Wienen, Baron, Riley Take Wins In Pro Races

July 2013 Racing

Chad Wienen and Beau Baron continue to dominate the Pro ranks of their respective series, with big wins for both riders last weekend, while Brad Riley won the latest round of the Extreme Dirt Track Nationals.

Wienen took his sixth straight victory in the ATV Motocross National Championships, and Baron won a fifth consecutive victory at round six of WORCS. Round eight of ATV MX was held July 12 in New Berlin, NY. Round six of WORCS ATV was held July 13-14 in Pala, CA; and round five of the EDT Nationals was held July 13 in Busco Beach, NC.

Wienen, whose win was his seventh overall for the season, gained the lead in the opening lap of the first moto and held it through the finish line. In the second moto, he was second early on in the race and held that position as well, going 1-2 to take the overall victory. "The start was critical this weekend, and my RZRs hooked up great off the line to give me two second-place starts," said Wienen. "The conditions were a little rocky and hooked up all day. The cross fronts worked great together with my RZR MX rears to provide enough traction when needed and break loose when I wanted them to. At Unadilla flats are very common, but not with a Maxxis mounted up."

Wienen's teammate Thomas Brown also did well, going 5-4 for fourth place overall. Maxxis' sponsored rider Josh Upperman got the holeshot in the first moto and was 6-5 for fifth overall. Upperman and Brown spent much of the first moto in a running battle for fifth, trading places throughout the race. Nick Denoble also did well, going 7-6 for sixth place. Wienen and Brown are first and second in points for the series.

Baron won the lead in the sixth lap of the WORCS race after a mid-pack. He was joined on the podium by teammate David Haagsma, who took second place. The two riders are also first and second in the series' points race. 

"Other guys had to change tires because the rocks were just wearing tires out," said Baron. "It was so rocky up on the top, with jagged and round rocks, just beating up wheels and tires. But the [RZR] XCs held up awesome. I had no issues."

A Maxxis rider also made the podium in the Side-by-Side Pro Production class when Ryan Piplic took second place. Piplic is second in the class points race behind Baron, who suffered a mechanical DNF in the class at round six. David Haagsma won the SxS Production 700 race at Pala.

Riley, who is third in EDT Nationals' Pro points, won both the Pro and Pro-Am Unlimited races and took third place in the Pro Am event. "The track was a little one-lined, but the tires worked really good," Riley said. "Everyone was burning tires up, but ours were holding up really well and just hooking up. All around, I had the hookup with the RZR TTs."

Maxxis riders Daryl Rath and Kirby Cooke also made the round five Pro top ten, with Rath in sixth place and Cooke in tenth. Cooke also took second place in the Pro Am Unlimited class, with Rath in eighth place.

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