Product Review: HMK Hooded Tech Shell

Published in the June 2012 Issue June 2012

HMK Hooded Tech ShellLet's just get the confessions out of the way right at the beginning. When we first got the Hooded Tech Shell from Oregon-based HMK we were going to use it just as something we wear when it's a little chilly and we're headed to town or just outside for various activities.

We still use that jacket for those purposes but we've started taking it on our dirt toys rides because we found it to be a great jacket for those chilly rides as well.

Billed as a mid-weight jacket, the Hooded Tech Shell name is a little misleading as it's more than a shell. It's a triple layer jacket that is wind proof and water resistant. HMK touts this jacket as ideal for layering or use by itself.

The jacket has two zippered waterproof pockets, an adjustable draw cord in the hood and waist and comes in three colors: black, olive, or brown.

What we liked.

We found the Hooded Tech Shell to be most ideal between about 45 and 55 degrees F. Any colder than that and we needed something heavier, even when we wore a sweatshirt underneath the jacket. Any warmer and it was too warm.

We really like how the jacket fits and feels. The design ("relaxed fit" according to HMK) is perfect for wearing something a little bulky underneath like a sweatshirt but not so big that it feels like a tent if you wear just a jersey or t-shirt.

It is windproof, just like HMK claims, as we've worn it on several rides when the wind has been very blustery-that in addition to the wind from riding. We haven't worn the Hooded Tech Shell in heavy precipitation but it did shed water when it was raining lightly or we happened to splash a little water on ourselves during a water crossing or two.

And what we didn't.

There is no sort of liner inside the sleeves and the material used is not slick at all so it doesn't slip on as easy as you might hope if you're wearing long sleeves, like say on a sweatshirt. We did notice that it slips on easier when we're wearing a motocross jersey, because the jersey's sleeves are slick. It's more annoying than anything. It's not like it's impossible to get the jacket on if you're wearing something with sleeves.

How To Get A Hold Of Hooded Tech Shell

Contact HMK (541) 386-3262 or The Hooded Tech Shell is available in men's sizes XS-3XL and has an MSRP of $119.95.

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