5 Reasons To Like The Polaris Sportsman XP 1000

December 2014 Powersport News Web Exclusive

We wanted to get at least one more ride on the Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 before putting the final touches on our ride report about this new ATV for the next issue of Dirt Toys Magazine.

So we loaded the XP 1000 on the trailer with the Ace, which we admit are somewhat on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to horsepower, and headed to the mountains, more specifically the Lemhi Range in eastern Idaho. We were as surprised as anyone to actually be able to ride in early December in the mountains, which were fairly free of snow but with the temps still plenty brisk.

It was about 32 degrees F when we unloaded and headed up South Creek. We unloaded at about 5300 feet and topped out at 7500 feet before running out of trail and heading back down the canyon.

It was a fairly short ride—a little more than 20 miles—but what it lacked in quantity definitely made up for in quality.

While we are planning a more detailed ride report in the next Dirt Toys, here are 5 reasons we like the XP 1000.

1. The 1000—no wanting for horsepower here. There was plenty to scamper up the trail, over the rocks and up a fairly steep incline we found at the end of the trail.

2. Engine Braking—we had to come back down from that fairly steep incline and the engine braking worked great and did the job its intended to do—keep this ATV under control going downhill.

3. EPS—we love electronic power steering and it works well on the XP 1000. There was a nasty washed out section of creek bed coming from a side canyon that littered the area with basketball size boulders and the EPS-equipped 1000 managed it all with ease.

4. Sound—we really like the sound of the exhaust on the XP 1000. Music to our ears.

5. Feeling of Confidence—when the trail gets steep or rocky, we like the confidence-inspiring feel and ride of the XP 1000.

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