Product Install: Diamond S Titanium Muffler On RZR XP 1000

May 2017 Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

Looking for an edge to separate our Polaris RZR 1000 from our riding partners, we decided to try out the Diamond S Titanium Slip On Muffler to see if we could find some noticeable increase in performance for an upcoming product review in Dirt Toys Magazine.

Installation is just the first step in the process of a product review. So we thought we’d give you a little insight of the process before we publish our complete results.

The Diamond S Titanium Muffler is promoted to be a “easy-to-install” modification to improve performance by increasing horsepower and torque on the RZR 1000. (We need to log a few hours on the product to measure up how it meets with these claims.) But our initial observation is that the Ti can delivers on its promises.

At face value, there are two noticeable differences between the Ti can and the stock can. First, the Ti can is much lighter … more than 9 lbs. Second, the Ti can will not rust or corrode over time.

Another advantage of the Diamond S can is in the designed baffle system. The Ti can has eliminated the need for packing so there’s no gradual wear on the inner packing of the muffler that eventually causes sound volume to increase over time. The Diamond S can is made with large tubing to provide maximum air flow and produce a deep throaty sound while keeping the decibels down.

We did some quick sound tests and found the Ti can to be as quiet or quieter than the stock pipe at both idle and high rpm. We measured sound from 10 feet in front of the RZR, 10 feet behind the RZR and while sitting in the driver’s seat. (We realize that actual sound ratings have a specific protocol for measurement. Our intentions weren’t to establish a sound rating … but rather capture a quick look as to whether the sound was going to create an issue.) According to Diamond S, the Ti muffler meets USFS noise specifications.

The Diamond S Titanium Slip On Muffler retails for $799.

Contact Diamond S


Stock muffler

Diamond S Titanium


  Front       Seat       Back

  Front       Seat       Back

Grass (Idle at 1500 rpm)

    60           66            65

    60           63            64

Dirt  (Idle at 1500 rpm)

    60           64            66

    60           64            66

Blacktop (Idle at 1500 rpm)

    60           64            66

    58           63            65

3000 rpm



4000 rpm



5000 rpm



6000 rpm



7000 rpm



  • When engine fan kicks on the decibel jumps 3-5 dB.
  • Ambient sound at 38 dB.
  • Neighbor kids playing on trampoline 100 feet away was around 62 dB.
  • Weighs 7.03 lbs (stock pipe weighs 16.2 lbs).


When it comes to “slip on” mufflers, the Diamond S Titanium is about as simple as it gets—five steps to remove stock muffler, five steps to install Diamond S Titanium. It is a matter of removing four screws, two bolts, two springs and a heat probe.

It took us here at Dirt Toys about 15 minutes to exchange pipes … and that included taking photos along the way. Nothing is “unreachable” and nothing is confusing. It’s all easy access and a one-man job.

1—Remove heat shield. There are four screws holding it on.

2—Remove heat probe sensor from stock muffler.

3—Remove springs. There are two holding it secure to the RZR.

4—Remove two bolts that attach muffler to pipe.

5—Remove muffler. It just pulls out and off.

Installing Diamond S Titanium Muffler

1—Push muffler into position.

2—Re-attach the two bolts to the pipe.

3—Re-attach the two springs to the RZR.

4—Re-attach the heat probe sensor to the Diamond S muffler.

5—Re-attach the heat shield.


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