PSI Power: Continued Availability And Future Innovation

September 2013 Powersport News

Ogden, UT - PSI Power, founded by Bruce Kahlhamer in 1973, was purchased by the owners of Kick Ass Powersports in April 2013, on the 40th anniversary of the company's founding.

The vision of PSI Power remains the same: providing cutting-edge performance parts for snowmobile, ATV and motocross riders who want the best powerplants and accessories available.

PSI Power is always at the leading edge of technology.  All PSI Power engines, modifications, pipes and parts are still available.

All PSI Power parts are designed and produced in the United States by people who have the same passion you do; go more, go faster, go farther, go higher.

The company's Genesis engines and other parts allow you to do just that.  Whether it is the 1800 Triple, producing more than 360 hp, or any other engine or modification, PSI Power parts are designed to produce maximum power and to last much longer than OEM or other parts.  The company maintains extremely tight tolerances because only the finest manufacturing and assembly processes provide the quality we demand and the performance you require.

With all the "How To" articles and self-proclaimed 2-stroke engineers, you may think porting a cylinder or creating the finest high power engine designs and modifications are easily accomplished. The fact is, high performance is extremely technical, time consuming and very costly.

For more information, visit PSI Power, Kick Ass Powersports or call owner Tyler Jones (801) 497-1647.

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