ATV Federation Calls For Mandatory Insurance

P.E.I. is the only Maritime province that doesn't require drivers to be insured

April 2013 Powersport News CBC News

All terrain vehicle drivers may have to start shopping for insurance if Prince Edward Island adopts a pitch from the province's ATV federation.

The federation says it's time all drivers were required to have insurance.

Greg Myers, president of the federation, said only 2,000 of 6,000 ATVs are currently registered and even fewer have insurance. He said uninsured drivers are currently vulnerable to lawsuits if they're involved in an accident.

"In the province of New Brunswick and the province of Nova Scotia, it's a mandatory insurance to carry on an ATV, so why do we not have it on P.E.I.?" Myers said. "I'd like to see it before year's end, personally. The federation would like to see it as soon as possible as well, because that shows a more responsible act toward the sport."

The federation also wants to brand itself as a Maritime destination for ATV vacations. It's working with the province to create more trails.

Currently, it's illegal for ATVs to travel on Confederation Trail or highways.

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