Why A Rolls-Royce ATV Isn’t A Strange Idea

November 2015 Powersport News Richard Johnson, Automotive News

Rolls-Royce has all but settled on the styling of its first "utility" or "high-sided” vehicle, which is planned to be on sale in a little over three years.

But what to call the thing? An SUV, crossover, superluxury activity vehicle?

"We haven't decided yet, but we're thinking 'all-terrain vehicle,'" said Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Muller-Otvos.

A Rolls ATV? Really?

Not as strange as it sounds, said Muller-Otvos.

"All-terrain is very much part of the history of Rolls-Royce. You might remember Lawrence of Arabia driving in ‎the desert. Many, many Rolls-Royces in former times were specifically built for heavy-duty purposes, for tiger hunts in the jungle, all that stuff. Silver Ghosts were often highly modified for that purpose.‎"

Meanwhile, it seems the design of the Rolls ATV is pretty well done.

"We are close to finishing it by the end of this year," said Muller-Otvos. "We will probably bring the car into the market around the end of '18."

The CEO said the vehicle has been scrutinized by a few Rolls buyers in the U.S.

"We've shown it to a couple of customers." he said.

What did Rolls learned from the viewings? Muller-Otvos said the vehicle has to be "spacious."

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