Heavy Metal (Masher)

May 2017 Feature Web Exclusive

If we had to end our 2017 Rally on the Rocks experience, we couldn’t have picked a better trail than Metal Masher. First, it’s a great name for a trail and second, it is a technical beauty that tests driver and machine.

We tagged along with Starting Line Products’ Jerry Mathews and Klim’s Dustin Pancheri and a couple dozen other hardy souls on the ride and we navigated some of the toughest obstacles the Moab trails have to offer.

You can’t usually go wrong with obstacles named Widow Maker, Mother-in-Law Hill, Mirror Gulch, Rock Chucker Hill and Climb Challenge. And the views from Arth Rim, which provide sweeping scenery in all directions, were spectacular.

We definitely weren’t disappointed and couldn’t think of a more fun trail to remember on our long drive back to Idaho.

So as this year’s Rally on the Rocks fades into our memory, here’s a look back at today’s ride.

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