By the Numbers- Part II

Published in the December 2014 Issue December 2014 Lane Lindstrom

In my column in the last issue of Dirt Toys Magazine (“Multipurpose Mania,” October 2014, page 6), I shared some of the results of a Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) report that was released earlier this year. As I pointed out last time, there is so much information in that report.

Here are some more results of that survey, which is titled, “Powersports: UTV Accessorization.” Again, as a matter of reference, SEMA’s UTV segments—sport, multipurpose and utility—are basically the same as what I mentioned in my last column. Generally speaking, the sport segment includes the high performance vehicles (RZRs, Wildcats, Mavericks) while multipurpose would be vehicles that can work and play and utility vehicles are low-speed and strictly designed for the jobsite or farm.

- In the sport segment 8 percent of owners do not accessorize their vehicle, while 92 percent have or plan to accessorize.

- In the multipurpose segment, 16 percent of owners do not accessorize their vehicle, while 85 percent have or plan to accessorize. (I know those don’t add up, but I didn’t want to change the numbers from the SEMA survey, not knowing if it is 15 and 85 percent or 16 and 84 percent, respectively.)

- In the utility segment, 24 percent do not accessorize while 76 percent of owners say they have or plan to accessorize.

- In the sport segment, owners spend an average of $2,102 on accessories. In the multipurpose segment, on average, $1,620 is spent on accessories. Finally, in the utility segment that figure is $1,550.

- The 10 most popular accessories purchased, according to the SEMA report, are: Hard-top roof, rearview mirror, side mirror, rear bumper/guard, all-terrain tires, winch kit, tow hitch receiver, hitch ball, front bumper/guard and passenger grab handle.

- For those looking to purchase accessories for their vehicle in the future, the top choices include hard-top roof, rearview mirror, heater fan, full aluminum skid plate, all-terrain tires, shocks, winch kit, GPS/navigation, plow and LED lights/light bar.

- Digging a little deeper, the results also show what the No. 1 purchased item is in several categories. Following is each category and the No. 1 and No. 2 item purchased.

• Cab/Roof/Windshield/Mirror - No. 1 item (by 43 percent of consumers) is a rearview mirror, followed by a hard-top roof (38 percent).

• Towing/Winch/Tools - No. 1 item is a hitch ball (49 percent), followed by a tow hitch receiver (44 percent).

• Safety/Security/Comfort - No. 1 item is a passenger grab handle (30 percent), followed by a roll cage (25 percent).

• Lighting/Electronics - A sound system (23 percent) and rear/back up lights (also 23 percent) are No. 1, followed by a 12V socket (21 percent).

• Storage/Cargo – No. 1 item is a hard cargo storage box (20 percent), followed by gun scabbard(s) (19 percent).

• Vehicle Protection – No. 1 item is a front bumper/guard (36 percent), followed by a rear bumper/guard (26 percent).

• Tires/Wheels – No. 1 item is all-terrain tires (33 percent), followed by mud terrain tires (11 percent).

• Suspension/Handling/Performance – No. 1 item is shocks (22 percent), followed by a power steering kit (17 percent).

• Engine Performance – No. 1 item is a full exhaust (16 percent), followed by intake (10 percent).

• Cosmetic/Appearance – No. 1 item is custom paint (16 percent), followed by overfenders (14 percent).

It’s not too surprising, especially after talking to a number of powersports dealers, to see that vehicle owners in the sport segment are more likely to buy and spend more money on accessories.

In the next issue, we’ll share the driving experience of owners in each segment. You might just be surprised at what’s included in that part of the SEMA report. So stay tuned.

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