Love your ATV? Then Sleep On It

Published in the April 2013 Issue April 2013 Powersport News

ATV camping at a remote backcountry campsite is more popular than ever and now you can have the latest innovation designed specifically for ATV camping: the ATV WildBED.

The ATV WildBED is a versatile new product that provides the ATV camper with a quick and easy solution for hauling his gear and setting up camp. It is a lightweight aluminum extension that connects to most existing ATV cargo racks for loading your camping gear on (no tools needed).

Once at the campsite you simply unload your gear and set up your ATV WildBED and you are set for the night, up off the ground and out of the weather. No ground to clear or stakes to pound. Store your remaining gear underneath. Setup takes only 5 to 10 minutes.

After a good night’s sleep the ATV WildBED easily converts to a table for your morning meal preparation. After breakfast when you are ready for a ride the ATV WildBED easily detaches from your ATV and you are ready to go.

It will attach to the front rack or rear cargo rack of most ATVs or UTVs. The Camo Canopy System attaches with two arched brackets and Velcro to keep you out of the weather and can be easily removed for sleeping under the stars or for using the ATV WildBED as a table.

A stirrup is provided to help give you a step up to the bed and it can be removed if you don’t need it. The optional twin air mattress with foot pump is available for those who desire even more comfort.

The ATV WildBED assembles easily by inserting the tubes into each other with a locking pin holding them together. Adjust the length of the two legs to sit level on the ground, install the canopy and you are ready for bed.

Contact ATV WildBED (731) 819-4655 or


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