Kawasaki Releases Specs For 2014 Teryx4, Teryx4 LE

Published in the September 2013 Issue September 2013

Kawasaki has just released specs for the new 2014 Teryx4 and Teryx4 LE side-by-sides. Here’s what those vehicles have to offer.

2014 TeRyx4

The 2014 Teryx4 offers few new fea- tures to go along with the things that have made the Teryx4 so popular in the past. Among the most important to side-by-siders: The new larger 783cc digital fuel-injected, 90-degree V-twin engine offers 10 percent more torque and eight percent more power than do earlier models. Improved fuel economy takes the 2014 Teryx4 farther than ever before on a tank of gas.

The oversquare (85 x 69mm) engine dimensions and high-flow four-valve cylinders give the machine great acceleration and low- and mid-range pulling power. Aluminum cylinders are electrofusion-plated for lighter weight and excellent heat dispersion, helping with durability. The engine can be started in gear as long as the brake pedal is pressed. A heavy-duty liquid cooling system keeps temperatures under control in the harshest conditions and provides long-term dependability. An underhood snorkel air intake and big air box feed the engine lots of clean air while minimizing intake noise. The large-capacity radiator is compact and placed high in the chassis for protection from mud and debris.

A digital fuel injection (DFI) system offers excellent throttle response and automatically adjusts for changes in temperature and elevation for optimum performance in a wide range of environments. The Teryx4’s DFI system is controlled by a 32-bit ECU and continuously monitors cool- ant temperature, air-intake temperature and pressure, throttle position, vehicle speed and crankshaft angle, all to automati- cally provide the perfect amount of fuel to the 12-hole fine- atomizing injectors.

Also new are high-performance gas-charged Fox Podium shocks on all four corners. These shocks feature remote reservoirs, adjustable spring preload and 24-way compression damping. Eight inches of front and 8.3 inches of rear wheel travel help provide a smooth, controlled ride, while indepen- dent rear suspension provides the best possible performance and handling over a wide range of speeds.

Featuring high and low ranges and reverse, Kawasaki’s automatic power-drive continuously variable transmission (CVT) provides direct engine feel and instant acceleration from the centrifugal clutch. The clutch itself is key to the Teryx4’s acceleration precision at high and low speeds

2014 KawasaKi Teryx4
engine: SOHC, 90-degree, four-stroke V-twin
Displacement: 783cc
Fuel system: Digital fuel-injected with two 36mmMikuni throttle bodies
Cooling: Liquid
Fuel Capacity: 7.9 gal.
Transmission: Continuously variable belt-drivetransmission with high and low range, reverse and wet centrifugal clutch
Front suspension: Dual A-arm with piggyback reservoir coil-over Fox Podium shocks, adjust- able spring preload, 24-way compression damping, 8 in. travel
rear suspension: Independent rear suspensionwith piggyback reservoir coil-over Fox Podium shocks, adjustable spring preload, 24-way com- pression damping, 8.3 in. travel
Front Brakes: Dual hydraulic disc with two-piston calipers
rear Brakes: Sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc
Front Tires: Maxxis 26x9-12
rear Tires: Maxxis 26x11-12
wheelbase: 85.7 in.
Length: 124.8 in.
width: 61.6 in.
Height: 77.3 in. standard, 79.4 in. LE
Ground Clearance: 11.1 in.
Curb weight: 1,567 lbs. standard, 1,580 lbs. LE
MsrP: $15,799 standard, $16,999 LE

The electronic 4 system in both the st dard and LE models allows drivers to select from among three different drive modes: 2WD for maximum sporty performance, 4WD for enhanced trac- tion while keeping steering relatively light, and 4WD plus differential lock for maximum traction. A dash-mounted selector makes it easy to shift between modes and changes occur almost instantaneously.

Other key features of the 2014 Teryx4 include electric power steer- ing, 26-inch Maxxis tires, high-performance 200mm disc brakes and a stout double-X frame design with a wide-body chassis.

2014 TeRYx4 Le

Packing all the 2014 Teryx4 upgrades like the more powerful engine and Fox Podium shocks, the 2014 Teryx4 LE includes all the upgrades of the standard Teryx4 model but adds a little extra style and comfort with a few custom touches.

These extras include high-intensity LED headlights, lightweight cast aluminum wheels and a cab roof. Also included on the LE model are lime green or burnt orange body work with automotive-quality paint with matching colored shock springs and three-tone high- backed bucket seat covers.


Zbroz Racing’s ARS-FX max ground clearance lower front A-arms offer more clearance and strength for the Polaris XP 900. These are exactly what you need for either racing or serious trail pounding.

This kit includes both right and left re- placement lower A-arms and CV boot guards.

Powdercoated to your choice of color or left raw at your request, these arms are easily installed in your driveway or garage and retail for $329.

Available colors: gloss black, Voodoo Blue, RZR red, Or- ange Madness, gloss white and uncoated.

Contact ZBroz Racing (435) 753-7774 or www.zbrozracing.com.


Speedwerx has released its new supercharger kit for all Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000i HO models (Wildcat, Wildcat X and Wildcat 4). Speedwerx promises riders unmatched power and acceleration. Re- cent testing at the company’s headquarters in Minnesota has shown 130-140 hp on regular pump gas, with race gas providing even more horses, and top speeds of more than 90 mph.

These kits come as a complete kit with everything you need to perform the installation. There are also a few electronics upgrades available if riders wish to purchase them.

The kit retails for $6,500.

Contact Speedwerx (651) 982-6020 or www.speedwerxstore.com.


QuadBoss recently introduced its new line of heavy-duty winches. QuadBoss winches come with options of 2,500- lb. or 3,500-lb. pull strengths and Dyneema rope or wire cable. All winches are sealed and water- resistant.

Winches feature a two-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed and use a low electric current. Made with aluminum engagement levers and automatic load holding self-locking brakes, QuadBoss winches are built to be strong and dependable.

2,500-lb. winches come with handlebar-mounted switches and a 3.0-horsepower heavy-duty electric permanent magnetic motor, while the 3,500-lb. winch comes with a corded remote and 3.5-horsepower heavy-duty electric permanent magnetic motor. QuadBoss winches with Dyneema rope feature a Hawse fairlead and a roller fairlead is included in the wire cable versions. All winches come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact QuadBoss (877) 847-1558 or www.quadboss.com.


Available in a variety of sizes, this ultra durable 12-ply tire from GPS Offroad Products is the perfect option for riders looking to eliminate or at least minimize as much as possible flat tires.

Originally developed for use by the U.S. military, the model A-033 12-ply was designed to handle the harshest conditions without failure. Featuring an aggres- sive non-directional tread pattern with a tread depth of more than three-fourths of an inch, the A-033 provides supe- rior traction on every type of terrain. The footprint is a proven and popular utility tread pattern and the tread covers the entire shoulder of the tire for added sidewall protection.

A higher concentration of natural rubber is infused into the bias constructed carcass, creating an incredibly durable tire that is soft enough to grip hard surfaces while still offering excep- tional tread life.

In addition to being virtually puncture proof, the A-033 features an ultra stiff sidewall with almost no flex. Incorporat- ing elements of run flat technology in the design, the tire will actually maintain its rigidity without any air in it. That means in the rare event that you puncture one, you won’t have to worry about being stranded.

Despite doubling the ply rating of most utility tires on the market, the average weight increase is just 27 percent over the six-ply version of the same tire.

The twelve-ply A-033 is available in 25-, 26- and 27-inch sizes and can be purchased online.

Contact GPS Offroad Products 702-643-8473 or www.GPSoffroadproducts.com.


This new accessory is made for Triton’s AUT1282 (single axle), AUT1482 and AUT1682 trailer models.

The AUT short side kit has two aluminum sides that work hand- in-hand with the No.16060 AUT stoneguard ramp kit. One side of the AUT short side kit has three full-length aluminum planks while the other side has two sections of planks (front and rear section). The side with two sections of planks allows you to lift the front section out to side load an ATV using the ramps from the No. 16060 kit.

When installing this kit, owners can choose which side of the trailer to have the two sections of planks side mounted on: either the driver or passenger side. Once installed, this kit allows for loading and unloading only from the side with the two sectioned planks. The ramps from the AUT stoneguard ramp kit make for an easy low ramp angle and adjust to the wheel width of your ATV.

This new AUT Short Side Kit is a great accessory to help keep items contained on the deck but still allow riders to side load ATVs using Triton’s No. 16060 kit.

Contact Triton Trailers (262) 670-6514 or www.tritontrailers.com.


Mattracks, the innovator of 4x4 rubber track conversion sys- tems, introduces the M3 PLUS system for side-by-side UTVs.

With 20 years of 4x4 pickup, trac- tor and ATV/UTV rubber track system design and develop- ment, engineering and manufacturing experience, the new M3 PLUS system enables UTVs to go where wheeled vehicles cannot.

The M3 PLUS system provides greater performance in deep snow but can be used year-round. With minimal power loss, UTVs can still maintain maximum performance capabili- ties in any operating conditions.

With an approximate 51- by 13-inch footprint, which is 12 inches longer than the standard track, the rear track on the M3 PLUS provides incredible flotation in deep snow, sand, mud, swamps or any challenging terrain. Its self-cleaning system allows debris to be ejected from the inside of the track so riders need not lose any riding time. With the M3 aggressive lug pattern and built-in suspension the traction is outstanding and provides a 25 percent larger footprint than the standard M3.

Contact Mattracks (877) 436-7800 or www.litefootatv.com.


Engineered and machined in the USA from lightweight billet 6061 aluminum, the ProLink shackle mount from Fac- tor 55 provides a safe means to easily attach a standard 3/4-inch screw pin shackle to existing winch cable and rope eyes.

The cable or rope eye is cap- tured into the body of the Pro- Link by a removable oversized 5/8-inch double shear pin. The front of the ProLink provides the precision shackle mounting hole and a massive 1.2-inch-thick mounting tab. The ProLink is compatible with both Hawse and Roller fairleads and fits neatly on both versions.

Contact Factor 55 (208) 639-1674 or www.factor55.com.


The Goldfinger left-side throttle by Full Throttle is de- signed to reduce thumb fatigue and provide safer sidehilling in steep off-trail situations. The gold-anodized throttle lever can be operated with one finger and a safety pin can be used to lock the throttle, preventing unwanted use.

The kit’s cable, adapter and fasteners are constructed of the highest quality stainless steel and a rubber accordion boot keeps mud and dirt out of the cable. The Goldfinger installa- tion kit includes all necessary hardware, Allen wrenches and instructions for easy installation.

Available for most ATV makes and models, the Goldfinger left-side throttle retails for $109.95.

Contact Full Throttle (509) 927-7533 or www.fullthrottleinc.com.


Namura Technologies has released three new pistons for Polaris vehicles. The NA-50070, NA-50080 and NA-50081 pistons are now in stock and fitted for model years 2005-13 Polaris Sportsman 800, 2005-09 Ranger 700 and 2008-13 RZR.

These new pistons come with all the features customers have come to expect from a Namura piston:

MOS2-coated skirts, a machined smooth head and an anod- ized dome. They are available at most Polaris dealers.

Contact Namura Technologies www.namura.com.


The SnoCobra ski and track system from Every Season Products allows you to ride your dirt toy 365 days a year.

Every Season Products developed this product to give ATV and UTV users the best of both worlds as an affordable option for sportsmen, ranchers and resort owners who want to get more out of their existing machines.

The SnoCobra system comes in several color options to match almost any machine and its patented strap and clamp mechanism is easy to use.

The SnoCobra’s skis are made of re- inforced fiberglass composite with a gel- coated exterior and have two four-inch carbides and two 18-inch wear bars on each ski. The skis fit both ATVs and side-by-sides. Three models are avail- able: the SC100 (black ski and handle, steel saddle and hardware), SC300 (any handle/ski color combination, alumi- num saddle, stainless hardware), and SCX500 (printed camo or carbon fiber, aluminum saddle, stainless hardware).

Contact SnoCobra (866) 377-0045 or www.snocobra.com

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