Riding The Pahsimeroi Valley In Idaho

September 2015 Powersport News, Travel Steve Janes Web Exclusive

Whenever a cold front moves into the area where we’re expecting a wet or windy day, we like to take advantage of the weather and hit the mountains on our ORVs.

We prefer adverse weather for two reasons: first, it’s not conducive for golf; second, wind blows away dust and rain waters it down. (The worst part of off-road riding is the dust you have to eat.)

So with the cold front that moved into eastern Idaho last week, we headed west, past a small town (which is more like just a mark on the map) called Howe and rode over to the Pahsimeroi Valley.

Although this area is perfect for side-by-sides due to the hundreds of miles of two-track dirt roads, we took our two Polaris Aces and our Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 and logged more than 100 miles … and even worked in a little fishing.

Due to the remoteness of this area, there’s not a lot of off-road pressure … unless you happen to go there during hunting season. But for a mid-summer ride, this country is incredible. Riding elevations range from 6,200 feet up to 8,200 feet (on the upper end of Pahsimeroi Valley). As for the mountains, Mt. Borah sits at 12,205 feet and Leatherman Peak is at 11,696 feet.

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