2014 Outlander 400 VS. 2015 Outlander L 450

Published in the October 2014 Issue October 2014

Can-Am provided an interesting comparison between is 2014 Outlander 400 and the new Outlander L 450, which will be replacing the Outlander 400. Here is the comparo:

   ’14 Outlander 400     

   ’15 Outlander L 450

  32 hp      

   More horsepower: 38 hp


  Bigger displacement: 427cc

  4.3-gallon fuel tank 

  Bigger fuel tank: 5.4-gallon

  SST G1 chassis

   SST G2 chassis

  MacPherson front suspension 

  Double A-arm front suspension

  Suspension travel – 7 in./8 in. 

  More suspension travel – 9 in./8.8 in.

  9.3-inch ground clearance  

  More ground clearance: 10.5 inches

  300 lbs. combined rack capacity

   More combined rack capacity: 360 lbs.

  1,100-lb. towing capacity

   More towing capacity: 1,300-lb.


  Tri-Mode Power Steering available


  Visco-Lok QE available


  5-year extended warranty

  MSRP: starting at $6,799

  MSRP: starting at $6,399 


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