With No Accidents, Lindon Greenlights ATVs

September 2013 Powersport News By Caleb Warnock - Provo Daily Herald

Lindon, UT - While passing a new law on the use of all-terrain vehicles within city limits, Lindon officials praised residents' safety record.

The city has grown large enough that state law required elected officials to revisit and clarify the city's existing policy, which makes street-legal ATVs legal on all city roads-even State Street. Officials in a recent meeting said they rarely see them on State Street, but they are popular on other city roads. Council members and residents said ATVs use less gas and are ideal for running local errands in good summer weather.

Elected officials voted unanimously to adopt a new law to comply with state regulations, but noted it was really just a bureaucratic measure and did not substantially change the city's existing law. The new law "is just more specific to comply with state law because Lindon has grown larger and is now a higher-class city with new law requirements," said staffers.

The good news is that "there has not been a single incident of an accident involving a street-legal ATV in Lindon," police Chief Cody Cullimore said.

A couple of residents told council members that they decided to attend the meeting to fight for continued ATV use in the city, but seemed mollified after elected officials told them that the new law was a matter of state-mandated red tape and did nothing to change the city's favorable view of street-legal ATVs. ATVs have been legal and the new law does not change that.

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