Nikola Powersports Launches 2019 UTV Lineup With Cinematic New Video

Company unveils NZT name, establishes no deposit policy

December 2017 Feature

Salt Lake City, Utah - Nikola Powersports today released a video of its highly anticipated electric UTV. The cinematic video showcases a mysterious, unidentifiable UTV running the paces against the 2017 CanAm Maverick X3 Turbo and 2017 Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo. It outperforms them and reveals its Nikola identity in the end.

The new video is posted on

The Nikola UTV is an all-electric, 4X4, 400-volt plug-in, IP 67 waterproof, off-road vehicle with options up to 590 hp and 722 ft. lbs. of torque before gear reduction.

Named “Nikola Zero” in development, the UTV has now been formally named Nikola NZT to reflect the updated design and performance in preparation for production.

Nikola has expanded the NZT lineup to include four models; NZT 440, NZT 352, NZT 280 and NZT 198. The numbers represent the kW output of the UTV, with the NZT 198 starting at only $28,900 and coming in at 2,300 lbs. Reservations for all models are now open and require no deposit. Existing reservation holders that have made deposits will receive a refund and maintain their position in line.

“Nikola is refunding all existing deposits,” Jordan Darling, Nikola Powersports vice president, said. “Many other companies are using customer deposits to fund their operations, but Nikola is not one of them. Customers can now reserve their Nikola NZT with no money down. The UTV market has been waiting for a product to change the standard on performance and capability. Nikola Powersports is delivering an astonishing product that will change the future of off-road vehicles.”

“With 0-60 mph in the three-second range, the Nikola NZT is the most powerful production UTV ever built,” Trevor Milton, founder and CEO, Nikola Motor Company, said. “It outperforms many high-end sports cars and comes with features like electric power steering, 33-inch tires, 20 inches of wheel travel, anti-lock brakes, stability control, anti-rollover, traction control and torque vectoring. Once you drive one, you will sell every gas-powered UTV you have and join team Nikola.”

The UTV will have three battery options: 75kWh, 100kWh and 125kWh capable of 90-150 miles of range in off-road conditions. The average off-road UTV driver travels less than 25 miles per day.

Production for the NZT will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018 with deliveries to dealerships for Spring 2019 sales.

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