Cyntur JumperPack Product Review

Easy way to jump-start dead ATV batteries

August 2016 New Products, Feature Steve Janes

The JumperPack is a quick, handy jumpstart for ATVs and side-by-sides.

When Cyntur offered to send out the JumperPack, we were so anxious to try it out that we took one of our ATVs and left the key on for several days just to run down the battery.       

Once we received the JumperPack, without even taking time to refresh its charge (it showed all four lights on its charge indicator), we hooked it up to the dead battery and turned the key. The ATV started on the first turn. 

We actually unhooked and restarted the ATV three more times before it lacked sufficient power to jump-start our vehicle. After allowing the JumperPack to recharge itself again, we were able to again jump-start our vehicle (this time taking it out for a ride in order to rebuild the charge in its battery).  


The Cyntur JumperPack is lightweight and easily stored on an ATV or side-by-side. It packs enough jump-start power to start 8-cylinder engines. Yet it has the subtle power to quickly charge smart phones and other electronic devices via a 2.1A USB port.        

As an added feature, the JumperPack is also equipped with LED lights that can be set in either torch or emergency strobe modes.    

The JumperPack retails for just under $100. For more information, go to

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