Product Review: Moose Sahara Jersey/Pant/Gloves

Published in the July 2014 Issue July 2014 Powersport News

We have long appreciated riding gear that does the job you expect it to even though you might not even notice the gear doing its job.

Does that make sense?

It does to us. We’ve all worn riding gear that just doesn’t get the job done.

So on a warm summer day we want gear that breathes and lets the sweat out—not trap it close to our skin. When we received a set of riding gear from Moose Racing we were eager to see just how well the Sahara Jersey, pant and gloves work.

Anyone who has been around the motocross scene for any number of years knows the Moose Racing (in business since 1986) name and also probably knows the company knows a thing or two about what riders do—and most likely don’t—like.

Well, we like the Sahara line of gear. The jersey is made from a polyester mesh that is very breathable. It’s lightweight and provides plenty of air movement across your entire upper body. Another nice feature on the jersey is the stretch collar and neck taping, which give the jersey a little bit different collar shape than most other jerseys. For us, that means no annoying rubbing of the collar on your neck.

As with many jerseys on the market, the Sahara Jersey has a tacky silicon print on the lower back to help keep it securely tucked into your pants.

One of the differences between the Sahara Jersey and Sahara Pant is the material used to make each piece of clothing. While the jersey is all polyester, the pant is a combination of high denier nylon and polyester for better durability in wear spots. Even with the nylon, the pant is also very breathable.

The over-sized knee area uses full-grain leather on the inner panels and the legs are pre-bent with spandex stretch panels for really good mobility and movement.

The hip pads are removable and the 3-point adjustment system on the waist allows you to custom fit the pant to your waist size.

As for the lightweight gloves, they are mesh as well, featuring an open-flow design to help keep your hands cool. Other features include a twill spandex backhand for a non-restrictive fit while also being flexible enough to stretch as you move your hand, i.e., run the throttle or turn the steering wheel, or even while you’re putting the gloves on. Moose Racing uses Axe Suede Duce synthetic palms to wick moisture away and provide protection for the palm of your hand and also Axe Suede overlay panels for better durability on the palm.

What We Like:

That it works as Moose Racing advertises, especially in the breathability part. There are times we ride hard and need our riding gear to really breathe. The Sahara line does that. We have also just worn the jersey and gloves when we went side-by-side riding in Moab and it was very warm on the day we wore the gear. It allowed the slight breeze blowing the day of our ride to cool us down. Most t-shirts and even some other riding jerseys don’t allow air movement. The riding gear from the jersey to the gloves fit well and we like that but the overall best feature of this gear is its breathability. It is very lightweight clothing and we readily admit it wouldn’t be our first pick when the temps drop, but when they soar, we wear our Moose Racing gear.

What We Don’t Like:

The riding gear is lightweight so if you smack a branch while out riding, it’s not going to offer much protection so keep that in mind. We do have a snag or two in our jersey from close encounters with various objects, like the bolt on a roll bar on a side-by-side, but that is a reminder to be careful, not so much a reflection on the gear itself.


Moose Racing or see your Moose Racing dealer. 

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