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April 2018 Powersport News

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The importance of the Recreational Trails Program cannot be overstated. It is likely the most important government program for OHV recreation. For any who may not be aware of the RTP, it is a grant program administered by the Federal Highway Administration. The program embodies the user-pay, user-benefit philosophy by utilizing a portion of funds generated by motorized vehicle users who pay the gas tax on any fuel they purchase for use in their off-highway vehicles to provide grants to fund trail building, maintenance and other trail-related projects.

For more information click here.

Most of you will be aware that the RTP is authorized by transportation legislation that is considered from time to time by the U.S. Congress. In recent memory, RTP faced elimination through this process, but with the help of many of you and other trail-related interests RTP has survived and has steady champions and growing support in Congress.

This doesn’t mean it is time to relax. Instead, the RTP-focused Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT) is actively advocating for not only continuing, but also growing the program. (For more information on CRT click here.)

CRT has created a council of organizations that support the continuation and expansion of the Recreational Trails Program in upcoming authorizations of the national surface transportation program. By joining the Council, the Advisors agree to sign on to letters supporting RTP to members of Congress, the Administration or to relevant state governors and/or legislators. In addition, Advisors are asked to recruit other RTP supporters and to help in a variety of ways. A geographically and philosophically diverse group of supporters can only help as CRT advocates for RTP on Capitol Hill. For the sign up form click here.

It is important to note that CRT is looking for organizations to sign on—not individuals. If you have the authority to sign your club up, please do. If not, please raise this issue with the appropriate people in your organization and urge them to sign on.

If this all seems familiar to you, CRT first created the Council of Advisors several years ago, but is concerned the list is out of date. As a result, it is necessary for everyone eligible to fill out the new sign on form. CRT is starting with a clean slate. Please lend your support to RTP by downloading the sign on form here

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