Markum, Wallace Win 2012 Idaho Rally

October 2012 Powersport News

Story, photos by Brian Barber

The duo of Carl Markum and Ben Wallace battled intermittent rain shows and the resulting muddy conditions to win the UTV/ATV class at the 2012 Idaho Rally aboard their Polaris RZR 900.

Markum and Wallace finished the road rally in 1:48:23, just ahead of the No. 911 vehicle of Casey Hart, who finished the race in 1:48:51.

The road rally was part of the Idaho Rally, held in June in Boise County, ID, which also featured 49 teams of rally cars. The UTVs and ATVs, as well as the rally cars, competed on several forest roads in western Idaho.

The event kicked off with an ATV/UTV Rodeo in Idaho City, ID, which was put on by the Idaho State ATV Association. The day was overcast with some sporadic rain showers but this didn't stop the participants from having fun and winning some prizes. 

A Ladies class was added after the start of the rodeo. The first place prize for each of the other three classes was a Fly F-2 helmet. 

The next day the event was held in Centerville, ID.  Fly Racing, Moto Tech, Grizzly Sports, Canyon Honda and Carl's Cycle, along with title sponsor Larry H. Miller Subaru, were among the sponsors of the Idaho Rally. The second day was again overcast and the event was greeted with a few snow showers.

Each UTV race team consisted of a driver and a co-driver (navigator). Ten UTV teams entered to compete in the rally with two not finishing the race. Just two ATV riders entered the rally.

The ATV/UTV competitors left at two minute intervals and raced at top speeds against the clock over competition stages. The team with the best combined stage times won. Markum and Wallace used their lower times in the early stages of the road rally to hold off Hart, who had better times in the later stages.

Lewis Veal finished fourth on his ATV, the best finish of the two ATVs entered in the competition.  

ATV/UTV Rodeo Results


   1.  Cindy Huebert

   2.  Tina Ruberry

   3.  Nicole Blake


   1.  Kim Burchtorf

   2.  Thomas Zumwalt

   3.  Roger Riggs  

Sport ATV

   1.  Mark Burchtorf

   2.  Shawn Nyquist

   3.  Erik Blake

Utility ATV

   1.  John Burchtorf

   2.  Rusty Faircloth

   3.  Michael Beasley

Idaho Rally Moto Results

Finish      No.    CRS           Driver/Co-Driver                                            Time

  1         314    UTV SBS1     Carl Markum/Ben Wallace                               1:48:23

  2         911    UTV SBS 1    Casey Hart/                                                    1:48:51

  3         924    UTV SBS1     Chris Cash/TBD                                              1:50:08

  4         88     ATV Sport       Lewis Veal                                                     1:50:45

  5         55     UTV SBS1      Lynn Langdon/Brad Emery                               1:51:27

  6         21     UTV SBS1      Brian Collingwood/J Norbryhn                            1:54:06

  7         71     ATV Sport       David Blair                                                      1:57:36

  8         24     UTV SBS1      Jack Stark/                                                     2:17:48

  9         66     UTV SBS2      George Stone/                                                 2:25:19

 10        624    UTV SBS2      Patrick McGee/Dan Bunke                               2:25:40

DNF       18     UTV SBS1     Warren Kouba/Vince Kouba                              DNF

DNF        22    UTV SBS1     Brent Heck/Conner Heck                                  DNF

Next year's Idaho Rally is scheduled for June 8-9, 2013.

For more information on the event or to see the stage times for the competitors, go to:

For more photos of the event, go to the main page on and click on the photo tab along the top to access the photo gallery.

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