Product Review: Fuel Tank/Toolbox Combo

August 2016 New Products, Feature Steve Janes Web Exclusive

When it comes to motorized recreation, there are two things you can never have enough of: tools and fuel. Transfer Flow has now provided an attractive combination fuel tank/toolbox that fits in the bed of most full-size diesel pickup trucks.

The Transfer Flow 70-Gallon Toolbox and Fuel Tank Combo was designed to fit Ford, Ram and GM full-size diesel trucks from 1999 to current models. The Combo box sits on the bedrails and features an adjustable storage box to allow you to custom fit the depth of your truck bed. The adjustable toolbox storage area ranges from 5.5 to 9 cubic feet.

The toolbox tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior strength and rust resistance. It’s baffled in two places on all four sides to reduce fuel slosh, and is powdercoated black for a durable finish. An aluminum diamond plate lid comes standard with the option of having it powdercoated black.

The fuel fill-neck is located inside the locking storage compartment. The 70-gallon auxiliary tank is controlled by Transfer Flow’s TRAX 3 Fuel Monitoring System, which transfers fuel automatically to the OEM fuel tank at predetermined levels. It includes a dash-mounted LCD display that shows the fuel level percentages in each tank and the operational status of the fuel system. 

With the addition of Transfer Flow’s Refueling Tank Upgrade Kit, you can use your 70-gallon auxiliary tank as a refueling tank as well.  The upgrade kit includes a 12-volt refueling pump, 12-foot hose and nozzle, and wire harness with dash-mounted power switch. 

For more information on Transfer Flow’s 70-gallon toolbox and fuel tank combo, or for a copy of their Aftermarket Fuel Tank Systems catalog, call 1-800-826-5776 or visit 

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