NOHVCC Urges Off-Roaders To Join The Fight To Save Johnson Valley

January 2013 Powersport News

As many of you know, the Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area in southern California is in jeopardy. While there has been a small reprieve, the struggle for the area continues.

The U.S. Marine Corps is seeking to use the area for live fire training for fewer than 30 days per year. However, that use would close the area to OHV recreation forever. Since the White House has pledged to respond to any petition which gathers over 25,000 signatures, the NOHVCC is asking off-roaders everywhere to help out.

First, go to this website and sign the petition. Save Johnson Valley Petition

Second, send this message along to all of your clubs, associations and OHV contacts asking them to sign the petition as well.

Across the country, we are losing more and more areas for OHV recreation. We need to stand together as recreationists to show that we also deserve the ability to recreate on public lands, as does every other type of outdoor recreationist.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that something happening in California doesn't affect you, because we are truly all in this fight together.

Signatures are needed by Feb. 14 so make sure you sign the petition and forward this today so that we can meet the number and time requirement for this petition.

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