking front differential to quickly achieve the desired traction and drive control in varying conditions. (570 and 700 XT Models)

Rapid Traction System (RTS)

New for 2019, RTS is a true on-the-fly manually operated selectable 2/4WD system that allows the driver to quickly choose the desired traction and drive control in varying conditions. (570 and 700 Base and EPS models).

Dual Integrated Front Tow Hooks

Many Alterra models offer dual integrated front tow hooks, enabling more useful attachment options.

Quick-Response Direct Drive Clutch

New for 2019, the direct drive primary clutch is attached directly to the engine crankshaft and spins at engine rpm, and engages the belt at the desired rpm. The system is 30 percent lighter than the previous centripetal clutch design, with more immediate and complete transfer of power from the engine to the drivetrain. The new direct drive primary is matched by a torque-sensing driven clutch and durable drive belt for an automatic CVT transmission that delivers efficient, consistent performance at all speeds and loads. A new, patented clutch cover improves drive belt cooling. It comes on the Alterra 700, Alterra 700 EPS and Alterra 700 XT.


Textron Off Road ATVs are equipped to handle the full spectrum of operating conditions with High range, Low, Reverse, Neutral and Park with clutchless shifting.

MudPro Specialty Vehicle

The Alterra MudPro 700 LTD is engineered and equipped specifically for maximum performance in mud. An elevated air snorkel for the engine intake and clutch keep the engine and belt dry and running cool. The engine EFI system is calibrated specifically for the snorkel system and is matched by unique 3:1 gearing and clutching for maximum performance. Additional mud-focused performance features include 14-inch aluminum true beadlock wheels with extra-meaty 28-inch Maxxis Zilla tires, 14 inches of ground clearance, specific suspension calibration, and extra-tough race-tested axles.

Halogen Headlights and LED Tail Lights

Many Alterra models feature a combination of bright halogen headlights and vibrant LED brake/taillights that provide outstanding illumination and visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions. The headlights feature High/Low beam.

Electronic Power Steering (EPS models)

EPS provides varying electronic steering assist depending upon conditions, effort and speed. An Electronic Control Unit measures steering input force in relation to vehicle speed and tire resistance in order to provide the appropriate assist to the steering column via an electronic brushless motor. The varying levels of assist translate into a light steering input effort, especially when in 4WD with a locked differential, but with optimal feedback so that the rider senses the tire contact with the terrain.

2-inch Rear Receiver

A rugged, automotive-style 2-inch rear hitch receiver simplifies towing applications.

2019 Alterra MudPro 700 LTD


Engine Type Liquid-Cooled, Single Cylinder, SOHC, Gas Engine

Displacement 695cc

Drivetrain CVT

Drive System EL4 (Electronic Locking 4WD)

Engine Braking System Standard

Fuel System Closed Loop EFI

Gear Selection H,L,N,R,P

Front Differential 2/4WD Electronic Locking Differential

Rear Differential Rear Gear Case


Total Capacity 515 lbs. (233 kg)

Front Rack 100 lbs. (45.3 kg)

Rear Rack 200 lbs. (90.7 kg)

Towing Capacity 1,050 lb (476 kg)


Power Steering Electronic Power Steering

Front Suspension Dual A-arm with 10 inches (25 cm) Travel, Twin Tube Shocks

Rear Suspension Dual A-arm with 10 inches (25 cm) Travel, Twin Tube Shocks

Hand Brake System Single Lever Front, All Wheel Hydraulic Disc

Foot Brake Hydraulic Rear

Parking Brake Park in Transmission

Front Tires 28 x 9-14 Maxxis Zilla

Rear Tires 28 x 11-14 Maxxis Zilla

Wheels Aluminum Beadlock Wheels


Overall Length 86.5 inches (220 cm)

Overall Width 47.5 inches (121 cm)

Overall Height 51.8 inches (131 cm)

Overall Weight 820 lbs. (372 kg) (Dry)

Wheelbase 50 inches (127 cm)

Ground Clearance 14 inches (35 cm)

Fuel Capacity 5.7 gallons (21 L)

Hitch Standard/2-inch (5 cm) Receiver


Skid Plate Standard

Standard Colors Earth Blue


Instrumentation Digital Gauge, Analog Speedometer, Odometer, Tachometer, Tripmeter, Gear Indicator, Fuel Gauge, AWD Indicator, Hi-Temperature/Low Battery Lights, DC Outlet

Lighting Dual Beam Headlights and Brake Lights/Taillights

Start Method Electric Start

Warranty 6 Months

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