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Polaris RZR 570/800 IFP Shock Package

Zbroz Racing has released its Exit brand of UTV/SXS IFP Shocks that have a 2.0-inch bore design and offer fully adjustable spring pre-load. They are a direct high-quality replacement shock for the Polaris RZR 570 and 800 models. The price for these shocks is $1,199. The package includes two front shocks and two rear shocks.

These are the highest quality and largest bore replacement shocks available. Each package includes all four shocks with high quality torsion springs. All aluminum parts are anodized for a long-lasting durable finish. The Exit internal parts are hard coated anodized with specific port design features to offer the best possible ride in a variety of conditions. If you plan to run with both sway bars and/or none at all, Zbroz can adjust the spring rate to accommodate your preference.

Contact Zbroz Racing (435) 753-7774 or


Torch Series Grilles


T-REX Products has announced its all-new Torch Series Grille for the Polaris RZR XP 900. T-REX Products has integrated a high-power LED Light Bar into its iconic X-Metal Grille to create the perfect blend of performance and style, delivering the biggest bang-for-your-buck upgrade for the RZR to come along in years.

Now, with the T-REX Torch Series Grille, installing a high power off-road light onto your Polaris RZR is as simple as installing a new grille. No more expensive custom fabrication and mounting that is often more expensive than the lights themselves. The new T-REX Products Torch Series Grille has been carefully designed to provide the greatest possible light output without compromising grille functionality or creating complex installation challenges.

Simply install the Torch Series Grille, wire up the lights and light up the hills or the dunes. All Torch Series Grilles are backed by T-REX Products' industry-leading limited lifetime material and workmanship warranty. Torch Series Grilles come fully assembled and ready to mount.

Contact T-REX Products (800) 287-5900 or


ITP Mammoth Mayhem Tire


The latest addition to the ITP Mayhem line of mud tires is the 32-inch Mammoth Mayhem, which sports an extra-deep, two-inch lug for maximum thrust through the deepest muck and mud. The mammoth-sized claws are designed to propel ATVs and side-by-sides continuously forward, while channeling the mud out of the tire tread.

The extra-deep lugs do not affect ride comfort or handling. The Mammoth's carcass construction and directional tread pattern deliver a remarkably smooth ride on the trail for a tire in this category. Durability is another hallmark of the Mammoth. The 6-ply rated carcass is manufactured from an extended-wear rubber compound, which delivers long-lasting performance. The initial size offering is 32x10-14. 

The entire Mayhem family of tires is proudly produced in the USA.

Contact ITP Tire & Wheel


New All-Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser Is Eco-Friendly


New Oil Eater Original is a powerful water-based cleaner-degreaser that quickly dissolves oil, grease and grime on engines, power equipment, concrete, asphalt and much more.

Its unique formula eliminates the need for multiple cleaning solutions. The eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner does its bidding of cleanliness with no harsh combustibles or abrasives. It penetrates rapidly, rinses off easily, leaves no residue and will not harm the skin. Oil Eater is also effective in parts cleaning and pressure washing systems.

It is available at leading hardware and auto supply chains in 32-oz. spray and 1-gallon bottles.

Contact Kafko International (800) 528-0334 or


SLIP Plate Aerosol


SLIP Plate Aerosol is the original, convenient-to-use, dry-film graphite lubricant. Unlike oils or greases, SLIP Plate is dry and it will not attract debris. This product produces a very slick barrier between metal surfaces that reduces sliding friction and build-up to help reduce corrosion.

Unaffected by temperature extremes, the coating is naturally hydrophobic and repels rain, snow and mud that can cause materials to stick to surfaces. It is very effective on metal, wood and most polymer surfaces. Use SLIP Plate Aerosol as a part of a regular maintenance schedule, to extend the life of equipment, help reduce maintenance costs and productivity losses. It is the perfect product for farmers, maintenance engineers, fire fighters, institutional maintenance personnel, commercial truck fleets, plant engineers and the home consumer. It is engineered with unique dry film graphite technology and creates a slick, non-stick surface, ideal for potential build-up areas. It is fast-drying and tack-free in less than 15 minutes at room temperature. It can lubricate in extreme temperature environments.

Contact Superior Graphite


High Lifter Gear Lift For UTVs


High Lifter Products has announced the launch of its newest line of lift kits for UTVs: the Gear Lift. More than 18 years ago, High Lifter was the first to design, develop and market the bolt-on lift kit for ATVs. With the release of the Gear Lift, High Lifter has redefined what’s possible in aftermarket lifts for UTVs. The bolt-on Gear Lift utilizes a portal box at the wheel hub, moving the axle center line up 4 inches providing lift and clearance under the axle center. The Gear Lift maintains factory suspension and angles, eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket axle upgrades.

However, it’s the Gear Lift’s built-in gear reduction that sets it apart from traditional big lifts. This kit provides a 1:1.4 gear reduction which is about 30 percent. It consists of three 1-inch wide, heat-treated steel gears that increase torque and regain horsepower that’s often lost with the addition of a big lift and larger tires. By multiplying torque at the wheel, the Gear Lift reduces the amount of torque that is transferred through the CV axle shafts, differential and other drivetrain and suspension components.

The High Lifter Gear Lift takes UTV lift kits to the next level by addressing critical issues missed by traditional big lifts which are improved torque at the wheels, factory-like ride quality, and reduced strain on the driveline. The High Lifter Gear Lift is available for Polaris Ranger 800, Polaris Ranger 900, Polaris RZR 800, Polaris RZR 1000, Can-Am Commander 1000 and Can-Am Maverick 1000 with additional models coming in the future. Kits retail at $3,295.

Contact High Lifter Products (800) 699-0947 or


PayBack Beadlock Smartphone Case


PayBack Products, a new sister company to iShock, has released a line of smartphone cases called Beadlock. The cases are CNC-manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum and designed to be the first “off-road lifestyle”-themed case.

Aside from the case’s design, PayBack is dedicated to support the sport by donating a portion of the sales from every product it makes to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to help keep public lands open for us and future generations to enjoy responsibly.

The Beadlock also utilizes high-grade stainless steel hardware, has a highly durable polished and anodized finish in four brilliant colors, offers a precise fit utilizing impact-resistant close cell foam for unsurpassed device protection (your phone does not contact any metal surface with this case) and includes a screen protector and assembly tool.

The case works with all carrier model iPhones worldwide including Verizon, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile and China Mobile.

Contact PayBack Products


G-Force C12 CVT Belt


Gates Corporation offers the Gates G-Force C12 continuously variable transmission (CVT) belt, the market’s first carbon tensile cord CVT belt. Engineered for drop-in performance, the newest addition to the high-performing G-Force CVT belt line features superior strength, flexibility, and durability for today’s recreational and utility all-terrain equipment.

As the first CVT belt to utilize a carbon tensile cord, Gates G-Force C12 belt combines minimal stretch and extraordinary strength. The cords are bonded to a specially formulated adhesion gum with aramid fiber loaded rubber, which results in increased side-load resistance, preventing belt distortion and edge cord pullout. Power sports enthusiasts will appreciate the consistent shifting performance, faster acceleration and improved throttle response that comes from a CVT leveraging this advanced technology.

The belt also uses high-performance neoprene, which features a trapezoidal top-notch and rounded bottom cog design to maximize heat control and flexibility.

Contact Gates Corporation


QuadBoss Wheel Collection

New for 2014 is the QuadBoss wheel and tire collection that features new styles like Coercion, Showdown and Governor Wheels. QuadBoss wheels are built to handle off-road abuse and look awesome doing it. Ultra strong and super-lightweight, these wheels are made from precision-machined, aircraft-quality aluminum.

All wheels come with trick custom center caps. Coercion Wheels are available in 12 or 14 inches, Showdown Wheels 12 inches and Governor Wheels also 12 inches. These wheels are rated 573 lbs. to 727 lbs.

Contact QuadBoss


Ryfab Windshield Vent


Ryfab & Coatings has designed a new windshield vent for Polaris side-by-side models 570, 800 and 900. The windshields not only fold down when you don’t need them, but they also vent open at the bottom to allow airflow while the windshield is in the up position.

Ryfab claims this newly added feature helps reduce the amount of dust that is drawn into the cabin of the machine. It also lets the operator adjust the amount of air flow into the cabin for those days it is not really cold or hot. Ryfab has manufactured a smooth and easily-operated sliding mechanism for operator convenience. It has a knob that tightens it into place so you can adjust the positioning of the vent.

Contact Ryfab & Coatings (435) 753-2655 or


Speedwerx Slip-On Exhaust


Now available for the Polaris Scrambler XP 1000, the Speedwerx Slip-On Exhaust is designed to increase power, add acceleration and throttle response, lose weight and give your quad a new, deeper, throatier sound.

Speedwerx tries to keep noise levels to a minimum. Most of its slip-on systems will fall at or below 96 decibels. Carbureted units come with suggested jetting for sea level and summer time riding, if changes are needed. EFI units come with a baseline fuel controller setting if necessary.

However, most systems will require no changes to the stock jetting or EFI mapping. All slip-ons are designed to fit with stock OEM bumpers. Some aftermarket bumpers may affect the sound of the machine. If so, Speedwerx offers different end caps to route the exhaust outlet more downward so it will not echo off of the bumper.

Silencers have a custom aluminum shell with steel cores and packing material. These cans are 100 percent rebuildable with all inner parts being removable. Speedwerx steel end caps can also be switched and/or converted over to a custom snorkel outlet set-up very easily.

Contact Speedwerx (651)982-6020 or


Universal ATV Foot Pegs


Rox Speed FX Universal ATV Foot Pegs for utility quads have been designed to add aggressive traction to your OEM floor boards.

Used by some of the top GNCC riders, these foot pegs are made in the United States and are built to handle the dirtiest, nastiest terrain you can throw at them. Features include a large 8- by 3-inch surface area, variable mounting options and easy installation.

Contact Rox Speed FX (218) 326-1794 or 

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