In Depth: Arctic Cat Alterra 700/XT EPS

November 2015 Powersport News

As the new name implies, the pair of new 2016 Arctic Cat Alterra 700s are high-performance ATVs loaded with key features that expand the comfort, handling and go-anywhere prowess that riders expect from 700-class performance leader.

Arctic Cat answered customers’ request for maximum performance, com­fort and versatility with a highly refined chassis and bodywork. With a 52-inch wheelbase and swaybar-equipped rear suspension geometry, the Alterra 700 and Alterra 700 XT EPS deliver an improved ride quality via 10 inches of front/rear travel and 11 inches of ground clearance.

Class-leading comfort and rider er­gonomics come courtesy of the Alterra’s optimal rider position, spacious foot room, reduced-effort steering geometry, narrow bodywork and low ride height.

To simplify hauling key gear and accessories, the Alterra ATVs feature steel-reinforced composite SpeedRack II front and rear racks with the Speed­Lock II integrated accessory attachment system. With 100/200-lb. capacities and secure, rubber-coated surfaces, this rack system enables quick attachment or removal of a wide array of useful acces­sories. Hauling all your favorite gear has never been so easy or secure.

Both models are powered by the de­pendable, liquid-cooled 695cc Arctic Cat H1 engine and its Duramatic Automatic transmission with Park, High, Low, Neu­tral and Reverse. Plus there’s an electric locking front differential for maximum traction when it’s needed. Its class lead­ing power and fuel economy are aided by its closed-loop EFI system, while a sound reduction system enhances the engine’s smoothness while delivering an 8-decibel reduction in sound.

The Alterra 700 comes with steel wheels, halogen headlights and colored in Classic Red.

The Alterra 700 XT EPS pack­age goes a step further in comfort and customization, starting with Arctic Cat’s Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS). This system begins at key on and offers varying levels of assist based on steering input force, tire resistance and vehicle speed, all controlled by an ECU. The result is light steering input effort, especially when in 4WD with a locked differential, but with enough feedback that the rider senses the tire contact with the terrain. The XT package also includes cast aluminum wheels, a halogen/LED headlight system and painted White Metallic or molded-in color True Timber Camo bodywork.

700 Engine

Designed and manufactured by Arctic Cat, the 695cc 4-stroke, 4-valve single-cylinder H1 engine is a SOHC design. It’s liquid-cooled with an auxiliary fan for consistent performance in the most demanding conditions. It features closed-loop EFI system with catalyst exhaust for quick throttle response and maximum fuel economy. It is the most powerful single-cylinder engine in the Arctic Cat ATV lineup.

Double A-arm Suspensions

Arctic Cat’s Double A-arm front and rear suspension package delivers premium comfort and control in a full-range of ter­rain conditions via optimized geometry. Depending upon the model, suspension travel ranges from 7-10 in. with a range of ground clearance from 10-11 in. Several models utilize a rear swaybar, which minimizes chassis tilt while cornering.

Duramatic Automatic Transmission

Comprised of a rpm-sensing drive clutch, a torque-sensing driven clutch and a durable drive belt, the Duramatic Automatic transmission delivers efficient, consistent performance at all speeds and loads. Since the drive clutch is always engaged, belt wear is minimized while acceleration is smooth and controlled.

High/Low/Reverse/Park with EBS, Electronic 2WD/4WD Differential Lock

Arctic Cat ATVs are equipped to handle the full spectrum of operating conditions with High range, Low, Reverse, Neutral and Park with clutchless shifting. Elec­tronically selectable 2- and 4-wheel-drive is bolstered by selectable 4WD differential locking to achieve the desired traction and drive control in varying conditions. The Engine Braking System (EBS) assists with deceleration.

Variable Assist Electronic Power Steering (EPS models)

Arctic Cat’s Variable Assist EPS provides vary­ing electronic steering assist depending upon conditions, effort and speed. An Electronic Control Unit measures steering input force in relation to vehicle speed and tire resistance in order to provide the appropriate assist to the steering column via an electronic brushless motor. The varying levels of assist translate into a light steering input effort, especially when in 4WD with a locked differential, but with optimal feedback so that the rider senses the tire contact with the terrain.

Front and Rear SpeedRack II (Alterra 500-700 Models)

The steel-reinforced, high-grade TPO composite SpeedRack II design incorporates the Speedlock integrated accessory attachment system for the quick and simple attachment or removal of a wide array of useful accessories. Robust 100/200-lb. front/rear capacities allows maximum gear-carry­ing options. A TPE rubber surface coating on the racks to keeps objects from sliding around.

Adjustable Shocks

Five-position preload adjustable shocks on the front and rear suspensions allow riders to fine-tune the ride and handling for condi­tions and loads.

Optimized Rider Ergonomics (Alterra 500, 550 and 700 Models)

Redesigned in 2015, the Alterra chassis incorporates a multifaceted approach to improved rider ergonomics and enhanced han­dling. Its 52-in. wheelbase is two inches longer than comparable models for improved ride quality, yet with an overall length that’s more than 1-in. shorter. The steering post is angled rearward 5 degrees for reduced steering effort. The engine has been mounted further forward in the chassis, enabling 3 inches of additional foot space in the foot wells, as well as placing the feet approximately 2 in. closer together for additional comfort.

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