Product Test: Clearly Tough Windshield

Seeing is more than believing

Published in the October 2017 Issue July 2017 Feature, Powersport News

            Have you ever wondered why side-by-sides are sold without windshields? Perhaps it’s to keep costs down. Or perhaps some enthusiasts would rather feel the air rushing through their hair.

            But we’ve noticed perhaps there’s a third reason. Windshields tend to get dirty … and then they tend to scratch when you try to clean them. And nothing frustrates outdoor enthusiasts more than not being able to enjoy the full beauty of the outdoors.

            The editors of Dirt Toys Magazine have found a product that may solve all of these issues—the Clearly Tough windshield. Not only is this product easy to install, but it is also very functional and extremely scratch resistant—even when you’re blasting down a trail with a lot of underbrush that slaps against the front of your side-by-side.

            Picking up a Clearly Tough windshield for our Polaris RZR XP 4 900, it took less than five minutes to install. (Really. In about three simple steps: First, position the windshield on your side-by-side; second, wrap the Velcro straps through the slots in the windshield and around the bars of your roll cage; third, remove the protective cover from your windshield.)

            What we loved about the Clearly Tough windshield (besides how easy it was to install) is that the full windshield is a folding windshield so you can either have complete protection or you can fold the top half down and still experience the wind rushing through your hair.

            The windshield is clear and offers great visibility (there’s not even any mounting hardware that gets in your way of vision. And since the glass features a scratch resistant surface, it is easy to clean (you’re not restricted to using only microfiber clothes) and the dirt or dust on the shield won’t scratch the surface.

            We tried it. We tried to abuse it. And we love it.

           Clearly Tough windshields are available for most all models of side-by-sides. Prices vary according to models, but will range between $330 and $500 for the full size split windshields. Half windshields are available for most models for between $160 and $240. For more information contact


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