Can Am Maverick X Ds: 121-hp Industry-First Turbocharged Engine Sets The Benchmark In The Side-By-Side Market

September 2014 Powersport News

Valcourt, Québec – BRP adds the industry’s first factory-installed turbocharged side-by-side vehicle to its 2015 Can Am off-road line-up, the Maverick X ds model.

“BRP is once again taking the industry by storm with the introduction of another industry-first, the new turbocharged Can Am Maverick X ds side-by-side vehicle,” said Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager, Global Sales and Consumer Experience division. “The Can Am Maverick X ds model brings pure performance to a whole new level, positioning BRP as the new benchmark in the industry.”

The Can Am Maverick X ds side-by-side vehicle boasts industry-leading power with the new 121-hp Rotax 1000R turbocharged option, providing 10 percent more horsepower and almost 40 percent more torque than the closest competitor. It also features a completely new rear end providing a longer, 88-inch (223.5-cm) wheelbase, a redesigned TTA rear suspension now featuring 16 inches (40.6 cm) of travel and Can Am exclusive high performance Fox shocks to provide capability, comfort and adjustability. This model soaks up terrain and remains nimble. It is tailored to fit riders and their riding style with its premium rider-focused cockpit and ergonomically positioned controls and adjustments.

BRP is also expanding its popular rec-utility side-by-side vehicle line-up by adding the Can Am Commander MAX Limited model, the most luxurious 4-seat side-by-side vehicle of the industry.

Now for some more details.

BRP has significantly raised the bar in the pure sport side-by-side segment of the off-road industry with the introduction of the all-new Maverick X ds line of side-by-side vehicles. The X ds vehicles are designed to offer a thrilling performance package, exceptional handling and unmatched comfort to match the bold, sporty appearance.

The Maverick X ds is available with the all-new turbocharged 121-hp Rotax 1000R V-twin engine option, the in­dustry’s first factory-installed turbocharger, or the proven 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-twin engine. The Maverick 1000R Turbo X ds offers the most exhilarating ride in the sport, thanks to its 121-hp output and industry-leading torque. Complementing its class-leading performance, the X ds Turbo also showcases a high-flow air intake system featuring a Donaldson airbox and a new Continuously Variable Transmission with Quick Response System (QRS) and improved ventilation.

The Maverick X ds family also shares a completely revised innovative handling package, which includes a new rear frame for longer wheelbase, redesigned Torsional Trailing A-arm (TTA) independent rear suspension for more travel, im­proved A-arm front suspension, new Can Am-exclusive Fox shocks and new quick-ratio steering.

Maverick X ds Family Highlights

Industry-Leading Performance

  • New turbocharged, 121-hp Rotax 1000R V-twin engine option

— New high airflow air intake with Donaldson airbox

— New CVT with Quick Response System (QRS)

  • 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-twin engine and dual exhaust

— High-flow dynamics

— CVT transmission with Zylon-reinforced belt

  • Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC)
  • 10-gallon (37.8L) gas tank

Precision-Engineered Handling

  • Reconfigured Torsional Trailing A-arm (TTA) rear suspension with 16 inches of travel
  • Exclusive high-performance Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 Piggyback rear shocks with bottom-out control
  • Redesigned double A-arm front suspension with 15 inches travel
  • Exclusive, high-performance Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 Piggyback front shocks
  • Revised frame with 88-inch wheelbase
  • Mid-engine layout offers precise weight distribution and mass centralization
  • 13-inch (33cm) ground clearance
  • 32mm twin piston calipers
  • New 14-inch aluminum beadlock wheels with 28-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires
  • Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering with new quick-ratio steering
  • Visco-Lok QE auto-locking front differential

Rider-Focused Design

  • Rider-focused cockpit with premium fit-and-finish
  • 2-inch diameter, high-strength steel, ROPS-approved cage
  • Multi-purpose rear rack with LinQ quick-attach
  • New aluminum front bumper
  • Analog/digital gauge and custom steering wheel
  • 625-W magneto
  • 240-W lighting system
  • D.E.S.S. standard anti-theft system
  • Three exclusive colorations with matching graphics and seat trim
  • Genuine Can Am accessories

Can Am Maverick X Ds Features, Benefits

New Turbocharged, 121-hp Rotax 1000r V-Twin Engine Option

The industry’s first factory-installed turbocharger produces a class-leading 121-hp, which is roughly 10 percent more horse­power and 40 percent more torque than its closest competitor. The electronically controlled wastegate automatically adjusts boost pressure for optimal performance in any conditioning and even maintaining full performance at altitudes up to 5,000 feet. Paired to the turbo is an air-to-air Intercooler with built-in fan to keep cooled air flowing to the engine even in the most demanding conditions. To keep up with the added pressure in the engine, new low-pressure forged pistons have been added for long-lasting performance. Finally, the new high capacity injectors ensure a better fuel delivery, providing an optimal air/fuel mixture to improve performance.

New High Airflow Air Intake With Donaldson Airbox (Turbo Only)

Keeping the turbocharged engine breathing cool and clean air is a key factor for high-performance, so a large Donaldson air box has been positioned close to the engine for maximal airflow. This air box and filter setup is made for high airflow capabilities to meet the turbo’s demand for clean air, even in the most extreme conditions. The new plenum efficiently manages turbo-compressed air to obtain optimal performances.

New CVT With Quick Response System (QRS) (Turbo Only)

The CVT system was also reconfigured for the increased power of the turbocharged engine. It features a completely redesigned driven pulley with a new Quick Response System (QRS) and an improved drive pulley that allows better power transfer and faster engagement time. The new design reduces friction for longer belt life and improves cooling. The CVT ventilation has been improved by modifying the inlets and outlets and by adapting the design of the impellers, resulting in 68 percent more cold air flowing through the pulleys.

101-hp Rotax 1000r V-Twin Engine And Dual Exhaust

The 976cc, 101-hp Rotax 1000R V-Twin engine supplies reliable, thrilling power. This liquid-cooled, single-overhead-cam powerplant features four valves per cylinder and is fed by a 54mm Bosch throttle body and two sophisticated VDO Siemens fuel injectors. The dual exhaust uses tuned manifold lengths and resonator chamber to create more flow. A catalytic converter ensures optimal combustion both from a performance and emission standpoint.

High-Flow Dynamics

The Maverick 1000R X ds is built around that concept starting with large intake plenum and high-flow heads working together to optimize the air going to the engine. Efficient combustion is achieved by joining large valves to a high compression ratio. A high-flow, dual exhaust completes this powerful engine design.

CVT Transmission With Zylon-Reinforced Belt

The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) showcases a Zylon-reinforced belt, a material with 1.6 times higher tensile strength and increased belt rigidity in compression compared to a regular belt, keeping it cooler. It also features an integrated engine braking system that will help maintain a steady speeds when descending hills.

Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC)

The electronic throttle-by-wire system works in conjunction with the 54mm Bosch throttle body to produce a smooth delivery, even if the driver’s foot is bouncing due to rough terrain. The iTC system, which includes a progressive and Sport modes, de­tects unwanted bounces and filters the input. This system also reduces the number of moving parts in the vehicle; requires no maintenance; has no cables to adjust, lubricate, or replace; and the system has an increased life span. Low mode on X ds Turbo models is aggressive and more linear.

10-Gallon (37.8l) Gas Tank

With its large 10-gallon (37.8L) fuel tank and efficient fuel consumption, the Can Am Maverick lets the driver focus on riding and less on refueling.

Reconfigured Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) Rear Suspension With 16-Inches Travel

The innovative Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) rear suspension system, which was completely redesigned for dune and desert application, now offers a full 16-inches (40.6cm) of travel to provide a smooth ride at a hard-charging pace and in technical ter­rain. The compact version of a five-link suspension offers no bump steer and low scrub. This all translates to a more controlled wheel movement, optimal bump absorption and tire-to-ground contact for predictable handling. A compact design also means low unsprung weight for quicker suspension reaction to changing terrain. Along with the new Fox shocks, the rear suspension system offers a perfect balance of confidence at high speeds and the agility and nimbleness of a true sport vehicle.

Exclusive High-Performance Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 Piggyback Rear Shocks

The Maverick X ds family is equipped with Can Am exclusive Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 Piggyback Shocks for superb capability, comfort and adjustability. The rear shocks feature Dual-Speed Compression (DSC), rebound and dual-rate spring with infinite preload adjustments allowing to fine tune the system for any driving style, terrain or course conditions. A position-sensitive Bottom-Out Control and a spring crossover allow for less compression damping at ride-height to improve comfort and traction while giving huge damping at the end of the stroke to flatten out the biggest of bumps. Aluminum body and reservoir improve heat dissipation for less fade and reduced weight. The 7/8-inch shaft gives the rear shocks a lot of additional strength and buck­ling resistance to handle the most demanding conditions. The rear suspension systems work in tandem to allow the Maverick X ds to float over rough terrain and maintain a straight line while doing it.

Redesigned Double A-arm Front Suspension With 15-Inches Travel

The redesigned double A-arm front suspension features 15-inches (38.1cm) travel for a capable and precise ride.

Exclusive, High-Performance Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 Piggyback Front Shocks

The front shocks feature a 5/8-inch shaft, 2.5-inch aluminum body and 2-inch aluminum reservoir. They also offer adjustable dual-rate spring preload, Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjuster and rebound adjuster for custom settings. The large-diameter bore allows for greater damping force capability, while allowing the shock to run at lower overall temperatures, offer less fade and more consistent damping.

Revised Frame With 88-Inch Wheelbase

The Maverick X ds family has a revised frame, including a modified rear subframe, center rail and a few tweaks to the front end. The result is a 3.7-incj (9.4cm) longer 88-in. wheelbase. The longer wheelbase supplies a more comfort and a confidence-inspiring ride at higher speeds.

Mid-Engine Layout

Competitive side-by-side vehicles feature engine layouts toward the rear of the vehicle that can increase inertia and a tendency to over steer. The Maverick engine, centered between the two seats, centralizes weight for more agile steering and easier corner­ing. The result is a nimble Maverick that is maneuverable, predictable and quick to react to direction changes.

13-Inches (33cm) Ground Clearance

The Maverick has a 13-inches (33cm) ground clearance for optimum performance in challenging terrain. The suspension and frame were engineered to produce a vehicle that can tackle rugged terrain in predictable fashion while also remaining precise in aggressive cornering.

32mm Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The Maverick X ds vehicles are outfitted with 220mm disc brakes with 32mm twin-piston calipers up front and 214mm and 32mm single-piston calipers in the rear for excellent stopping force.

New 14-Inch Aluminum Beadlock Wheels With 28-Inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tires

The new beadlock wheels with performance tires are designed to be lighter for low unsprung weight. The mechanical fastening beadlock system makes it nearly impossible for the tire bead to break loose from the wheel during heavy acceleration or corner­ing. Larger 28-inch, 6-ply Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires, which feature sturdy lugs and a non-directional tread pattern, offer a smoother ride over a variety of surfaces.

Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering With Quick-Ratio Steering

The Maverick 1000R X ds models feature Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) with three selectable modes (MIN, MED and MAX) of steering to adapt to driver’s preference. Each mode is designed to offer less assistance at high speed for better precision and more assistance at low speed for easier steering. Matched with a revised quick-ratio steering system that has a reduced the ratio from lock-to-lock the Maverick X ds offers a shorter turning radius.

Visco-Lok QE Auto-Locking Front Differential

Exclusive to Can Am, Visco-Lok QE is an automatic locking front differential that reacts quickly to wheel slippage by trans­ferring power to the wheel with traction. This front differential allows real, continuously engaged four-wheel drive to transfer maximum torque to the ground at any moment. The Visco-Lok QE will deliver power without any speed or rev limiter pulling you through whoops and bumps. The fully engaged front end means steering stays light and manageable and offers precise cornering and agile maneuverability.

Rider-Focused Cockpit With Premium Fit-And-Finish

Experience high-end comfort in the Maverick X ds cockpit. It features a premium fit-and-finish, race-inspired bucket seats with full backrest, lumbar and shoulder support and side bolsters to supply a snug fit for driver and passenger during aggressive riding. A fully adjustable driver’s seat and 10-inch tilt steering adapts to any rider in an instant with tool-less adjustments. Ergo­nomically positioned passenger handholds and class-leading cockpit space also provide full comfort expected from no one else than Can Am. The Maverick X ds models have a convenient, versatile 4.5-gallon (17.2L) glove box. Attention to detail and bold, exclusive colors give the Maverick X ds vehicles a level of sophistication that’s unparalleled in the industry.

2-Inch Diameter, High-Strength Steel, ROPS-Approved Cage

The Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) industry standard was followed when designing the Can Am Maverick family of side-by-side’s 2-inch diameter, high-strength steel cage. The X ds line of Can-Am vehicles wears its own unique Manta Green color-matching ROPS.

Multi-Purpose Rear Rack With LinQ Quick-Attach

The Maverick X ds rear rack works with the LinQ quick-attach accessory system, letting you easily install or remove a storage box, rack extension, bags or other items. Numerous edges and holes improve use with tie-downs and bungee cords. Has a 200-lb. (91kg) rack capacity.

New Aluminum Front Bumper

Inspired from Can-Am desert racing efforts, a lightweight, aluminum front bumper on the Maverick 1000R X ds is as stylish as it is protective.

Analog/Digital Gauge And Custom Steering Wheel

The gauge features state-of-the-art instrumentation with an analog tachometer and speedometer combined with an advanced digital information centre. The LCD gauge, which offers a speedometer, odometer, clock, trip meter and more, is mounted to the steering column so it adjusts with the steering wheel and stays within the driver’s sight lines. Plus the three-spoke steering wheel is outfitted with molded grips and a brushed aluminum centrepiece to add to the high-performance style.

625-W Magneto

This package provides a more powerful magneto with 625-W output. Whether it is to install a high-performance lighting or a ground-shaking sound system, this larger magneto can handle it.

240-W Lighting System

The Maverick X ds family of side-by-side vehicles has the industry’s best lighting system at 240-W. Automotive-style projectors, on each side, run at 120-W in low beam and 240-W in high-beam mode.

D.E.S.S. Standard Anti-Theft System

D.E.S.S. is the industry’s first standard anti-theft device. The electronic code in the key must match the code in ECU to start. The Maverick X ds family comes with two different keys. One limits top speed to 44 mph (70 km/h) and the other has no limitations.

Exclusive Coloration

The Maverick X ds and Turbo X ds have their own new and exclusive bold colorations. The Maverick 1000R Turbo X ds features Can-Am X-Team-inspired graphics and sponsor logos and comes in two exclusive, bold color packages: White/Light Grey/Manta Green and Carbon Black/Manta Green finishes. The X ds (non-Turbo) is available in its own exclusive White/Black/Manta Green coloration. Both units have color exclusive seats with premium stitching, X logos and color highlights as well as the color accents on the suspension, beadlock wheels and cage add to the style and the fit and finish of the Maverick.

Genuine Can-Am Accessories

Many genuine Can-Am accessories are available to allow consumers to customize the Maverick X ds vehicles to their personal needs, riding style or terrain.

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