State Of Nevada Commission On Off-Highway Vehicles, Clark County, NV, Announce Launch Of New Off-Road Nevada Website

May 2017 Feature, a website where off-roading enthusiasts in Nevada can learn about off-highway vehicle registration, the Off-Highway Vehicle Grant Program, and where users can access motorized trail maps officially launches as of May 15.

The Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles promotes safe and responsible use of Nevada’s outstanding opportunities for off-road recreation.

The new website explains the off-highway vehicle registration process and highlights the benefits of registration. Nevada’s Off-Highway Vehicle Registration program provides grants to fund off-highway vehicle related projects throughout the state including trail improvements, mapping, signage, law enforcement, education, safety training, restoration, and other projects.

Real Nevadans are featured on the website and videos embedded on the website explain how these Nevadans participate responsibly in off-road recreation by registering their vehicles, riding safely, respecting designated trails, and being prepared when travelling far away from local or emergency services. Motorized trail maps are presented in digital format for individuals to see where off-road trails exist in Nevada on public lands.  Visitors to the website can find information regarding the grant program which provides grants to fund Off-Highway Vehicle related projects. Information regarding upcoming Nevada State Off-Highway Vehicle Commission meetings, agendas and past meeting minutes are posted as well.

An off-highway vehicle (OHV) is defined as a motor vehicle designed primarily for off-highway and all terrain use. The term includes, but is not limited to: all-terrain vehicle (ATV), off-highway motorcycle (OHM), dune buggy, snowmobile, utility vehicle (UTV) also known as side-by-side, or any other vehicle used on public lands for recreation. Off-highway vehicle registration is required in Nevada; it’s the law. Nearly all off-highway vehicles greater than 70cc, and 1976 or newer, must be registered and display a registration decal to operate legally in NevadaNevada’s program to register and title off-highway vehicles went into effect July 1, 2012.

Off-Road Nevada is a collaborative effort between the State of Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles and Clark County, NV. Information sharing was a key component to the establishment of the website. Partners included the Bureau of Land Management, the United States Forest Service, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Nevada State Parks, the Nevada Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the State of Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles and the Clark County Desert Conservation Program.

The Commission welcomes feedback from the public regarding the website and individuals may submit feedback directly by using a contact form embedded on the website.

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