15 Miles Of Pure Adrenaline

April 2017 Feature

Day two of the annual Powerhouse/KYMCO Moab Rally was 15 miles of pure adrenaline as we took on the tough terrain of the Moab Rim trail.

Those who have tackled Moab Rim know there are three or four obstacles near the beginning of the trail that have plenty of the “pucker factor.” That is especially true of the first two obstacles, Devils Crack and the Steps. If it feels like you are on the edge of the earth when you take on Devils Crack, it is because you are. Kane Creek Road and the Colorado River are just a few feet away … and hundreds of feet down from where you turn right and go over Devils Crack.

And the Steps are a whole new set of challenges as you take on ledges that are from a couple feet tall to three-plus feet. It is all an adrenaline rush.

Once on top we went to the overlook where we could see all of Moab and the snow-capped LaSal Mountains. We continued on to another overlook and then to the sand hill and then headed back, where going down those same obstacles is every bit as intimidating as going up.

The trail isn’t too long—about 15 miles round trip but at times it really does feel like you are running on pure adrenaline.

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